Friday, 13 January 2012

Supreme Court should give us a definition of racism NOW

As I was a member of the BNP, the more inaccurate and incompetent PC Left Liberal journalist would find himself or herself slipping into a kind of lazy shorthand and describe me as "racist".

Since I was told that I was a racist just for being a member of that party, does it mean that I am now officially an "ex-racist"?

But what if I continue to hold racist views?

And what if I never held racist views but just joined the BNP to make a point about immigration and the way the Liberal Fascists have suppressed debate as well as vilified and intimidated their opponents by spurious accusations of racism?

Perhaps, knowing of this temptation to call me racist and thus lay themselves open to legal action, they make a point of never referring to me or my genius or my wit, wisdom and winning ways or saying anything at all about me, in order, presumably, to avoid any danger at all of being sued in defamation, aware as they are that the New Musical Express is being sued by Morrissey.

If they are now wondering how to refer to me, may I suggest that

"Radical Libertarian Civic Nationalist Anti-Feminist Koranist ULTRA RATIONALIST who is commending a one-party state to the British government" 

would be about right.

If I am described as racist in any report, the person describing me as such would have to substantiate this statement by citing anything I have said that is allegedly "racist" because they would have to justify the truth of such a statement or be liable to pay me damages.

Also, the High Court would have to decide whether or not I am indeed racist (and also Morrissey and Emma West).

In summary, the questions that need to be answered are:

  1. What is the legal definition of "racist" and "racism"?
  2. Does it mean "causing offence to a member of another race by referring to his or her race"?
  3. Can someone of the same race racially abuse another person of the same race?
  4. Is "black" really ruder than "cunt"?
  5. If you say someone is good at something because of their race, are you being racist?
  6. If you say you are no good at something because of your race, are you being racist?
  7. If you dislike someone on grounds of race, does that make you racist?
  8. If that is the case, are we to take it that the government now tells us whom we may like and dislike and whom we may or may not insult and abuse?
  9. Does this not mean that certain races are now privileged from being offended?
  10. If certain races are now legally protected from being offended on grounds of race, does that not mean that the remainder are being racially discriminated against?
  11. Is there a legal difference between insulting someone on grounds of race and insulting someone on grounds of nationality?
  12. If so, why?
  13. Does being a member of the BNP by itself mean you are racist?
  14. If you are no longer a member of the BNP does that mean you are no longer racist, even if you continue to think racist thoughts?
  15. If one black man calls another "nigger" is he being racist?
  16. Was Diane Abbott racially abusing white people and their ancestors when she said "white people divide and rule"?
  17. Was Diane Abbott racially abusing black people when she told a black woman with conservative views who supported family values that she should work for a White Conservative rather than ask a black Labour-supporting woman like her for a job in the Labour Party?
  18. If a white woman reports two black men to the police for calling each other "nigger", is she being racist?
  19. If you mistake someone for a Pole when he is in fact Italian, and say rude things about Poles, is that racist?
  20. Is calling someone a "useless jock" racist if you are English?
  21. Is calling someone a "useless jock" racist if you are Jamaican?
  22. Does "institutionalised racism" mean "anything you get wrong when dealing with a non-white complainant"?
  23. Does "institutionalised racism" not logically mean that anything you get wrong when dealing with a white complainant is automatically downgraded as less serious than if the complainant were non-white?
  24. If that is the case, does that not mean that white people are being discriminated against?
  25. If it is acknowledged that a white person would be discriminated against and thereby disadvantaged,  is this not racially discriminatory and therefore racist?
  26. Is racism and xenophobia the same thing?
  27. Is it treated as the same thing?
  28. Is complaining about immigration racist, or does it depend on how you do it and whether you belong to UKIP or BNP?
  29. Are "anti-racists" racist against white people? 
  30. Is anti-racism hopelessly confused, like moral relativism which the liberals love so much?
  31. A new concept of "political racism" has been created.  What is this fucking shit?
  32. Was Lord MacPherson taking the fucking piss when he conceived of "institutionalised racism"?
  33. Did Lord MacPherson take the fucking piss because he is a Scots and hates the English and wants them to suffer great inconvenience, expense and distress?
  34. Are the English stupid slut and bastard wankers for being taken in by all this confused liberal demented matriarchal self-abnegating maschochistic feminised shit?
  35. Is the Truth racist?

When the word "black" is considered by white people to be more offensive than the word "cunt", then it does seem to me that that the marbles of white people have mostly been lost and are now rolling all over the floor.

It would therefore be very helpful indeed if the Supreme Court would put its collective thinking cap on and give a proper and legal definition of "racist", so we all know what we can or cannot say, sooner rather than later, or some of us might end up in prison, like poor Emma West, when she lost her rag and loudly and rudely shouted that the overwhelming number of passengers on the tram she was in was mostly foreign and "England is fuck all now".

Hopefully, it will be a definition that will not make Britain even more of a laughing stock than it already is.

I have written today to the Supreme Court Press Officers Sian Lewis and Ben Wilson today in the following terms:
I trust it will be possible to put it to their Lordships that a legal definition of "racist" is most urgently sought. 

Such a definition would be very useful both nationally and internationally and it would be nice if the British could lead the English-speaking legal world in this regard.  

I look forward to hearing from you.

Claire Khaw

This was the rather disappointing response I received from Ben Wilson:

Dear Ms Khaw

I am afraid the Justices are unable to dispense adhoc legal advice on matters raised via correspondence, but rather they consider appeals over which The Supreme Court has jurisdiction.

Advice on appealing to The Supreme Court can be found here:

Best wishes,

Ben Wilson
UK Supreme Court

This means poor old Morrissey has to fund his legal action and then possibly have to appeal to the Court of Appeal and then to the  Supreme Court, something which will cost him many hundreds of thousands of pounds and take many many years.

The BNP may wish to start a campaign for the Morrissey Legal Fund, and Morrissey may even write a song about the British National Party that could prove to be another hit (which may or not mention the brilliance and genius of Claire Khaw) and sing it in his moaney whingey way ....

It will certainly be something that I will pray for.

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