Saturday, 28 January 2012

Would you let your beloved son marry ....

  1. a woman whose mother committed adultery
  2. a woman whose mother was twice divorced
  3. a woman whose mother had a drink problem
  4. a woman whose mother would be estranged from her daughter at the time of her daughter's death

Blue blood can also be BAD BLOOD, and it is well known that the British aristocracy is now hopelessly degenerate.

When a civilisation rots, it rots from the head downwards.  Now the rot is down to its toes and the stench of public life is acrid with the corruption of the private lives of those who presume to lead us.

What can we expect from the leader of the opposition who did not see fit to marry the mother of his illegitimate children and had to be repeatedly reminded to do so?

What can we expect from the leader of the government who did not see fit to point this out?

The Conservative Party since 2002 has made a point of being nice to Slut Single Mothers. Slut Single Mothers with illegitimate offspring are now called "one-parent families".

In fact when the Conservative Party created the CSA in 1993 it began to officially reward female promiscuity by making it OK not to have a husband before you have a baby, because any man who impregnates a promiscuous female is automatically deemed to want to pay for any baby she has by him when all he wanted was a cheap fuck from a stupid slut.  This is a form of forced marriage, by the way, with all the burdens but none of the pleasures for the male impregnator, but the typical bastard male Briton whose mother is a stupid slut is now too stupid to see this or if he does, too afraid to protest.

Same-sex couples demand the right to call their civil partnerships "marriage" and the Prime Minister is prepared to seriously consider this, to the alarm and distress of the Archbishop of York, who warns that black people these days find the Anglican Church no longer fit for purpose in guiding their morals and leave in droves for the Pentecostal churches.

If white people had an ounce of racial pride, they would feel humiliation and indignation and then determine to do better, but now they feel mostly indifference and apathy.

We already know that the BNP is not interested in matters theological and can only fix its mind on Muslims, immigration and "easy meat white girls" (as described by Jack Straw) whose indifferent and absent single mothers allow to become the victims of non-white sex predators.
The BNP too is just as afraid of criticising Slut Single Mums, if not more, than the LibLabCon it regularly denounces because its members are even more slut and bastard than other parties.   Therefore the BNP are just as guilty of cowardice and hypocrisy, if not more, because its betrayal of the people it claims to represent is deeper and even more reprehensible.

It used to be said that the Church of England was the Conservative Party at prayer, but these days it is the liberal atheist feminist bent on destroying the institution of marriage.

This is what Cameron says about marriage:

Prime Minister David Cameron told the Conservative Party conference last year: "I don't support gay marriage despite being a Conservative. I support gay marriage because I'm a Conservative."
David Cameron is no Conservative.  At any rate he deliberately confuses Conservatism with preserving the status quo, whatever it is, if the challenging of it might prove inconveniently unpopular.   Only unquestioningly tribal Tory loyalists now think Cameron is a Conservative.  This man could not even bring himself to say "Muscular Conservatism" but instead talked about "Muscular Liberalism".

Does this shock you?  Probably not, if you are white, liberal, middle class and have SHIT FOR BRAINS, which the British mostly do these days.

Marriage is a human creation.  Those who believe in God may even call it divine.   Since liberal atheism became the political orthodoxy, marriage has now been systematically desecrated by the liberal political establishment.  However, we desecrate what makes us human (and therefore above lower animals) at our own peril.  Alarmingly, our political establishment is heedless and reckless in its desire to appease the non-taxpaying slut single mums and their bastards who want their fucking fun at the expense of the taxpayer, when, if they were sane and their brains not full of shit, they would realise that the people to appease would be the ones who pay their taxes.  

The British really are a shit for brains people being led by shit for brains politicians with shit for morals with a shit of a future in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland wallowing in their sexual licence like pigs in mud, and don't let anyone tell you any different.   

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