Sunday, 5 February 2012

Brighton Rock THE MOVIE reviewed

I got more out of this tonight than the last time I read it.

I like to think of myself as Ida Arnold.

Oddly, I had the occasional twinge of sympathy for Pinkie but just horror and disgust for Rose, who was both malign and bovine, perfectly exemplifying stupidity and immorality in a woman, spreading her cancer like an inkstain in milk.

Rose, once she has got her man will do anything to keep him. After all, Pinkie excites her and stimulates all her feminine masochistic buttons like no man ever could, especially when he is being rough and threatening, and jokes about throwing acid in her face.

She loves the certainty she feels about him being lethally murderous to everyone else but not her, especially after he marries her.

Predictably, she gets knocked up despite Ida's warning not to have the child of a murderer.

She even gets Pinkie to record a disc with his voice on it on Brighton Pier. He actually says she can't stand her but in the final moments of the film the record gets stuck and he seems to say repeatedly that he loves her, and she is shown lying in a dreamy stupor at what she thinks is a declaration of love from a murderous piece of scum.

The other aspect of this story is its icky Catholicism, for both Rose and Pinkie are both Catholics and are seen to be praying in church and talking sincerely about their belief in God.

Christians think they can get away with murder as long as they believe that Christ is Son of God.

Bottom line, that is what these hypocritical shits really believe.

This is after all what the shitty doctrine of the Holy Trinity is all about.  The bargain is this: believe in this SHIT and you will go to heaven.

Cultural Christians ie White Christians don't really get this.  They don't get this because they are not told this.  If they were told this explicitly they would all walk out and say "Fuck this for a laugh, I'm out."   When dealing with white Europeans, the Catholic and Anglican Church do the equivalent of sneaking this doctrine past their congregation, because all they care about is bums on pews.

It is people who aren't born Christians who get the nature of the bargain: for they are told that Jesus is Lord, which they had better believe or they won't be Christian and if they are not Christian they go to hell.  That is why they tend to be the ones proclaiming this message with the most fervour, to the bemusement of Cultural Christians who just don't get it.

Yep, Christianity is just full of mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus and black box theories that no one will explain to you properly.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope won't be wanting to discuss this aspect of Christianity at all.  In fact, I rather doubt if they believe in it themselves and don't want to be drawn on it.

When Christians pray after they have committed some mortal sin, eg murder, being an accessory to murder etc, what these hypocritical shits do is pray and pray and pray for the strength of will to make them believe that Christ is Son of God, which they believe will save them from roasting eternally in hell.

Note that these shits do not pray for genuine remorse.  Instead, they pray for the will to believe in a shitty empty poisonous stupid LIE that Christ is Son of God.

That is why Christians are FUCKED.  Worse, most white people who call themselves Christians don't even KNOW they are supposed to believe in this shit.

When they recite the Nicene creed unquestioningly and uncomprehendingly as they are made to when they attend a service, it is like a child reciting the terms of a contract that it does not have legal capacity to contract. is what they are supposed to believe in.  If you don't believe in it, you are not actually CHRISTIAN.  If you are not actually Christian you go to HELL.


The fact that the Koran denies the Trinity (even while it accepts the Virgin Birth) can only mean it is the source of a more advanced and moral religion.  (It actually says everything you do will be recorded, which is a better system of divine justice than saying you get to heaven as long as you believe in Trinitarian crap.)

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