Friday, 20 January 2012

Why I would be the best leader for the British New Right

  1. I am female but anti-feminist.
  2. I am radical but non-racist.
  3. I am more tolerant than the typical liberal.
  4. I am less totalitarian than the typical liberal.
  5. I can take criticism and actively welcome constructive advice.
  6. I am known for my fair-dealing and reliability.
  7. I am libertarian but not a capitalist red in tooth and claw.
  8. I care for the poor but do not want to burden the taxpayer with an unsustainable welfare state.
  9. I understand economics, business and finance.
  10. I understand Islam.
  11. I am legally qualified and know my way round the UK legal system.
  12. I am prepared to adopt the old BNP constitution mutatis mutandis, and wish to continue the noble nationalist tradition of  having a leadership election every year.
  13. I do not want to be leader for as long as I can, only the most exciting and radical caretaker leader there is in the history of British politics.  I believe it is the duty of any leader to find an obvious successor as soon as possible capable of uniting the party and connecting with the British public of all races.
  14. You already know the policies I stand for because I have never been afraid to say what I think, without fear or favour.  I am not afraid to uncompromisingly promote family values by challenging feminism, which has long been destroying the institutions of Marriage and Family, as well as being dangerously anti-eugenic.
  15. I believe in doing business with business and cutting red tape and anti-business regulations.  
  16. I would repeal all totalitarian liberal thoughtcrime anti-discrimination legislation - this means the Equality Act 2010. 
  17. I would introduce a flat rate income tax of 20% and abolish the welfare state while encouraging charitable giving.
  18. No one will pay income tax until their salary is higher than the median wage.
  19. No one who does not pay a minimum of £1000 per annum of income tax will have the vote.
  20. I believe it is the duty of a nationalist to promote the long term national interest without favouring one race over any other and to define the national interest as "a judicious balancing of the conflicting interests of the peoples who make up the nation, for the benefit of the generation yet to be born".
  21. As well as a knowledge of law, politics, history, economics and theology, I also have an interest in philosophy and the aphorism.
  22. I am capable of confusing the enemy because they have never ever come across anything like me before.   
  23. I understand the system.
  24. I can make things happen.
  25. I am good at doing deals.   
  26. I am ideologically creative.
  27. I believe in the getting the balance right between flexibility and strength, unity and inclusion, compromise and principle.   
  28. I have the reluctant respect of white nationalists.
  29. I have the reluctant respect of Muslims.
  30. I have met and known socially many of the liberal intelligentsia.   They are of course not now acknowledging me because of their horror at my views.   I shall drop some names in due course.   
  31. I am known for telling the Truth.
  32. I am known for my unassailable, relentless and ruthless Rationalism.
  33. I understand the Occident and the Orient and am capable of getting the best out of both, for the benefit of the British people.
  34. Britain needs a new and different nationalist leader capable of promoting the nationalist agenda who is not tainted by the past of Nick Griffin but who can do business with nationalists and members of the political establishment.
  35. Britain needs a media-friendly, theologically-knowledgeable and culturally-aware nationalist politician who understands the British peoples, with a knowledge of European culture who can speak more than one language, and I speak Mandarin.
  36. I would run the country and the party in the way that I run my Facebook walls, by allowing free speech to reign.  
  37. Libertarianism and Nationalism are both needed to balance each other out and only I understand how the mechanism for this can be constructed.  
  38. I believe that a Secular Theocracy is possible.
  39. I frighten the Liberal Left while thrilling the Conservative Right of all races.
  40. I actually have both a strategy and a plan.
  41. I have a new and exciting ideology that would blend the radical with the comforting, unite the atheist with the God-fearing, and which, if followed, would return Britain to something that resembles rationally small and moral government.
  42. I know what to do about Israel and have already put it to the Orthodox Jews I know.  They are having this discussion in Israel even now.   I support an Israel that is not a fraud on the world, and therefore I will now urge Israel to become a theocracy.   A secular Israel will always be perceived as a colony of the West and will always be hated for this reason by her Arab neighbours.  44% of Israelis define themselves as secular.   If they left Israel then there would be enough land to share with the displaced Palestinian Arabs.   If they found themselves obliged to install a theocracy they would find that a more humane theocracy would be an Islamic one that would not require the death penalty for the offences listed at  The Koran after all only requires the death penalty where justice requires it.  (Koran 6:151)  If the Jews administer an Islamic theocracy while carrying on with their customary Jewish practices, the Arabs would be mollified and the world look on with wonder and  delight.   The Koranic theocracy in Israel will be the model for the rest of the world to follow and in this way would the reason and good sense of the Koran be burnished and enhanced, instead of the Hadith-encrusted version so hateful to Westerners that is currently being practised in so many backward countries that call themselves Muslim.

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