Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Notice that the BNP are saying NOTHING about making the white working classes more fit for purpose

We will stop foreign aid and help our own people first.
We will bring our soldiers home from foreign wars that have no British interests.
We will stop immigration with immediate effect.
We will put our people first.
We will nationalise our power companies.
We will withdraw from European control.
We will put the rights of victims before those of criminals.
We will nationalise the NHS and make our hospitals work properly again.
We will stop the Islamification of Britain. This is our country, love it or leave it.

Notice how the BNP

  1. do not propose anything at all that might make the British worker more attractive to British employers and businesses
  2. are too afraid of pointing out that the quality of the average British worker leaves something to be desired
  3. do not seem to think that widespread illegitimacy has a deleterious effect on the quality of the next generation which in turn has a deleterious effect on its educational standards and behaviour leaving it less competitive relative to other nations (or are too frightened of alienating their membership a high proportion of whom are illegitimate/singly parenting/never married parents with disabled/illegitimate offspring)
  4. are strangely ignorant of the basics of racial health and hygiene for a party that claims to be concerned about the interests and quality of the white race  (If there were no foreigners and immigrants in Britain to worry about, the quality of the white race would still decline because of the widespread acceptance of widespread illegitimacy that leads to lower educational standards and lower standards of behaviour that would turn Britain into a nation made up of uncompetitive workers who are sluts, bastards and paedos kicked around by foreigners.)
  5. remain addicted to welfare - just like everyone else is in this country - which means they will remain addicted to foreign labour
  6. remain addicted to easy sex and cheap women - just like all the men who are bribed by feminism with the easy availability of no-strings sex (and who will stay bribed because men are only ever after ONE THING) - whose suppliers are slut single mums with variously-fathered feral illegitimate offspring who are a burden on the British taxpayer

If the BNP had its way, we would have the kind of Britain reminiscent of the 1970s, with rising prices, rising unemployment and surly workers who will go on strike at the drop of a hat.   

Nick Griffin is however content to let BNP core supporters think that Britain can continue as before, just  without immigrants doing the work that the white formerly working classes are too busy claiming benefit, eating themselves fat watching daytime TV (especially of themselves on the Jeremy Kyle Show) and making illegitimate babies and doing sickies to do. demonstrates how British employers would rather close down their businesses or gouge out their own eyes or at any rate hire robots than have anything to do with indigenous unskilled British labour.

The BNP core supporters may suffer to have their intelligence insulted ad infinitum, but not the rest of the British electorate, however dumbed down slut and bastard it has already become.

Viable economic and social policy, thy name is not BNP.

Notice its heart logo trying to court the female vote even after what courting the female vote by the  LibLabCon has done to the country after so many generations of feminism [AKA sex and drugs and rock and roll, tolerating widespread illegitimacy, pro-feminist legislation that has allowed women to compete unfairly against men, the desecration of the institutions of family and marriage as well as the utter collapse of male and parental authority in deference to the matriarchy].   Notice that PROPERLY nationalist symbols have the virtue of symmetry while pink and fluffy liberal ones are fuzzy around the edges, like the infantile Tory broccoli tree?  The feminised heart logo demonstrates that the BNP is really DEEP DOWN INSIDE happy with the welfare paradise for scroungers, wasters, sluts and useless bastards that successive LibLabCon governments have created, and believe they can fool enough people into thinking that voting BNP will mean more of the same, but just with no foreigners and other races.  Does the BNP know how HARD the Japanese have to work to keep their country relatively free of foreigners and their race pure?  Obviously not.  They are so culturally ignorant that they think this sort of thing JUST HAPPENS, without any sacrifice on the part of the Japanese citizenry ...

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