Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Personality Summary

I thought I would share this with my readers.

People who know me would hopefully call me A leader, Analytical, Certain, Challenging, Clever, Communicative, Dedicated, Confident, Constructive, Good Company, Interesting, Firm-minded, Sensible, Alternative, Knowledgeable, Well Educated, Upbeat, Trustworthy, Thinker, Subversive, Straight-forward, Surprising, Reliable, Relaxed, Reassuring, Principled, Busy, Performer, Organised, Idiosyncratic, Helpful, Independent, Enchanting, Efficient, Easy-going, Dogmatic, Farsighted, Original, Patient and Sincere but on my less good days I can be Confrontational, Arrogant, Bossy, Cold, Cruel, Intolerant, Nasty, Quick-tempered, Strong-willed, Tactless, Stroppy, Stubborn, Impatient, Messy, Grouchy and Misanthropic 

STRENGTHS I would say my biggest strengths are Concentration span, Social skills, Memory, Imagination, Aesthetic, Verbal, Emotional intelligence and Knowledge and Experience 

WEAKNESSES I am not so good at Musical, Mathematical and Manual co-ordination 

THE WAY MY MIND WORKS If anything, my head tends to rule the heart
Faced with a problem, I am most likely to immediately have an instinct as to what to do
I readily express my feelings Faced with a conflict between others, I am likely to see both sides of the argument 

WORKING WITH OTHERS My desk or workspace tends to be rather messy
In reality I usually end up leaving everything until the last minute 

MY SOCIAL SELF Thinking about truly great friends, I probably have 5-7 of them
I have a very wide social circle and really enjoy making and maintaining new friendships
If you saw me at a party, I would probably be the one "working the room", making conversation with large numbers of people 

MY OUTLOOK ON THE WORLD I generally consider myself pretty lucky I almost always feel I am living life to the full I spend considerable time planning the future instead of living in the moment AND FINALLY I am not inclined to give money to beggars If we met I would probably be on time 

If I could choose between having a mountain, a theory or a grandchild named after me I would choose a theory 

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