Thursday, 19 January 2012

Rabbis Rabid over KOSHER JESUS

This should be one to watch as it is deeply revelatory of the conflicted attitude of Jews to Jesus. Jews do think Jesus has caused them a great deal of trouble through the creation of Christianity which inevitably led to antisemitism because the narrative was that they were the ones who got the Romans to execute him.

It would be more helpful if they asked themselves what made Jesus do what he did before they ask themselves what is the correct attitude for a Jew to take about Jesus.

No one discussing the book has read KOSHER JESUS by Rabbi Boteach. The Jews, who cannot have read the book because it not published till 1 February, are just having a hissy fit because they think a more positive attitude towards Jesus would thin out their ranks even more.

If the Jews with to reconcile themselves with Jesus the best way of doing so would be to become Muslim.

Also, the best way for Jews in Israel to reconcile themselves with their Arab neighbours is to run an ISLAMIC theocracy after they have rejected the idea of being a Jewish theocracy. To make the Abrahamic prophecies come true, Israel must be a THEOCRACY for a secular Israel is a fraud and will forever be regarded as a COLONY of the West by its Arab neighbours and the Israelis will have NO PEACE. The most modern form of theocracy would be an ISLAMIC one, for an Islamic theocracy would not entail quite so many people being stoned to death for transgressions the world would regard as trifling. gives a long list of transgressions that would incur the penalty of death by stoning under Jewish law.

I am a Zionist, therefore, but Israel must be a theocracy.

If you had to live under a Jewish, Christian or Islamic theocracy and had no other choice but to live under a theocracy, the most progressive form of theocracy would be the one guided by the Koran, which at least has unity of authorship and is said to be the literal revealed Word of God, unlike the mish-mash of the Bible.
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Think and Grow Rich author Napoleon Hill promoted Islam!

Islam clearly acknowledges its debt to the two previous monotheist religions without which it would not have been created.

Look upon Islam then as the offspring of Father Judaism and Mother Christ. The previous two are old, ailing and suffering from dementia.  Their offspring however is healthy and capable of great things if more people embrace it, especially the Jews in Israel ....

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