Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Antisemitism and Racism of the Gentile White European

Antisemitism has been endemic in Christian Europe for centuries, as any nodding acquaintance with Western culture and history would reveal. Antisemitism is the fear of Christians of being exploited by a group they think are cleverer, harder-working and richer than they are (and in this way superior) and Racism is the fear of being morally and racially contaminated by races and practices they feel are inferior.

In a way, it has all come true for the gentile, whose unformed, deformed, effeminate and incoherent religion of Trinitarian Christianity has not served them well after they began to question their schismatic and totalitarian religion and then began to fight themselves over whether they should obey the Pope or their own head of state in matters of morality.

Any divisions would of course be exploited by their enemies, both external and internal. When they began to practice sexual liberation, their entire belief and political system revealed itself to be full of holes and actually rotten.

Any society has the following divisions:

  1. brother against brother
  2. sister against sister
  3. men against women
  4. young against old
  5. tribe against tribe
  6. race against race
  7. religion against religion (both inter-denominational and inter-faith)
  8. rich against poor
  9. class against class
  10. indigenous against foreign

Only radical reform would lessen the perniciousness of these divisions which are getting daily more toxic.

After the Hubris of several centuries, Nemesis remains patiently waiting in the wings, and her name is Secular Koranism …

Islam requires no artificial and irrational division between Church and State, and states that all laws must satisfy the requirement of being moral and being in accordance with the principles enunciated in the Koran. (For those who blanch at the idea of Koranic principles but who have never read the Koran, I suggest that they read it, while remembering that the Muslims themselves have perverted and distorted their own religion by making up and following what is called the Hadith and Sunnah, which blatantly contradicts the Koran, but which they nevertheless follow because it is the tradition of their ancestors that they unquestioningly follow on pain of being branded a heretic.)

If only these irrational, illegitimate, degenerate and indigent gentiles could bring themselves to read the Koran, but they have mostly lost the will and ability to read while puffing themselves up with anger, envy, sloth, gluttony, pride, lust and greed (and added to this list self-pity) until insanity and extinction can only follow ….

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