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London Forum - 21 January 2012

Ray Sexton  -  ‘ ”Kill, Kill, Kill!”: Stalin’s War of Extermination ‘
Ray Sexton, ‘the man with the dates’, is one of Britain’s most interesting historians and will be discussing one of the twentieth century’s most enigmatic figures.

Ray Sexton is a wonderful story-teller and a retired history teacher.   He brought to mind the memory of my history teacher doing the goose step from the front of the class to the back of the class and back to the front of the class again, before resuming the lesson.   I wonder how Miss Young is these days.

This was essentially about a certain Jewish Russian patriot, skilled in propaganda, who demonised the Germans. was a book by this Jewish Russian patriot.  It was Ilia Ehrenburg who cooked up the idea of "Jewish soap" and said the Nazis would make soap out of Jews, apparently.

The Red Army was brutalised and brutal.  To become a Prisoner of War was to incur a death sentence.  The Russian Air Force would bomb German PoW camps containing Russian prisoners to kill the Russian prisoners who allowed to themselves to be captured.

Russian soldiers were also encouraged to kill non-combatant Germans and rape German women.

What I particularly enjoyed was his description of the Golden Horde slicing through Europe like a hot knife through butter with no resistance whatsoever.  If Batu Khan had not died and obliged them to return to address their duty of electing his successor, they would have carried on, and Europeans would look considerably different to what they are now.  (At this point I was tempted to stand up, turn round, and do the slitty eyed thing at the rest of assembled audience.  I refrained from doing so for reasons of decorum. A nationalist once remarked that in one of my photographs I resemble a Mongol warlord, which I have decided to take as a compliment, which means I will not be galloping after him on my stallion as he proceeds down the high street to decapitate him in one swift skilful swing of my sword ... .)

Ray Sexton is also an expert on the Nazis and I took the opportunity of asking him if he thought the existence of the Madagascar Plan was in itself evidence that the Nazis did not wish to exterminate German Jewry, merely expel them.  In fact, the idea was really to ship them to Israel, he said, and the Palestinian Jews were fighting wars on behalf of the Nazis to bring this about.   (I hope I have got this right.)

Fancy that, the Nazis were Zionists too!

John Howells  -  ‘Eurasianism: A critical analysis’
John Howells, Britain’s foremost authority on the Orthodox Church and all things Slavic, will be talking about ‘Eurasianism’ the set of ideas pioneered by someone he recently met, Russia’s Alexander Dugin

The concept of Eurasianism was not explained properly and man of us were still wondering what it was after the talk was over.  For one brief mad moment, I thought Eurasianism was an exhortation for the mass miscegenation for Europeans and Asians  It is really more "Neo-Conservatism for Russians".

Howells despises the hate speech laws in Russia.  Russian clerics are also state spies who betray the sanctity of the confessional.   I thought he looked very East European (with his beard and his fashionable dark clothes) until someone told me later he was Welsh.

Jonathan Bowden  -  ‘Gabrielle D’Annunzio: The man Mussolini modelled himself on’
Jonathan Bowden, novelist, artist and orator, will be surveying the life and works of ‘The Liberator of Fiume’, one of Italy’s most influential,’ intellectual men of action’.

The heroic and masculine ideal is now lost to the English but still found amongst the Celts.  Bowden was referring to the success of Irish nationalism at the expense of the English.  (The reason why the English are these days a bunch of crybaby effeminates is probably because the English are not actually being oppressed enough and have in any case been softened by decades of slut and bastard welfarism as well as the fact that they no longer learn their own history properly.  Historic British triumphs such as the Battle of Trafalgar or the Battle of Waterloo, the tactics employed, the qualities of courage, heroism and cunning are no longer praised or encouraged in boys of mixed secondary schools.  They are certainly not taught any Latin or Greek which connects the present to the ancient and to the masculine ideas of  nobility, reason, martial courage as well as the humility to accept that we are indeed the playthings of the cruel and capricious gods.   This would be anathema to a female-dominated teaching profession who want a nation of crybabies to pander to, in order to make themselves feel important.)

It was suggested that the success of the British Empire until it carelessly lost virtually all its colonies in a reckless gamble that was WW2 now makes radicalism in British politics unattractive and frightening.   Four centuries of rationalism, empiricism, pragmatism and good order has formed the English character to  instinctively prefer the bland and platitudinous to the commonsensical but radical.  Perhaps, however, when things do become uncomfortable enough, we will get a resurgence of the visionary and the revolutionary in politics.  And perhaps only then will there emerge a political figure of destiny capable of merging the individual with the collective to show the British, who certainly need to be reminded, WHAT IT IS TO BE A MAN, again.

I also want to say how much friendlier Jez Turner the organiser is compared to Troy Southgate who has now banned me from his New Right meetings because he believed the lies told about me by Searchlight that I was a "viper" and a "security risk".   In fact, Jez is a charmer and an excellent host while Troy is just a stuck-up little poseur IMHO.   More people like Jez and fewer people like Troy, please, in nationalist politics.

Interestingly, Jez said afterwards that immigrants perfectly understand the nationalist position and readily concede that they have a point, especially the recently arrived ones who have not been indoctrinated by liberalism.   It is the liberals who are the problem.   One of us was in fact a Muslim, and it was said that in the latest issue of Heritage and Destiny that Muslims are not the problem.  Compare and contrast this to the usual BNP line, who go on about Muslims ad nauseam because they know that its core supporters find abstract ideas like the ones discussed at the London Forum probably alien, troublesome and puzzling.

Apparently, when someone asked the Chairman about me at a BNP meeting, he dismissively referred to me as "a Nazi", I was told by Kieren Trent former leader of BNP Youth, though he did emphasise to me it was only hearsay as he heard it from someone else.   If that is true, then how utterly puerile and ridiculous that the Chairman should say such a thing about me, and adopt the language and tactics of the Left.

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