Monday, 5 December 2011

Suggested defences for Emma West for use by her legal team in an open letter to them

I trust that there is no intention of pleading guilty to the offence.   

She is not guilty of on the grounds that she included foreigners of all races (Nicaraguans, Poles as well as Blacks), and therefore cannot be guilty of the racially and religiously aggravated offence.  

Xenophobia is not yet a crime.  

While offensive, her ranting with a child on her lap showed that she was static and no reasonable person should have been in fear of violence.   

In fact, she was outnumbered.

In fact, there was a black man behind her who was about to strike her from behind but was prevented from doing so by a white woman who hugged him.   

If there was anyone who should have been in fear of violence, it was Emma West herself.  

It is clearly not in the public interest to prosecute her for such a de minimis offence as any successful prosecution will only exacerbate existing racial tensions, which are now running quite high.  

In fact, the DPP - Keir Starmer is a self-confessed lefty - who authorised this prosecution should resign for allowing this disgraceful prosecution.   

I intend to post this letter on my blog.  If it is the case that none of these defences are used at tomorrow's hearing at 10 am at the Croydon Magistrates Court, the public will learn of the legal competence of her barrister and solicitor.

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Well said Claire!