Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Emma West in the Croydon Magistrates Court on 3 January 2012

Tony Martin the BNP Croydon Organiser

Paul Hilliard - BNP Derby Organiser

I am sorry to have to report that I was late and completely missed the hearing.  On my way to court I saw the others - with Paul Hilliard and Tony Martin very smartly suited and booted - coming my way and we ten retired to the Skylark - which had been open since 9 am and was serving breakfast.

The next hearing will be in the Crown Court on 17 February.

I was told that further charges had been made against Emma West by one Ena May Eubank who alleged that she had been hit by her with a closed fist some time between 4.15 - 5pm, probably on 18 October 2011 on a tram.  The incident occurred sometime between 30 September and 28 November as a result of hostility based on the complainant's presumed membership of a race .

Emma's mother was a Tory voter, but whether she will continue to be one is in doubt, after the Tory MP for Croydon South joined his voice to the baying of the liberal mob for Emma's blood.

That dolt and dunderhead actually thinks the evil of racism can be eradicated.
Mr Barwell was speaking as MPs discussed future Commons business. He called for a debate on "how the evil of racism in our society can finally be eradicated."

Observe, if you will, his effeminate and infantile facial features of softness, sappiness and goofiness this young man who represents the voters of Croydon Central.   This imbecilic youth with a shirt and a tie that is too big for him actually thinks that he can stop locals from hating foreigners and to love uncontrolled immigration if the law is severe and totalitarian enough.    Too bad the Inquisition has come and gone now, eh Gav?

What is the mental age of Gavin Barwell MP?

Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.

Emma West received over 20,000 Xmas cards and 5 sackfuls of letters from all over the world, they were saying.

Despite claiming to be deeply concerned about Emma West's safety at the last hearing, the court had the address of Emma West read out in open court.

Her bail conditions are that she has live and sleep at her address, does not use a tram in the Croydon area and does not comment on the case on social networks.

Tony Martin said he imagined Ena May Eubanks would also under a similar restriction not to comment about the case.  It would be quite interesting if she were not.

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