Monday, 23 January 2012

How Nationalists can elect another leader and form another party

  1. All who want to be leader arrange to meet in order to choose a leader from amongst themselves.
  2. All who want to be leader must vote for someone other than themselves as leader.   
  3. There will be two votes: one amongst the leadership contenders, one amongst their supporters.  Only those present can vote.
  4. Once a leader is elected, a party can then be created, and those currently in the BNP will find it easier to jump ship knowing that there is another ship to jump to.   

I jest.

Some may wonder whom I might vote for.  Andrew Moffat is attractive and posh.  He has also been predictably marginalised by the leadership (doubtless for the cardinal sin of appearing to be leadership material and therefore posing a threat to the incumbent leader) and "has been barred from all meetings and activities in the South East for no good reason," according to Dave Price, former BNP Kent Sub Regional Organiser.   

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