Thursday, 19 January 2012

Repealing s 5 of the Public Order Act would affirm free speech in Britain,_alarm_or_distress

That is what I would suggest if I were leader of the BNP.  Shame I am not, isn't it?

Yes, it is indeed a shame that I was expelled just for saying I would neither wish to bring up a severely disabled baby nor pass the cost of its upkeep on to the British taxpayer.  It is a very great shame that a party that is supposedly promoting the interests of white people is too afraid of having a sensible discussion about Eugenics and its sworn enemy Feminism.  

But then the BNP, itself a victim of a lack of free speech, does not itself believe in free speech either and most of its members no longer believe in its existence or practice it.  

And that is why the leader of the BNP - to whom it has not occurred to defend free speech - has said nothing about repealing section 5.  

And that is why the BNP will get precisely NOWHERE.  

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