Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compare and Contrast Muslim and BNP attitudes towards primary education

Fundraising Event in support of an Islamic education centre providing high quality but affordable primary schooling. By attending this event you will be helping to cuitivate the next generation of Muslims.

Highlights include:

* A luxury Three Course Meal
* Inspiring talks 
* Creche available for children over 3

It promises to be an enjoyable, memorable event for all the family.

Tickets are priced at £40.

This message I received suggests to me that Muslims think British education is degenerate and don't want to have anything to do with the kind of sex education that is being taught to primary school children or have anything to do with the children of slut and bastard non-Muslim working class whites.

Can we really blame them?

Does the BNP say anything about education, culture and morality? Does it fuck.

Its leader is too busy exposing his sex organ to women who lead him on to think about things like that.

After his expose in the Sunday Star, BNP men appear to be saying that if a woman leads you on, you can do no other than to follow her to your doom.

It would appear that they "think" with their sex organ while they fuck up their brains with sex and drugs and rock and roll when they are not busy blaming Muslims, Jews and foreigners for their degradation.

They are certainly too pussywhipped to blame their slut and bastard women.

They are too afraid to blame their slut and bastard women because they don't want to offend the SSMs from whom they are hoping for some cheap and easy sex.

Interesting that these Muslims with proper jobs and legitimate children can afford fund-raising meals like this while it is clearly beyond the reach of the typical BNP member who doesn't give two hoots about education or the future of their illegitimate children.

If the BNP are not whingeing about Muslims, the typical BNP supporter is just not interested.

All the typical BNP member cares about is how to extract the most from the welfare state before they pop their clogs, not to mention having as much sex as possible with as many sluts who will let them have sex with them.

Not just the typical BNP member either. Atheist liberals tend only to care about how much pleasure and benefits they can extract from the state before they die.

That is why the typical BNP member - who is mostly working class and atheist - isn't interested in reforming the welfare system or criticising SSMs.

While some may even acknowledge that SSMs supported by the welfare state have done the morals of the white working classes no good at all, they are not in favour of doing anything about it, because it would  upset too many of their slut and bastard core supporters.

Most atheists - especially atheists without children for whom they feel any parental affection - cannot think in terms of posterity or the long-term national interest, or anything beyond their miserable self-interested little lives.

Nationalism must mean the moral regeneration of the British people, or it will never amount to anything.  

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Why is Nick Griffin exposing himself to an ex-model in a car park a non-story?

Nick Griffin remains the alpha male of nationalism. This of course speaks volumes about the quality of British nationalism and the quality of British nationalists. That is why the Muslims and Jews run circles round the degenerate gentile British political establishment, perhaps.

It was pointed out to me that this is a non-story these days, and the examples of unscathed politicians were listed: Sir James Goldsmith, David Mellor, John Major, Edwina Currie, John Prescott.

It could be made a story that the British are no longer shocked, I suppose, because they are so degenerate that no one thinks anything of a politician expecting a sex act in a car park after buying a female activist a takeaway curry.

It could be made a story that Nick Griffin is not a gentleman, but, hey, who is these days?

Does it matter that the British do not think anything of this sort of thing?

Does it matter that when white men call Muslims terrorists, Muslims call white men paedos?

Is it OK for white men to be known as paedos by the "international community"?

Does it matter that the British no longer care that their men are paedos, their women are sluts and their children are bastards, because they have no pride and no longer feel any shame?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chronology of Events leading to the Sunday Star story of a tumescent Nick Griffin "exposing himself"

Make of this what you will.

25 September 2011
Claudia Dalgleish and Nick Griffin on Sunday 25 September 2011 at a BNP London Social, in happier times

30th September 2011

Nick Griffin MEP
You have received a new message

Like ·  · @nickgriffinmep on Twitte · 30 September 2011 at 09:42 via Twitter
(Photo of car Nick Griffin was in after it was involved in a road traffic accident.)  

Nick Griffin MEP

Not a scratch despite rolling right over. Still have work to do here you see!

Like · · @nickgriffinmep on Twitte

Claudia Dalgleish's Facebook status update on 30 September 2011

Claudia Dalgleish

30 September 2011

France was awesome!!!! Mr Nick Griffin is a true superhero. He survived an accident and is safe and well.

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John Ganner OMG!!! Glad he's ok! x What happened?

30 September 2011 at 01:09 · Like

Donna Treanor What accident? xx

30 September 2011 at 01:15 · Like

Claudia Dalgleish He had a major car accident. Car was totalled. I went to collect Mr Griffin in France and he is safe and well. Thank you for your concern darlings xx Our Chairman has more lives than a cat ha ha!!! x

30 September 2011 at 01:21 · Like

Donna Treanor Oh God, tell him i hope he's ok xx

30 September 2011 at 01:23 · Like · 1

Claudia Dalgleish Will do darling. We are sitting in the kitchen "spying" on you lot on here and drinking tea. xx

30 September 2011 at 01:24 · Like · 2

Claudia Dalgleish Ja Jon; dit was 'n baie kort vakansie. France is net 35 minute van my huis. Wonderlik Paris hier ek kom x

30 September 2011 at 08:43 · Like · 1

Claudia Dalgleish Jy moet Engeland kom en jou ma sien. My huis is na jou ma se huis. Ons kan kuir x

30 September 2011 at 08:59 · Like · 1

Robert Bey Some of those roads in France are very dark at night. Also, they drive on the wrong side of the road over there!

30 September 2011 at 09:11 · Like · 1

Claudia Dalgleish Yes Robert; I had a Police car behind me and I went to take the roundabout the wrong way - he was very understanding thankfully lol. I must say their roads are clearly signposted and it is easy to find your way around (even with my limited understanding of the French language.) Did you see your pics I put up? You looking good! Not just an intellectual eh? x

30 September 2011 at 10:21 · Like · 2

Claudia Dalgleish Funny thing is the Jeep has "Love England or leave it" on the number plate and a sticker on the window that read "British by birth; English by the grace of God". I thought that coupled with my limited use of the French language might draw uneccesary attention; however on this occassion all the French I met were very polite x

30 September 2011 at 10:44 · Like · 1

Donna Treanor ok Claudia xx

30 September 2011 at 12:28 · Like

Donna Treanor Keith the French have proportional representation, if we had this system in operation in the last general election we'd have 12 MP's, it is the system that is corrupt. The EU and GLA election use part pr so we will get results there again, nothing wrong with our meassage.

30 September 2011 at 12:31 · Like · 3

Donna Treanor Hope you are all ok anyway, the establishment would like nothing more to see Nick in a fatal car crash xx

30 September 2011 at 12:33 · Like · 1

Claudia Dalgleish Eddy Butler too. he commented on Claire's wall. How unprofessional of him x

26th February 2012

Nick Griffin doesn't even have the sense to deny it.

"Last night Griffin refused to ­respond to the Daily Star Sunday’s request for a ­comment."

If it were me, I would have said,

"Yes, I was with Claudia that day but it didn't happen as Claudia says it did in the Sunday Star.  At no time did I get my trousers down to my knees in the hope and expectation of her performing oral sex on me nor did I ever expose myself to her, though it could be said that at the time we enjoyed a flirtatious relationship."

If I hadn't been expelled in June 2011 I might have been Press Officer and could have managed the story.   I would have told him to deny it.   Since he doesn't even have the nous to deny it, this must mean it is true.

Sometimes I really think I should be running the BNP.  If I had a cock to suck I would see to it that it was sucked by someone who wouldn't do a kiss and tell story on me - by my wife.

There are ways of getting women to suck your cock, but you have to do things to her and for her. There are techniques to make this sort of thing seem the most natural thing in the world, if you are a practised seducer.

It may be a mistake to think that any attractive woman who shows you a little kindness and behaves in a flirtatious manner just can't wait to suck your cock after she clears away the remains of the meal you had with her.

Most people would think that straight after a curry consumed in a car in a car park (even if you did buy her one too) is really just a little cheap and nasty.

Since Nick Griffin remains leader however, white British men will continue to be treated to such stories as

Irrespective of the truth of this story, Nick Griffin's handling of it (by failing to deny it when given the opportunity to do so by the Sunday Star last night) shows his lack of integrity, judgement and access to good advice.

Still, if white working class men think Nick Griffin is still the bee's knees of nationalism, what can you do?   I am after all only female and foreign and could never hope to lead the nationalist movement because I am not white.   I do understand.

British nationalists should know how much "easy meat white women" (as described by Jack Straw) at is costing the taxpayer though.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The way forward for the English Democrats

The British Empire was an English Empire. The colonised were colonised by the English, not the Scots or the Welsh, who rode on the coat-tails of the English when they acquired their empire.

The idea of Britishness and the incorporation of this national entity called Britain was *entirely* the project and accomplishment of the English, who were once clever and strong enough to do things like this.

Too bad the 21st century Englishman does not even have the historical knowledge or the honesty to admit that to talk up English nationalism is to talk down British nationalism.

The BNP is also an English political party.

It was the English Labour Party who started the slippery slide of devolution into national disintegration. It should be up to the English to sort out this mess, but they are just not up to it now, are they?

They should be ashamed of themselves, but they no longer have any pride and feel no shame.

What is English culture? Stuffing ourselves at Xmas, eating chocolate eggs at East, complaining about foreigners, whingeing about our government, watching footie, TV, sex and shopping.

Oh, and morris dancing for those who fancy this sort of thing.

What is the English psyche? Prevarication, denial, hypocrisy and ingrained cowardice that they no longer have the pride to be ashamed of, endless tolerance of Slut Single Mums and unlimited compassion for the criminal, unproductive, disabled and inadequate . It would be better then if the English go the way of the dodo if that is all they are going to be.

Now that the English have become so contemptibly decadent and emasculated, led by a baby-faced compassionate Conservative who is a warmongering Etonian shit, together with his effeminate and homosexual Cabinet, it is no surprise that the Welsh and Scots want nothing to do with the English.

There are also ancestral hatreds because it cannot be denied that the English did lord it over the Welsh and Scots, and probably did kick them around a bit when they were really Top Dog in the UK.

If the English reformed themselves however, then the Scots and Welsh might want to be British again.  Indeed, the only reason why some of the Muslims become radicalised and start wearing burkas and growing beards is because they wish to dissociate themselves from the depraved and egregious English who are well-known to be worship and be afraid of Slut Single Mums whom they dare not criticise.  They could perhaps reform themselves by uncompromisingly promoting family values supported by marriage, but do these emasculated and effeminate Englishmen dare do this in Slut and Bastard England?

Probably not.

Indeed, Eddy Butler (formerly of the BNP) has told me that I am not being properly English because I uncompromisingly promote family values supported by marriage and regularly criticise Slut Single Mums.

I also know that the manifesto of the English Democrats is drafted in order to avoid criticism and controversy.  This means it is a just the political equivalent of cold porridge.

This is certainly not the kind of effete Englishness any self-respecting foreigner would want to be associated with.   My kind of England would be an England where an Englishman's home is his castle, where eccentric views are tolerated instead of Slut Single Mums and the causes of crime.  My kind of England would an England in which the exercise of free speech is the norm, where people are civil, discreet, sober and proud of being English, not the pitiable Politically Correct sexually incontinent, drink- and drug-addicted obese learning disabled illegitimate, illiterate and innumerate, mentally ill dysfunctional wrecks most of them seem to be these days.

The reason the English are no longer proud of being English any more is because they have nothing to be proud of, except perhaps the cheapness and promiscuity of their females (so cheap and easy that they attract sex predators of all races to prey upon English schoolgirls in English cities with high concentrations of non-white British citizens), the egregious quality of English motherhood and the prevalence of porn, under-aged sex and paedophiles.   Indeed, many English employees and employers now pay the Paedophile Tax that is also called the CRB.

Can Englishmen win their battle against feminist emasculation?  Have they got the guts, brains and balls for it?  Are the English Democrats up to this sort of thing, with their leader who is the antithesis of charisma?

I rather suspect not.   If that is the case then their kind of Englishness is good to neither man nor beast, and certainly not the Englishmen and Englishwomen of England.  

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Can you blame Chinese restaurants for not wanting to hire English waiters?

When I go to a Chinese restaurant I expect the waiters and cook to be Chinese. Ditto Indian, Thai etc restaurants. How would you feel about the quality of the food if you knew that the cook is English in a Chinese restaurant? Would you go instead to a Chinese restaurant with a Chinese cook? If you went to a restaurant run by Martians serving Martian food, would you not PREFER to be served by Martian waiters with their 3 heads and 6 arms? I know I would.

The Chinese are being so intransigent about not paying the fine because they cannot quite believe that they do not have the right to hire and fire waiters as an employer would wish. They must have resolved never eto hire an English waiter ever again, and to warn all other Chinese restaurants never to hire any of the white locals if they don't want to end up in the Employment Tribunal and forced to pay a fine to some jumped up honky with a sense of entitlement who grew up in a Culture of Complaint.

Is this good for the employment prospects of white locals?

I bet the idiot English won't know the right answer.

Is this why no one wants to hire low-skilled white labour including white people with businesses to run?

You probably won't find the BNP saying much about this because they are secretly pleased the Chinese got their come-uppance.  They probably can't see anything wrong in a law that favours the white employee against the non-white employer, while disapproving of  a law that favours non-white employees against white employers.  They would see these laws as "looking after their own kind", perhaps.

Principles of fairness, justice and consistency would be beyond their ken.

On the other hand, I, being a libertarian, understand the principle of freedom of contract, and the importance of making it easier for businesses to hire and fire staff.

The English Democrats have no view of this, because they do not wish to court controversy.

Could it be said that the English are a bunch of spineless fools and knaves devoid of backbone and principle, as well as whingers, sneaks and tattletales?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Does Nick Griffin behave like a Jew?

I believe it is possible to have a state religion that successfully safeguards the morals of its citizenry.

Since Judaism is impractical and Christianity is now a dead duck, the only religion left to consider is Islam.

Of course atheists will be horrified at the idea, as well as agnostics.

Very reasonably, I ask the people who are hissing and spitting and foaming at the mouth at this very idea to tell me what in the Koran they find objectionable.

Very predictably, they refuse to do so as they continue to hiss and spit and foam at the mouth, because they already know they hate Muslims and Islam and by extension the Koran.

But pride and sloth are deadly sins.

If there is no God, does sin exist?

Of course it does, if sin just means things you like doing that is bad for you, your society, nation and civilisation in the long term.

It is quite clear that atheism is liberalism and liberalism means supporting female promiscuity and by extension promoting the moral degeneracy of the race.

Most people are not philosophers. If they see those around them copulating like dogs in the park after sniffing each other's bottoms, they will think it is OK to do so, and nothing you can say will persuade them otherwise.

That is why promoting a belief in God, even if you do not believe in God yourself is actually NECESSARY.

There will however be no requirement to believe in God as long as we all obey the perfectly sensible commandments of God.

What are they?

They are in the Koran and I find nothing in it that I cannot interpret in a way that I would find reasonable and humane.

But will the people who find my idea of a SECULAR ISLAMIC THEOCRACY objectionable read the Koran so they can tell me which verses they find objectionable?  Will they fuck.

"I hate them and they shouldn't even be here.  Why should I read their fucking book?"

But they are already here, whether they should be or not, and all your governments conspire to let more of them in because they hate you.   They hate the white working classes because they are no longer fit for purpose.  That is why they keep replacing them with foreign workers.

Why are the white working classes so useless?

Because they are mostly sluts and bastards.

Why are they mostly sluts and bastards?

Because we live in a secular society that decrees that no one has a right to be "judgemental" on sexual morality.   That is why the British Slut Single Mum is now beyond criticism.

As I have said, Pride and Sloth are DEADLY sins, but most liberal secularists are too stuffed with pride and sloth to acknowledge this.

They just know that they hate Muslims and Islam and they will certainly not be reading the Holy Book of a  people and religion that they hate and fear.

The only way to defeat Muslims is with the Koran, a Muslim once told me, and the Islamophobes are now too depraved, proud and lazy to do so, even if doing so would save themselves.

The Koran supports:

1. a one-party democracy  23:53-4; 42:13-14

2. a direct democracy

3. family values  (Do I really need to explain how and why family values supported by marriage has an eugenic effect?)

4. divorce  4:130, 65.1

5. a 20% flat rate income tax

6. capital punishment  6:151

7. corporal punishment

8. the legalising of brothels  Why we must support the legalisation of brothel-keeping to save British men from what is in effect FORCED MARRIAGE to British SSMs because men can't say no to no-strings sex.

9. a less aggressive foreign policy

But you wouldn't know because you REFUSE TO READ IT because you already "know" that Secularism is better, even as you also know that Secularism encourages your women to be sluts, slut single mums and turns your children into bastards, degrading the quality of the next generation.

If our children are our future then our future is mostly fucked.

What is the problem with the BNP? They want time to stand still, and want, in effect, to turn back time.

Even now they refuse to acknowledge that what they want (to return Britain to the racial composition that existed before the British Nationality Act 1948) is neither practicable nor popular.

However, there is an alternative that could morally regenerate the indigenous population.

If the indigenous population continue to deny that they are morally degenerate (or that it does not matter that they are morally degenerate and that their women are mostly SSMs) then the nation will continue its slide into decline.

I am however heartened to know that quite a few nationalists have converted to Islam, if only out of a sense of individual moral self-preservation.

How do I know that nationalists (who are mostly white working class) are degenerate? You only have to look at the things they say and do when they fall out with each other.

Instead of saying why and how my views are mad and evil, they prefer to speculate on the size and shape of my genitalia (for I am rumoured to be formerly a man), because that is all their lower class minds are fit for.  

It is quite clear that the BNP no longer supports family values because most of its members are the offspring of SSMs and the female partners of its members are mostly SSMs.

It is probably news to them that family values cannot be supported without promoting marriage, and marriage can only be promoted by criticising SSMs.

Yes, I know that would come across as "judgemental" and we can never be judgemental about sexual matters if we are good obedient liberals. If the BNP want to avoid judgementalism in sexual matters then they their thinking is really no different from the liberals whom they fear and hate, but with added racism and xenophobia.

Of course, Nick Griffin will never say anything like what I have said above, even if he did agree with it, because he is just like the LibLabConmen who want the support and votes of the people he dare not offend, who are mostly sluts and bastards that cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that sluts and bastards are bad for Britain.

One of my Facebook friends said - jokingly or not I do not know - that Nick Griffin is really a Jew installed as a state agent to keep nationalism forever on the margins of politics by his egregious leadership.  Could this be because Nick Griffin himself practices family values while affirming the right of the sexually incontinent to desecrate the institutions of Marriage and Family, because it is in his interests to see that a party of mostly illegitimate and illiterate members with low educational and moral standards would make him look effortlessly superior?  I used to dismiss the suggestion that Nick Griffin is a Jew as the ravings of a lunatic, but I am not so sure now.  He certainly behaves like a Jew if Jews do indeed behave in the way described at by David Duke.

Please do not accuse me of being antisemitic.  I am merely pointing out that in the West, Jews, Christians and even Muslims are now just as afraid of the Slut Single Mum as the liberals atheists are, but, when Muslims stay silent, they are are disobeying the Koranic commandment of enjoining good and forbidding evil.

A slut and bastard working class is a working class that is unfit for purpose.  That is why successive governments - both Labour and Tory - have conspired to replace the white working classes with foreign workers (who are not mostly sluts and bastards).

I would be happy to forego the votes of SSMs and welfare scroungers or anyone who cannot acknowledge the truth of what I say or argue against it in a civilised rational way.

Because I am an optimist, I believe it is possible to put this to the people of Britain in a way that they can understand, acknowledge and act upon, because it is only the common sense that the British used to have. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Slavoj Zizek is a philosopher of the RIGHT pretending to be a Marxist


The idea that all the best Marxist analyses have traditionally been analyses of failure appears in an interview with Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek given in 2008. In this interview, Zizek was asked about the events in Czechoslovakia in 1968, when a period of reform, aimed at decentralising and democratising the country, was brutally brought to an end by the Soviet Union and its allies. 

Zizeks' claim is that the crushing of the reforms became the very thing that later sustained a myth held by the political left - namely that, had the reforms gone ahead, some kind of social and political paradise would have followed. According to Zizek, those on the political left are prone to dwelling on their failures, because doing so allows myths to be generated about what would happened if they had succeeded. Zizek says that these failures allow those on the left to maintain a "safe moralistic position", because their failures mean that they are never seen in power, or truly tested by action. He describes this stance as the "comfortable position of resistance", which allows an avoidance of the real issues - such as re-evaluating the nature of political revolution. For Zizek, a dedicated Marxist [sic], serious questions about the nature of political power are obscured by endlessly trying to justify utopia's elusiveness.


How else can he speak the Truth and make me love him if he is just a ponce of a Left Liberal Wank Piss Marxist Philosopher?

I have exposed this man for fooling the fools who will unquestioningly accept that black is white if that is what the label says.

I do hope his employment prospects have not suffered as a result of this revelation.   I would be happy to give this man shelter from the storm and offer him my bosom for him to rest his head on.  

Secularists impose their values on the religious

Why does no one get it that the Secularists are imposing their values on the religious?

Obviously the Secularists are imposing their values on the religious if the Holy Books say homosexuality is an abomination and the secularists are talking about gay marriage.

Obviously the Secularists are imposing their values on the religious if the Holy Books say extramarital sex is a sin and the taxpayer is compelled to pay for Slut Single Mums to have bastards at their expense and not allowed to complain about this in polite society.

Obviously the Secularists are imposing their values on the religious if the Holy Books say usury and gambling is forbidden and the ones who do that most and best are the ones who control these secular governments. (They are now called Technocrats.)

Wake up, people, wake up.

You don't have to believe in God to instinctively know that gay marriage is wrong.

You don't have to believe in God to know that encouraging Slut Single Mums to breed bastards at taxpayer expense is wrong.

You don't have to believe in God to know that compound interest will keep you in servitude for the rest of your life if you were previously unaware of the wisdom of "neither a borrower nor a lender be".

You don't have to believe in God to know that compulsive gambling and drinking is not good for you.

Perhaps we do though, or most of us need to pay lip service to a belief in God in order to observe these rules in a meaningful sense.

You can have a religion without God and our supreme religion now is SECULARISM. Secularism means disobeying the Commandments of God.   Whatever God says we should do the Secularists will not do, and whatever God says we should not do, the Secularists will give licence to.   If God is supposed to be good, then Secularists are clearly the anti-Christ.

I propose a Secular government that follows the commandments of God without requiring a belief in God.   I may be an atheist, but I see the point of ostracising Slut Single Mums, not gambling, not being intoxicated, not allowing the concept of marriage to be hijacked by same-sex couples who already have the civil partnership which confers upon them the rights of a married couple against each other.   They are the ones who are being totalitarian because they are the ones who insist on changing the meaning of word "marriage" in that sinister Orwellian way of theirs.

“Marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman,” says Dr Sentamu. “I don’t think it is the role of the state to define what marriage is. It is set in tradition and history and you can’t just [change it] overnight, no matter how powerful you are.

“We’ve seen dictators do it in different contexts and I don’t want to redefine very clear social structures that have been in existence for a long time and then overnight the state believes it could go in a particular way.

Wake up, people, wake up, and look your matriarchal oppressor in the eye and say you are not taking any more crap.   Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are only their butler, head gardener and coachman.   The people who these days control them are the Slut Single Mums who make up more than 50% of the mothers of babies born in Britain these days.  We know who is in power by those we cannot criticise.  

Rabbi says Islam is the religion of the future


Christianity began disappearing since Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto.

Where Christian fundamentalism is practised, Christianity will die, for it cannot withstand social revolutions.

Christianity began to decline in the 19th century and by the 20th century stopped being the leading religion of the world. Its decline mirrors Western decline.  When the great cease to be good they also cease to be great.

Christianity could neither lead nor drive the people of the West, did nothing to safeguard the morals of the people and embraced the moral relativism of liberalism without putting up a fight.

Where are the Christian parties of Israel?  The Trinity - which the Koran denies - is only the  totalitarian belief system of a dead people and a dead civlisation!

Islam on the other hand has been built on foundations strong enough to withstand any social change.

Islam was constructed in a different way. Christianity rests on a precarious Trinitarian tripod, while Islam is supported by its Five Pillars.

There is much dispute amongst Christians about its Doctrine of the Trinity as well as its origins, while Islam is very clear: God revealed his word to Muhammad who in turn revealed it to mankind in the form of the Koran. Through government based on this divine scripture, society was transformed.

It is clear from the construction of the Koran that its message was intended to survive difficult situations.

Liberal democracy just means atheism and liberal democracy is corrupting the world.

Nothing now remains of Christianity except its buildings.

Nothing now remains of Judaism since it has fallen under the shadow of Zionism.

There is therefore no other religion left in the world but Islam.

Muslims are more in touch with their Creator than Christians. Consider and compare the Muslim who prays 5 times a day with a Christian who considers himself observant just for going to Church every Sunday.

Israel is the origin of evil. 70 years after the elimination of Israel, the world will become Muslim because Islam safeguards the morals of mankind.

The Sunnis and Shias have their differences but they owe a duty to the world to end their differences.

When Israel goes, Islam will take its place.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Questions for the English Democrats to ask themselves at conference

The English Democrats are pleased to announce our 2012 Spring Conference. The conference will be held in Swanley, just off Junction 3 of the M25 and will take place on the 9th and 10th of March.

Meet the English Democrats - Social

7.30pm - 11.30pm Friday 9 March 2012
Open to anyone interested in the English Democrats & English movement
Venue: The Bull Bar (Premier Inn) - London Road, Swanley, BR8 7QD

English Democrats 2012 Spring Conference

9am-5pm - Saturday 10 March 2012
From £8.50 - Registration & Cofffee
English Democrats Members Only
Venue: Clocktower Pavilion - Alexandra Suite - St Mary's Road, Swanley, Kent, BRB 7BU

English Spring Dinner
8pm - 12 Midnight - Saturday 10 March 2012
Prices to follow
Open to anyone interested in the English Democrats & English movement
Venue: Clocktower Pavilion - Alexandra Suite - St Mary's Road, Swanley, Kent, BRB 7BU

Recommended Conference Hotel (Just over 1 mile from the Conference Venue)
Book Direct for the Friday & Saturday nights
Premier Inn - London Road, Swanley,BR8 7QD
The details for booking a hotel room can be found here.
Nearest Railway Station - Swanley
Direct Trains from London Victoria, London Charing Cross, London Waterloo and London Bridge Stations
(Walking distance from Conference Venue)
To register for Spring Conference please e-mail:


  1. What is the purpose of the EDP?
  2. Should the EDP be called something else? Does "Ee Dee Pee" sound a bit of a pussy?
  3. Is talking about "English nationalism" really an admission of the defeat of British nationalism?
  4. Is the EDP too weak, too stupid and too boring to ever to beat the BNP?
  5. Should the EDP have a manifesto that actually says something, rather than for the purpose of attracting the rejects of UKIP and BNP?
  6. Why on earth would anyone vote EDP if they can vote UKIP and BNP?
  7.  If UKIP and BNP are perceived to be the sad losers of the UK political parties, then the EDP must surely be the party of the losers of losers. What, if anything, can be done to dispel this impression?
  8. Is the EDP in need of a leader with charisma?
  9. Is it prepared to take the bull by horns and tackle Feminism head on, or are the EDP too weak, stupid, skint and scared to do anything as controversial as that?
  10. Is the EDP too weak, stupid, skint and scared to consider paying Claire Khaw to be their Press Officer?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Conscripts and Volunteers in politics

Conscripts are political activists who only became active because some government policy has adversely affected them eg immigration.

Volunteers are those who are capable of recognising the purpose and importance principle, notice when they are being infringed, and care enough to do something about it, even if they themselves are not hurting.  .

Unfortunately, in the nationalist movement, they are mostly conscripts, because most of them wouldn't dream of being in politics until and unless they feel their own interests to be at stake.   Conscripts make poor activists and leaders.

That is probably why the nationalist movement appears to have such a small pool of not particularly talented people who are always fighting amongst themselves.  It is to do with class, education, motivation and the ability to talk to a wide range of people.    

If there were no foreigners these people would be knocking seven bells out of each other anyway.  The fact is that most of them are not very nice to each other, and are not encouraged to by the leader, who prefers to divide and rule.

Nationalism cannot be confined only to the lower classes who resent sharing their neighbourhoods with foreigners and Muslims.

The English, being incorrigible snobs will never feel comfortable with the idea of being represented by people like that.

It needs something noble, visionary and inspirational for the concerned British citizen of all classes, races and religions.   It actually needs to be a combination of the Conservatives and Labour, but with added moral courage and economic realism as well as an impressively radical libertarian agenda that will firm up law and order while freeing businesses from red tape, to make Britain the nation of shopkeepers it used to be.

The deserving poor will be helped by charity and the undeserving poor will be told in no uncertain terms that that is what they are.

Sadly, even the very idea of deciding who is deserving and undeserving - involving the use of one's judgement - is viewed with horror and disgust by the liberal establishment, because that would be - shock horror - "judgemental".

Should such people, who abhor the use of Reason and Judgement, ever have been in charge of the ship of state?

Is it not time that they are gently but firmly escorted out of the Houses of Parliament, one by one?

A nationalist party would be business-friendly, and the white working classes will have to get used to the idea of being made fit for the purpose of work again.   Such a party should also have the courage to declare that it wishes to dismantle the welfare state and all anti-discrimination thoughtcrime legislation contained in the Equality Act.

For Nationalism to succeed, it needs to be big, bold and inclusive while also representing an opportunity for the moral regeneration of Britain.

Nationalism has no future if it is seen as small-minded, fearful and forever complaining about immigration, clinging to the Liberal Left heaven that has been created, but wanting the foreigners and Muslims who do the work expelled.   It also needs to be seen to pick a fight with feminism and liberalism, and win it.  Not too difficult, you would have thought, if they can find a leader capable of putting this to the British voter in terms that they might find palatable.  I think I can just about do it, as I seem to be the only one with the ideas and the solutions and the ability to express them succinctly and clearly, without slipping into racism and antisemitism.

"If all you do is all you ever did, then all you're gonna get is all you ever got."

Hate crime is THOUGHTCRIME

Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC said: "All crime is unacceptable but offences that are driven by hostility or hatred based on personal characteristics are particularly damaging to any civilised society."

What is a CIVILISED society anyway? Does he mean a LIBERAL society?

A civilised society, to me, is a RATIONAL society. Reason tells me that there is no need for this thing called hate crime if you are already not supposed to be killing or harming people as a rule.

By having this special category of hate crime, you are making crimes committed against people of the non-privileged groups (eg those who are not disabled, those who are not homosexual, those who are not non-white, those who are not women) lesser crimes, which makes a nonsense of the idea of equality before the law.

The liberals presume to tell us whom we may or may not hate, thereby bringing the law into contempt.  I think they have delighted us for quite long enough.   

What's wrong with British Nationalism?

  1. Why is Nick Griffin hated by more people within nationalism than people outside nationalism?
  2. Is it the nature of the nationalist movement to hate its leaders?
  3. Or is it because Nick Griffin is a crap leader?
  4. If Nick Griffin is a crap leader should a replacement not be found?
  5. If a replacement really cannot be found, what does it say about the nationalist movement and the people in it?

Monday, 13 February 2012

I am a Nationalist, not a racist or an antisemite

What is a nationalist?

Someone who believes in a policy of acting in the National Interest.

What is a racist?

Someone who believes that race is a sufficient reason for the inclusion or exclusion of someone from a nation.

Is Claire Khaw a racist?

No, because I have been saying for some time now that a nationalist by definition cannot be a racist.

Why is racism incompatible with nationhood?

Because the idea of a nationhood logically transcends the idea of race and tribe.  A nation is by definition a collection of tribes who have decided to form themselves into a nation for reasons of self-preservation and self-advancement.

What is an antisemite?

Someone who hates Jews and Zionists because they are Jews and Zionists.

Is Claire Khaw an antisemite?

No, because I think Jews are the teacher's pet in a class of bullies and dunces who envy the teacher's pet but refuse to work hard while not being particularly clever.   Jews are perhaps just a global metaphor for "the rich and powerful who exploit the poor" even in countries where there are no significant numbers of Jews.  During the Cultural Revolution in Communist China, the "Jews" of China were the landlords, businessmen, middle classes, academics and people formerly in authority.

Is Claire Khaw attempting to redefine nationalism, which most nationalists seem to think is racial segregation?

Yes, because I think that definition is logically incorrect.  The idea of a greater nationhood transcribes the narrow and amoral considerations of race and tribe.   "Ummah" - the Muslim version of Christendom - is the perfect expression - a nation of shared values.   We can change our minds, but not the colour of our skin.   Also, if we sent everyone home to wherever we were supposed to come from, most Americans would end up back in Europe, which would clearly make it too crowded.

Is Claire Khaw a National Socialist?

Yes, she is a CIVIC National Socialist because a nationalist would want social cohesion, and social cohesion can only come with the Social Justice that comes with a Meritocracy.  A one-party state (which is the real essence of National Socialism) that protects the rights of its members by abolishing the office of the party whip as proposed by Peter Bone MP in the House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill would be just the thing to balance Statist policies with Libertarian policies, allowing party members to vote according to their conscience rather than what is deemed by their amoral leaders to be in the short-term party interest, rather than the long-term National Interest.

What has Claire Khaw to say to White Nationalists?

Get real and ask yourselves if you really think you are in a position to say "It is all or nothing" and expect to get your all.   You can keep saying in your manifestos that you want to forcibly repatriate non-white British citizens, but you already know saying that has got you nowhere at all.   An enlightened member of the BNP once told me that, realistically, the only people even a BNP government can forcibly repatriate are illegal immigrants.

Is it time nationalists stopped being the Stupid, Angry, Bitter, Plebeian and Unable to Compete with Foreigners Party?

That question I will leave other nationalists to answer.   

Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Picture of Dorian Gray

Existential Angst in Muswell Hill

The 5' 2" Dan Starkey who played the sex-starved unprepossessing Communist training to be a secondary school teacher who lives in Dartford with his mother and never goes out because he can't afford to was, for me, the star of the show.

Small but powerful, it was his character that made the play great and political.  Perhaps "Communist" was a deliberately misleading label, for what he says would have a profound resonance with Muslims and the more perceptive and articulate members of the BNP, though they would lack his powers of expression and his classical education.

Go see it just for what he says about middle class liberals who think they are "nice people".

Go see it just for just what he says about what the US did to Haiti and the cynical reasons it might have had for helping them.

Go see it just for what it says about how 9/11 would have suited Bush down to the Ground Zero.

Go see it just to see what Feminism has done to infantilise men.

Go see it just for what it says about Obama.

Just go see it if you think you are a morally autonomous being.

"Despite this critical acclaim his plays are largely overlooked by the theatre establishment in the UK."

I wonder why.  Uncomfortable truths the liberal establishment would rather not face, perhaps?

IRON LADY - deeply moving and finely judged

It is honour enough to be played by Meryl Streep, the world's best actress. No complaints about seeing Maggie portrayed as forgetful and vulnerable. It was actually the only way of making the film work. I imagine most widows who had been fond of their husbands would be in floods of tears throughout most of the film.

See it, especially if you hate her.

Does anyone wonder where it was in London where Maggie went to buy a pint of milk? It is very far from Eton Terrace (which is where she now lives, I believe) from the look of things!

When bundled off to see the doctor, he asked her how she was feeling.

Why do people keep obsessing about feelings these days, she demanded.  "Why does everyone ask me how  I am feeling but never what I am thinking?"

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

What are the thoughts, words, actions, habits and character of the British?

Cowardice, hypocrisy, denial, disgrace, extinction.

She made mistakes, but she never said she was perfect, and no one expected her to be, not even her own party.

She never wanted power for its own sake, and she stood in the Conservative leadership election because she wanted to "nip at the heels" of the consensualist Heathites who were always prepared to to roll over and give concessions the moment they encountered an obstacle.   She was lower middle class, while the Tory toffs born with their silver spoons in their mouths had everything handed them on to a plate.  They felt guilty just for existing while she, lower middle class, had to fight for everything she had, and, no, she didn't feel guilty at all.

I think those of us who love Maggie love her for only this reason: when she was Prime Minister, it was not yet shameful to be British.

To be loved, one must not fear to be hated.

Friday, 10 February 2012

DRAFT PROPOSAL: A rival nationalist leader in a party that will rival and surpass the BNP

Why is the BNP so crap?

Because Nick Griffin is Top Dog.

But why is the BNP so crap?

Because only Nick Griffin can be Top Dog.

What happens when you become a leadership contender?

You get expelled.

Is there any other nationalist party who can beat the BNP?

What nationalist party have you heard of that you think might beat the BNP?  The National Front?

Well, if you think the BNP are useless, then you should go to the NF.

What about the English Democrats?

Well, the BNP is scary and small, and the EDP is not scary and small.

We could make it scarier, maybe?

How scary do you think Robin Tillbrook the leader is?

Is he the antithesis of charisma?

No answer required.

Do we really want to make nationalism scary?

Well, we need to make it stand for something.  We need to make it scary for the LibLabCon, not the voters who agree with us, obviously. is such a blandified homogenous mush of cold porridge that even the supporters of the LibLabCon would be OK with it because it makes no mention of crime or the death penalty, or feminism or family breakdown that is destroying the future of the British nation.  The manifesto of the EDP says nothing and stands for nothing, except for the contemptibly low aspiration of taking the rejects of the BNP and UKIP.

If you want another leader you need to find him (or her even, with all due respect to Marine Le Pen) outside the BNP.

But that’s OK because we know that there are more veteran experienced nationalists outside the BNP than in the BNP, which means a bigger pool of talent and fairer rules for the leadership election.

The BNP is now too corrupt to reform itself.  All the people who could have reformed it have now left the party or been marginalized and stripped of their positions, but that’s OK because we still know where to find them.

If you are happy with the leadership of Nick Griffin, then you need read no further.

If you want another nationalist party that will rival and then surpass the BNP then read on.

The only way we can do this is if we have a leader of vision and courage who is able to defend the movement against the tired old accusations of the Liberal Left.


There will be two parallel votes.

1. LEADERSHIP CONTENDERS' VOTE. The leadership contenders will vote for whoever they think is the second best person to lead the party, apart from themselves.

2. VOTE by those who are present at the leadership election.

The contenders would address the following issues:

(a)  How they would be a better leader than the incumbent leader of the BNP.

(b)  What they are going to do to detoxify the image of nationalism

(c)  What sort of ECONOMIC policy do they think is best for Britain ?

(d)  What sort of FOREIGN policy do they think is best for Britain ?

(e)  How they propose to support family values.

All of the contenders would take turns in doing a hostile interview - Jeremy Paxman-style - of the other candidates.

This leadership contest would be open to anyone who believes they would make a better nationalist leader than Nick Griffin.

Whoever wins should therefore have the authority and legitimacy to lead the entire nationalist movement and command the support of even those currently in the BNP as well as influence the content of the new party's constitution.

If you like the idea, get in touch so the wheels can be set in motion as regards venue, times and dates once sufficient interest is expressed, and, of course, do pass this on to all the nationalists whose contact details you have.


The movement is looking for volunteers, not conscripts.

It is also looking for someone capable of keeping the fractious factions of nationalism together, imposing discipline, demanding and receiving co-operation and capable of presenting himself (or herself) to the British swing voter with panache and elegance or at any rate humour and humanity.   

Thursday, 9 February 2012

How to stop the warmongering US right in its filthy dirty warmongering tracks

Get the Chinese to dump all their dollar assets in one day.

If you want to stop the war, email your Chinese Embassy.

I wonder when I shall receive my Nobel Peace Prize.

We don't want no Third World War over Israel.   

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Power of AIPAC and Jews in US openly referred to on BBC

Claire Khaw's Fifty Slogans for British Nationalism

  1. Nationalism: about Family Values, not racial hatred.
  2. Nationalism: about Free Speech, not Fascism.
  3. Nationalism: about promoting Family Values and challenging Feminism.  
  4. Nationalism: about raising standards of education and morality.
  5. Nationalism: about having the Freedom to speak the Truth, even if it is not Politically Correct.
  6. Nationalism: against borrowing money you don't have to buy things you don't need.
  7. Nationalism: for remembering that the best things in life are FREE.
  8. Nationalism: for making the punishment fit the crime.
  9. Nationalism: so we can be undeceived of Liberal Lies.   
  10. Nationalism: for uncommon common sense.
  11. Nationalism: for living in the real world, not Liberal La La Land.
  12. Nationalism: the Truth will set you FREE.
  13. Nationalism: in service of the National Interest for ALL the nation.
  14. Nationalism: for fewer laws and lower taxes.
  15. Nationalism: for Order and Progress.
  16. Nationalism: for the good of the Nation and the next generation.
  17. Nationalism: for the deserving poor.
  18. Nationalism: for Reason and Justice.
  19. Nationalism: the best for Britain.
  20. Nationalism: replacing the moronocracy with a Meritocracy.
  21. Nationalism: for a foreign policy in the British National Interest.
  22. Nationalism: so the British can again be Rational, Resourceful and Robust.
  23. Nationalism: against a Culture of Entitlement and Complaint.
  24. Nationalism: to reconsecrate the desecrated institutions of Marriage and Family.
  25. Nationalism: for mothers of legitimate children married to their husbands.
  26. Nationalism: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
  27. Nationalism: for those who want to do more than wring their hands.
  28. Nationalism: to draw a line under the errors of the past.
  29. Nationalism: so you no longer pay to receive propaganda telling you to vote against your own interests.
  30. Nationalism: for like-minded people of all races.
  31. Nationalism: for the good of you and the future of your country.
  32. Nationalism: for the good of good citizens.  
  33. Nationalism: the middle way between Communism and Capitalism.
  34. Nationalism: better to be Very Right than very wrong.   
  35. Nationalism: the best of Conservatism with added moral courage.
  36. Nationalism: the best of Socialism with added realism.
  37. Nationalism: NOT liberalism.
  38. Nationalism: for those who are no longer afraid to speak their mind.
  39. Nationalism: for excellence and enterprise.
  40. Nationalism: for men and women of good sense.
  41. Nationalism: for radical good sense.
  42. Nationalism: for those who dare as well as those who care.
  43. Nationalism: because we no longer fear to speak and hear the Truth.
  44. Nationalism: taking courage and taking charge.
  45. Nationalism: uniting the people with practical good sense.
  46. Nationalism: for Unity, Liberty and Reason.
  47. Nationalism: for shifting the shiftless.
  48. Nationalism: Instinct, Conviction, Courage.
  49. Nationalism for Social Cohesion, Liberalism for Anomie.
  50. Nationalism: there is Beauty in this Beast!
I have 51st one which I am not quite sure about:

"Nationalism: criticising Slut Single Mummery but legalising brothel-keeping."

I say this because I don't want to let these SSMs starve on the streets.  They could work in brothels, not necessarily as prostitutes eg cleaners, beauticians, caterers, employees in creches for these working girls, book-keepers, health and safety inspectors in "dungeons" etc.

My sense of British pride makes me want Britain to run absolutely the best brothels in the world, with the most beautiful girls most skilled in the erotic arts that men (and women who prefer women) from all over the world come to visit and enjoy.

Let me know, folks.   

You could even award me marks out of 50 - 1 mark for every slogan you like.

Man who looks like he could be a Commie Pinko says right-wingers are dumb

Does this man look as if he might support social conservatism or could he be a Commie Pinko?

Looks like a degenerate long-haired unkempt liberal left piece of shit to me.

No surprises then that he would say Right-wingers are dumb. Maybe the powers that be at Brock University should investigate the methods by which he arrived at his conclusion, if only for the sake of their own reputation.

Despite their important implications for interpersonal behaviors and relations, cognitive abilities have been largely ignored as explanations of prejudice. We proposed and tested mediation models in which lower cognitive ability predicts greater prejudice, an effect mediated through the endorsement of right-wing ideologies (social conservatism, right-wing authoritarianism) and low levels of contact with out-groups. In an analysis of two large-scale, nationally representative United Kingdom data sets (N = 15,874), we found that lower general intelligence (g) in childhood predicts greater racism in adulthood, and this effect was largely mediated via conservative ideology. A secondary analysis of a U.S. data set confirmed a predictive effect of poor abstract-reasoning skills on antihomosexual prejudice, a relation partially mediated by both authoritarianism and low levels of intergroup contact. All analyses controlled for education and socioeconomic status. Our results suggest that cognitive abilities play a critical, albeit underappreciated, role in prejudice. Consequently, we recommend a heightened focus on cognitive ability in research on prejudice and a better integration of cognitive ability into prejudice models

It is like saying poor people are stupid.  Are they stupid because they are poor, or poor because they are stupid?

Why the Liberal Left conspire to ignore me

Imagine, if you will, a middle-aged and obese Liberal Empress processing down Whitehall naked.

Imagine this woman as a large liberal empress proceeding down Whitehall ....

Imagine, that the entire Liberal Establishment (and this includes the Orwell Prize) already know I am on my way to tell the imbecilic crowds who have turned out in force to wave their stupid little liberal flags that the Empress is wearing precisely NOTHING.

They will probably want to shoot me on sight.  

The value of life

  1. How much would the life of a hypothetical  daughter with a history of mental-illness and suicidal behaviour be worth to YOU?
  2. Would £5,000 be putting it a bit high?
  3. How much would you pay to keep alive a hypothetical suicidal and mentally-ill daughter who is no good to man nor beast and whose existence is a burden to herself, you and the British taxpayer?
  4. How much would you pay NOT to have a daughter like this?
  5. Would £5,000 be putting it a bit low?
  6. How much is the life of such a woman worth to the British taxpayer?
  7. Would £5,000 be putting it a bit high?
  8. Why is the British taxpayer expected to compensate the parents of such a daughter when her death can only be regarded as a release for them?
  9. Why is the British taxpayer expected to pay to strive to officiously keep alive someone who will clearly not be leading a productive life?
  10. How much in legal fees has this matter cost the British taxpayer?
  11. Are the British judiciary mentally ill?

    Another conclusive sign of MATRIARCHAL DEMENTIA.  Don't think you are immune from this if you are a man.   You too can get it and become a mere woman with a penis extension in thought, speech and deed, even if you are a man.   

    Tuesday, 7 February 2012

    Shome Mishtake Shurely?

    BBC Channels for PPBs

    PPBs will be broadcast in the relevant nation on BBC One and BBC Two.

    Allocation Criteria for PPBs


    A registered political party in England will qualify for a PPB in Autumn, Winter
    and Spring in England if it:
    1. holds more than one seat in the House of Commons; and 

    2. can demonstrate substantial levels of electoral support across a series of
    elections in England.

    Surely the "and" should be an "or"?

    I think an MEP or two should do the trick, if so.

    The odds on my making the longlist for the Orwell Prize for blogging lengthen

    Uh oh.  I have discovered today that

    @GavinFreeguard!/GavinFreeguard who administers the  @TheOrwellPrize!/TheOrwellPrize have blocked me from following their tweets as well as @suzanne_moore!/suzanne_moore who is this year's judge for blogging.  

    At least @hopisen!/hopisen the other judge, is keeping up the appearance of being impartial and has not been so unfriendly as to block me.      

    At this rate, I shall expect to be completely marginalised and probably not even invited to the longlist announcement at

    Those of you think you might like to attend should click on the link above so that you get an invitation to this event.  I hope to meet you there.  If they do not invite me then you may still wish to go, get together for a drink and make your views known about my absence at the event and longlist. 

    Perhaps I should not have antagonised the judges and the Orwell Prize people by daring to question the impartiality of Suzanne Moore because she blocked me from following her tweets.   

    But then they were never going to give it to me, were they, even if I had made no complaint about the possibility of the two judges with Labour connections being biased against someone with my views.   

    Perhaps I will win the Woolfson Prize, which would be a consolation indeed.

    What a shame, because I do feel that the values of the Orwell Prize listed at embody the purpose of my political writing completely, even if I do say so myself.

    It is because I so obviously satisfy those requirements that means I will never be allowed a look-in by the stale  representatives of the Liberal Left whose smug liberal values infuse and corrupt the entire British literary and political establishment.

    If they award it to some gay Conservative this year or the political equivalent thereof, we will know.

    We will know that a fish rots from the head down and that the so-called liberal values of this liberal cabal do not extend to entertaining any ideas and views from anyone who does not share their assumptions and worship the same sacred cows as they.

    If I do not get it for myself, I still want it not to be given to some jumped-up liberal copper, a social worker,  carer, pink and fluffy civilly-partnered vegetarian homosexual or the next Johann Hari.  If they give it anyone other than someone with views that are recognisably "right-wing" then we will know the extent and depth of their corruption.

    • Bill Hamilton (chair) Literary agent and literary executor of the Orwell Estate at A. M. Heath, Orwell Trustee
    • Richard Blair Son of George Orwell, Orwell Trustee
    • Meg Russell Reader in British and Comparative Politics and Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit at UCL, Political Quarterly board member
    • Albert Scardino Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Media Standards Trust board member
    • Jean Seaton Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster, Director of the Orwell Prize, Political Quarterly board member and Orwell Trustee
    • D. J. Taylor Author, Chair of the Orwell Trust
    • Tony Wright Former MP for Cannock Chase, Professor of Government and Public Policy at UCL, co-editor of Political Quarterly
    Sir David Bell stepped down as chair upon his appointment to the Leveson Inquiry.
    The Prize is currently administered by the Media Standards Trust on behalf of the Council.

    Media Standards Trust board members

    Orwell Trustees

    • D. J. Taylor (chair) Novelist, critic, biographer (author of George Orwell: The Life)
    • Richard Blair Son of George Orwell
    • Alison Finlay Professor of Medieval English and Icelandic Literature at Birkbeck College
    • Bill Hamilton Literary agent at A. M. Heath, literary executor of the Orwell Estate
    • Barbara Hardy Professor of English Literature Emeritus at University of London
    • Blake Morrison Writer and poet
    • Andrew O’Hagan Writer and novelist
    • Jean Seaton Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster, Director of the Orwell Prize
    • Boyd Tonkin