Friday, 2 December 2011

What I would do for Emma West if I were leader of the BNP

It really doesn't look like the BNP are going to be anything for Emma West. If I were leader I would be visiting her and assuring her that she would be getting her the best possible legal representation money can buy so the police will be paying out to her big time to compensate her for FALSE IMPRISONMENT.

Since when did ranting on public transport with a child on your lap (so there is no suggestion that any of the passengers felt threatened by violence) constitute an imprisonable offence?

Since now, Dear Reader, since NOW.   It is quite quite unprecedented.  It doesn't surprise me that white middle class liberals (like the Freedom Association whom you would expect to believe in free speech) think people like her (whom they regard as "scum" and "white trash") don't deserve any free speech at all, but, for the BNP to do nothing at all simply shows its utter feebleness, lack of direction and total unfitness for purpose.   

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