Sunday, 4 December 2011

White youth dies after having his throat slashed by black youths at his mother's front door

Race war, anyone? We are getting closer. We already know that under our liberal regime, even if the culprits were caught they will not be punished properly. The men who did this should of course have their throats cut outside their mothers' doors too.

This will no doubt shock many, but I do assure you that this view is perfectly Islamic in that the classical concepts of just deserts and proportionality (alien and repulsive to the liberal mindset, I know) are being duly observed.   Under a Khavian interpretation of Koranic principles of justice, his mother would have the option of accepting compensation in the form of blood money or demanding the death of this homicidal gang.

Only if justice were seen to be done would it calm things down, but the liberal fuckers don't care about justice. They only care about being seen to be indiscriminately compassionate and tolerant of all that is toxic to our society.

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