Saturday, 28 January 2012

What to if you are charged with s 5 of the Public Order Act when all you were doing was being insulting

If all you did was tweet or post something on Facebook by no means put your hands up and elect for trial in a magistrates court.  If you do you will inevitably get convicted with no possibility of appeal.

Always elect a trial by jury.

Your lawyer - if he or she is competent - should be able to point out to the court that you were at no time posing a danger to PUBLIC ORDER as you posted whatever you said that was found to be offensive by whoever you were complaining about, and the police we in fact abusing their powers.

So far, it is not an offence to be racist though you might easily think so with stupid reports like this by journalists with no legal knowledge.  At no time did Joshua Cryer pose a danger to public order.   As a law student in his final year at Newcastle University, he should be able to argue that, or get his father to hire a lawyer who can do so on his behalf.

Sadly, it is now too late for Susanne Elliott
because she elected for summary trial, was convicted and apologised.

Don't let shit for brains liberals get away with their totalitarian agenda.

Fight for free speech as if it were your own flesh and your own blood.

No violence is required, only the desire and preparedness to face them down in court.  

When free speech goes, so will reason and common sense and your entire civilisation.

Fight the shit for brains liberal fuckers to the last drop of your blood.  If you can't bring yourself to do this, then the least you can do is elect for a trial by jury if you are charged with this offence when all you did was indulge in common abuse, which should not be a crime deserving of a prison sentence or even be called a crime, should it?


Stephen Marsh said...

This 'legal' advice is laughable and clearly written by someone who has no legal training and doesn't know they can be held liable for bad advice. Stick to thinkgs you do know about, like being a bigot and talking rubbish...

Claire Khaw said...

Is Stephen Marsh a lawyer?