Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Claire Khaw's Fifty Slogans for British Nationalism

  1. Nationalism: about Family Values, not racial hatred.
  2. Nationalism: about Free Speech, not Fascism.
  3. Nationalism: about promoting Family Values and challenging Feminism.  
  4. Nationalism: about raising standards of education and morality.
  5. Nationalism: about having the Freedom to speak the Truth, even if it is not Politically Correct.
  6. Nationalism: against borrowing money you don't have to buy things you don't need.
  7. Nationalism: for remembering that the best things in life are FREE.
  8. Nationalism: for making the punishment fit the crime.
  9. Nationalism: so we can be undeceived of Liberal Lies.   
  10. Nationalism: for uncommon common sense.
  11. Nationalism: for living in the real world, not Liberal La La Land.
  12. Nationalism: the Truth will set you FREE.
  13. Nationalism: in service of the National Interest for ALL the nation.
  14. Nationalism: for fewer laws and lower taxes.
  15. Nationalism: for Order and Progress.
  16. Nationalism: for the good of the Nation and the next generation.
  17. Nationalism: for the deserving poor.
  18. Nationalism: for Reason and Justice.
  19. Nationalism: the best for Britain.
  20. Nationalism: replacing the moronocracy with a Meritocracy.
  21. Nationalism: for a foreign policy in the British National Interest.
  22. Nationalism: so the British can again be Rational, Resourceful and Robust.
  23. Nationalism: against a Culture of Entitlement and Complaint.
  24. Nationalism: to reconsecrate the desecrated institutions of Marriage and Family.
  25. Nationalism: for mothers of legitimate children married to their husbands.
  26. Nationalism: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
  27. Nationalism: for those who want to do more than wring their hands.
  28. Nationalism: to draw a line under the errors of the past.
  29. Nationalism: so you no longer pay to receive propaganda telling you to vote against your own interests.
  30. Nationalism: for like-minded people of all races.
  31. Nationalism: for the good of you and the future of your country.
  32. Nationalism: for the good of good citizens.  
  33. Nationalism: the middle way between Communism and Capitalism.
  34. Nationalism: better to be Very Right than very wrong.   
  35. Nationalism: the best of Conservatism with added moral courage.
  36. Nationalism: the best of Socialism with added realism.
  37. Nationalism: NOT liberalism.
  38. Nationalism: for those who are no longer afraid to speak their mind.
  39. Nationalism: for excellence and enterprise.
  40. Nationalism: for men and women of good sense.
  41. Nationalism: for radical good sense.
  42. Nationalism: for those who dare as well as those who care.
  43. Nationalism: because we no longer fear to speak and hear the Truth.
  44. Nationalism: taking courage and taking charge.
  45. Nationalism: uniting the people with practical good sense.
  46. Nationalism: for Unity, Liberty and Reason.
  47. Nationalism: for shifting the shiftless.
  48. Nationalism: Instinct, Conviction, Courage.
  49. Nationalism for Social Cohesion, Liberalism for Anomie.
  50. Nationalism: there is Beauty in this Beast!
I have 51st one which I am not quite sure about:

"Nationalism: criticising Slut Single Mummery but legalising brothel-keeping."

I say this because I don't want to let these SSMs starve on the streets.  They could work in brothels, not necessarily as prostitutes eg cleaners, beauticians, caterers, employees in creches for these working girls, book-keepers, health and safety inspectors in "dungeons" etc.

My sense of British pride makes me want Britain to run absolutely the best brothels in the world, with the most beautiful girls most skilled in the erotic arts that men (and women who prefer women) from all over the world come to visit and enjoy.

Let me know, folks.   

You could even award me marks out of 50 - 1 mark for every slogan you like.


David Jones of the British People's Party said...

1 & 2: Too on the defensive, 3: Good, 4: Excellent, 5: Good, 6: Good, but will go over most people's heads, 7: Good, 7 & 8: Good, 9 & 10: Will go over many people's heads, 11: Excellent, 12: Good, 13, 14 & 15: Excellent, 17: Divisive, 18 & 19: Good, 20: will go over most peopes heads, 21-24: Excellent, 25: Good, 26 & 27: Excellent, 28: on the defensive, 29, 30, 31: Good, 32: Excellent, 33: Will go over most heads, 34: Excellent, 35 & 26: Combine them and excellent, 37-42: Excelent, 43: Will go over most heads, 44, 45, 46: Excellent, 47: Good, 48 : Excellent: 49: Will go over most heads, 50, 51: Good.

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to give me your evaluation, David.