Thursday, 12 January 2012

How to save the Scotties from Shrek

I think it should be fairly easy to save the Scotties from Shrek deploying only the 2nd Infantry Division.  The North East and North West Brigade together should easily be able to sort out the Scottish Brigade.  If they mess up for any reason the English can send the First, Third and Fourth Divisions as reinforcements.

Practically all the RAF bases are in England and Wales, apart from RAF Buchan, RAF Kinloss, RAF Leuchars, RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Pembrey Sands, RAF Prestwick and RAF Tain, and they are not all in operation.

As for British naval bases, there are only three in total, and two of them are in England.

Scotties can be saved from Rule by Shrek by my brilliant planning and military genius!

Save the Scotties from Shrek!

Royal Navy

4th Division - East Midlands and South East England

5th Division - Wales, West Midlands and South West England

2nd Division

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