Friday, 13 January 2012

Saving the Scotties from Shrek - the military option

1.  Get tanks on the lawns of Scottish Parliament.

2.  Get out of tank and shoot Alex Salmond in front of the Assembly.

3.  Recommend that the Scotties hold elections pronto.

4.  The remainder of the unshot MSPs  told to elect from their number a leader to deal with the English - I would suggest a Tory MSP from this list

I think Murdo Fraser is a very handsome Scottie with sound Conservative values, manly and not afraid to say controversial things as well as legally qualified.  He would make a lovely First Minister too.

A right bonnie Scottie - Murdo Fraser

5.  All MSPs remaining and all subsequently elected will be told that they are viewed as INDEPENDENT Members of the Scottish Parliament.  This means there will be no party whip.

They will course know never ever to mention independence ever again.

How silly of Alex Salmond not to have noticed that the English have a well-established track record of invading other countries and stealing their oil.  Does he really think the English would not invade the Scotties just because they are Scotties?

How silly of Alex Salmond to imagine that there will even be a euro for the Scotties to use or an EU for him to be running cap in hand to after 2014.  The Scotties, if ever they joined the EU on their own account, would have their oil revenues sucked dry by the EU.

And so the English should tell the Scotties "BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW".

Alex Salmond, plausible though he is to a people worked into a frenzy of hatred for the English, is not fit to lead even the Slut and Bastard English, and certainly not the Scotties whom I like to think are not as slutty or as bastard as the English.

It is really too bad of the Scotties to fall so readily for his lies and dreams just because they hate the English.


As I have shown, it would be a short sharp shock with no need for English boots on Scottish ground in either the medium or long term. I envisage it more as a day trip really or a long weekend at most.

I have consulted my military advisers and they have said nothing to me that would make me think that what I propose cannot be accomplished in the time-frame envisaged.

Scotties must be saved from Shrek

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