Saturday, 3 December 2011

Why can't the BNP get things right about race?

It seems that the BNP have finally got its arse into gear about Emma West.

Instead of seeing to it that Emma West gets the best possible legal representation money can buy and receives damages for false imprisonment, Adam Walker has started a campaign of "Let us report non-whites saying horrible things about whites and try to get them arrested and thrown into jail too".

I despise all totalitarian hate speech thoughtcrime legislation and would never dream of using it against another.  When you resort to such tactics, you become just as low as they are.

It is the easiest thing to start a race war by taking the following steps.

  1. Post a video online of a white person saying rude things about foreigners.
  2. Post a video online of non-white saying rude things about whites.
  3. Post a video online of a white person being physically aggressive to a non-white.
  4. Post a video online of a non-white being physically aggressive to a white.
  5. Post a video online of whites being physically aggressive to non-whites.
  6. Post a video online of non-whites being physically aggressive to whites. 

You get the idea.

Whoever authorised the arrest and prosecution of Emma West in the Crown Prosecution Service should be named and shamed for doing what could start a race war.

I already know that some members of the BNP secretly and not so secretly hope for a race war, which makes Adam's Operation Fightback tactics understandable.  Because of the incompetence of their strategies and the contempt in which they are held by the general public, their grievances will remain ignored and they will remain marginalised because of the way the government gerrymanders the vote.  They also know that really, their party is no good and their leader is no good and they are being exploited.   A race war is the only way they can get their own back on the immigrants they hate and fear and the government they know despises them.

Whoever in the CPS who took the decision to persecute Emma West should have his head on the block for giving the BNP their opening opportunity to start a race war.  This, ultimately, would be Keir Starmer, who is the Director of Public Prosecutions, a card-carrying lefty not afraid of flaunting this, so mad with arrogance has he now become that he may have thought it was a good idea to put the frighteners on Emma West and her ilk to show what happens to people who complain loudly about immigration in public places ....

After Hubris comes Nemesis.   

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