Saturday, 3 December 2011

Why I do what I do

I received this from a Mike Mosley on 21 September 2011:

"Dear Claire, No disrespect,but you arent indegenous British at all.I suggest you remove yourself from British Nationalism as we dont want you and dont want you in our country.Go and join the ying tong ying tong slant eyed party.U r not British..u r not English..go and support youre own Race! 14/88 !"

Fortunately for me, I do not actually expect gratitude from these people. I know they would hate me even more if I espouse the cause of British nationalism better than the indigenous British themselves. The only thing left for the WWC is to think they really are better and that the colour of their skin makes them by definition superior, because they have nothing else to recommend them. They are after all despised by even those who are supposed to help them - ie the Labour Party.

Not just despised, but FEARED and HATED, because people hate those whom they have wronged, and successive governments have clearly failed the WWC.

The fact that the WWC is now unfit for purpose is the result of decades of a toxic education policy that taught the people born in this country who should be doing unskilled manual labour nothing except their rights and their right to reproduce illegitimately at taxpayers' expense, while neglecting the 3 Rs and moral education.

Moral education is precisely the sort of thing that would make the liberal establishment fall about laughing, and that is why they have so thoroughly and carefully dismantled all the means by which it is possible for moral education to be transmitted, eg a religion that is fit for purpose (which the Church of England ain't), married parents living together, discipline in schools, or even silence in class.

Morality for the liberal is about paying more tax in the name of the environment, healthy eating, being sentimental about animals and tolerating all that is destructive to your race, culture and your nation and being compassionate to criminals who do not deserve it and are only going to do it again and worse.  

The widespread illegitimacy amongst the WWC would tend to prevent them from learning any manners and make them so unattractive as employees that their own race shuns them.

No party will fix education because it is such a mess that it would take more than a term of government to fix - with strikes, disruptions so numerous as to make the government so unpopular that it would not gain a second term.

And so education is always swept under the carpet and tinkered about at the edges that nothing is fixed but gets progressively (pun intended) dumbed down until school leavers leave school barely able to read and write and count, and universities churn out at taxpayers' expense hordes of unemployable graduates.

This problem cannot and will not be fixed under the current party system.

No politician who knows the precarious of his position under a such a system will ever have the courage to do anything bold or propose anything radical, because he knows he will not get the support he knows he will need to push through such radical reforms.

Therefore all that would happen is that the government continues to sweep long-standing problems under the carpet, in the name of expediency, while things get progressively (pun intended) worse.

When I propose a one-party state with the necessary safeguards (such as Peter Bone's House of Commons Disqualification Bill  which only a handful of MPs dare support), people with the education and intellect to understand what I am going on about blanch, because I am of course proposing something RADICAL and UNPOPULAR, breaching yet another liberal TABOO.

So they pretend not to understand what I am saying because, if they showed any understanding of this, they would know what they must do, which is to AGREE with me and then say the same thing to others, which would incur the mockery and derision that they are so anxious to avoid, for these people in the BNP have been very much mocked and derided and don't want any more of that.

They want to be safe and they want to be respectable.  That is the thing they crave, and they want their own race to be grateful, but they are not, for they are regarded as an embarrassment to the white race, being marginalised, needy, uneducated, coarse and racially inferior even to the blacks who come here and look down their noses at the white working classes, now so depraved and degenerate that most of them no longer work and those who want to work are not given jobs, because British employers prefer foreigners who are cheaper and better.

Sadly, however, the BNP do not in any way suggest that the culture and the morals of the WWC are in any way to blame, because it is just easier to blame the government, the liberals, the immigrants, especially the Muslims.

Muslims, because of their religion, react more noticeably to this manifestation of WWC degeneracy and wish to dissociate themselves from them, and this they can only do by doing things differently - on purpose - to what they see the WWC around them are doing.

The more WWC women expose flaunt their bodies in public, the more covered up the Muslim women will get.

The more white men wear pink shirts as an expression of their submission to the matriarchy, the more Muslim men will wish to show their masculinity and beat up white homosexuals in the East End to show them who's better, stronger and not contemptibly degenerate.

The more liberals promote homosexuality, the more Muslims will wish to do the opposite.

The Muslims know that all they have to do is wait to take over while the liberalism shoots itself in its foot, gorges itself on spiritual and moral toxins while refusing to admit that there is anything wrong with anything that they do.

Seeing that their society has so sexually liberated itself, the BNP cannot now even bring itself to condemn the Slut Single Mother, because most of their members were singly-parented or are singly-parenting, and they don't want to give offence in this morbidly feminised and easily offended nation.

The BNP has liberalised and now has homosexuals, Jews and non-white members, and is even chasing the female vote - just like the LibLabCon - because having women at their meetings give them an air of respectability and of social inclusion that they so desperately crave.

And so the BNP acknowledges the supremacy of the matriarchy though it is actually the matriarchy which has marginalised them and wronged them.

They are licking the stilettos of the boot that has been kicking them for so many decades, but do not mind or perhaps they do not notice.

What can you do with a man who does not care when you tell him that he is poisoning himself, who actually prefers the poison to the cure?

Even ex-BNP members - who have been chewed up and spat out by the party - dare not question the supremacy of the matriarchy and have no intention of criticising the white women who make poor reproductive choices and who bring up the next generation of degenerate criminals, unemployable NEETs who are a disgrace to their race and the disabled who are a burden on the taxpayer?

Even as they acknowledge silently that I am the only  one with solutions and the integrity, they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge me as leadership material or to support me openly, because they fear the mockery of their comrades and expulsion from their social club.  I call the BNP a social club, for I think calling it a political party perhaps dignifies it too much.

They are the social club for the marginalised and ignored who practice occupational therapy.  Politics is after all the business of selling hope, even when it is really hopeless, and it certainly is hopeless the way they are carrying on.

Even as they find themselves acknowledging silently that I am bolder and run faster than any of them in seeking out the liberal enemy relentlessly, they tell me that the party is not ready for my ideas.   But the real reason is that they cannot be seen to be acknowledging a foreign female as their leader, who can see to it that their party goes from strength to strength on established principles of civic nationalism rather than lurching from expediency to disaster to apathy and to extinction, because that would be just too shameful.

I can only assure them that I will step aside the moment anyone else better comes along to do it.  The duty of any leader is to find a successor as soon as possible.

Being the racists and the cowards that I know some of them to be, they will continue to prefer the weeds of ethno-nationalism to the fruits of CIVIC NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

I have not been successful, they will say to each other.  But I am only unsuccessful BECAUSE they will not support me and prefer to think that they know better, even though, in their heart of hearts they know they do not.

And so it is up to them to take the necessary steps and make enquiries of my plans and intentions, and clarify anything they do not quite understand or feel uneasy about, but I am sure I will receive no such enquiries, because they prefer not to think too much about these things - even the ones with the education and intellect to do so - for they prefer to immerse themselves in their leafleting and their paper sales, rather than find themselves being in the position of having to take a decision that would incur the wrath and mockery of the members of their social club.

Why do I do this when what I do is actually resented by the worst of them?

It has been said that politics is a calling and a calling is something that one feels compelled to do, even when it brings one no material gain and no emotional comforts.

If one wants gratitude in politics, one should get a dog, and I have no intention of getting a dog.

I only do it because there doesn't appear to be anyone else around prepared to point out the obvious, without finding himself forced into apologising abjectedly for telling the truth on pain of losing his job or being thrown into prison without trial and their children sent into care, like Emma West.

I only do it because no one else appears to understand the principle of free speech any more.

I only do it because I believe I know better than most how to act on principle.

I only do it because there is no one else around who wishes to do it and who could do it, even if they wanted to.

I only do it because I do not care if I am loved, only that I am right, and do not mind if I don't get proven right in my lifetime.    

If I accomplish NOTHING at all, I will have proved that in the West, liberals no longer believe in free speech - upon which the entire basis of liberalism rests.  They are like the Romans who started off by hating kings and ended up worshipping their emperors, but shorter-lived.

Perversely, or should I say logically, I regard criticism and vilification by my enemies as a sign of success, that I have somehow got under their skin, and made statements that they cannot logically refute, which leaves them only with the option of saying I am mad, evil and doomed to failure.

Right about what, you ask?

Right about how deeply political sex is and always will be and how condoning female promiscuity, ie tolerating the SSMs and the causes of SSMs, would mean, soon enough, the end of your race, nation and civilisation because it is a cancer that will soon affect every major organ, including your brain and with it your ability to think, speak and act rationally and honourably.    Once you lose the ability to think rationally and act honourably - and how can a society tyrannised by the feminine vices of irrationality, sentimentality, cowardice and hypocrisy be capable of thinking rationally and acting honourably? - you and your race, nation, culture and civilisation no longer deserve to survive.

A nation whose men are afraid of criticising the worst of their women do not deserve to survive.

After Hubris comes Nemesis, who is waiting in the wings .... 

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