Monday, 6 February 2012

David BERNSTEIN - the man behind the FA's unusually prompt decision to deprive John Terry of his captaincy

David Bernstein

I am afraid this will just turbo-charge the antisemitism that now exists amongst Muslims and non-Muslims in  Britain.  Most unfortunate.  It was of course a wickedly wrong decision too, to for even one moment to suggest that swearing at another footballer is a criminal and public order offence and to assume the guilt of anyone accused of this.

There used to be a time when common abuse by others had to be endured, in the name of free speech,  which calling someone a "black cunt" would be an example of.

I can only regard the mental health of a nation whose legal system reasons that  the word "black" is more offensive than "cunt" with a deep and growing sense of alarm.  It will probably not be too long now before the British return to burning witches at the stake.

It is hateful to watch the white working classes being kicked around like this by a Jew in a high place, but there we are.  This is the reality of early 21st century Britain atomised by extremist PC liberalism and emasculated by feminism.

The only comfort I can take in this matter is to accept the fact that stupid sluts and bastards who won't change their sluttish and bastard ways actually deserve to be abused and exploited.

Perhaps the best that can be hoped from these sluts and bastards is that they will take a leaf out of the book of Jews and Muslims who are not sluts and bastards and acknowledge the organisational and political superiority of people who are not mostly sluts and bastards, and resolve to do better in future, but I suspect they will do nothing of the kind because they lack the moral courage, intellectual ability and the social cohesion  to fight this scourge of PC extremism, nor will they accept any criticism of the  morals of their women, who are mostly sluts and bad mothers.

Tragically, their corrupted educational system will continue to teach British school children about sex, masturbation and drug-taking at ever younger ages and so the next generation will remain slut and bastard and even more stupid and depraved than the previous one.

I tried telling a few EDL and BNP-supporting women this yesterday, but was threatened with violence again yesterday.  It is of note that the two threats of violence I have received were both from women.

The reason why I do this is simply to see if Western civilisation can be saved.  It is all very touch and go.

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