Saturday, 7 January 2012

Penny Laurie speaks for the white working classes ...

What is so fucking white working class about Laurie Penny that she claims to speak for all of them at

The argument that the "white working class" has had anti-racist politics forced on it by "middle class liberals" is an insult to those white working-class people who have spent years, sometimes lifetimes, fighting racism in their communities.
She seems to be including herself as white working class, it would seem.  If she's fucking white working class then I'm a member of the BNP, or was ....

I don't even have to be white or working class to know what a typical member of the white working class person might think and feel about what has happened to their prospects and their neighbourhoods and the racial composition of their schools and their country.  All that requires is a little bit of imagination and empathy unhampered by totalitarian Liberal Left ideology.

I think most honest non-white people - Asians especially - can more or less understand why the white working classes might have a problem with uncontrolled immigration.  All that requires is the exercise of imagination and a bit of empathy.  It doesn't matter what race you are or where in the world you live, how would you feel if the racial composition of your neighbourhood were dramatically altered in a short space of time?   If you have feelings of unease if not outright alarm and dare to express, are you then a racist?

People like Penny Laurie, who lives in the Brighton, would say so.

Just because you are a paid up member of the Labour Party means you are white working class, does it, when we already know that party is stuffed full of champagne socialists, liberal lawyers, actors  and Hampstead Islingtonian members of the chattering classes who are far far far removed from reality?

Penny Laurie who calls herself PennyRed on twitter and has blocked me from following her tweets claims membership of the urban white proletariat.   If she is working class, then I'm the leader of the BNP.   

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Anonymous said...

Everything you say about Laurie Penny is correct. Every other fallacy in this post falls apart.