Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Does Nick Griffin behave like a Jew?

I believe it is possible to have a state religion that successfully safeguards the morals of its citizenry.

Since Judaism is impractical and Christianity is now a dead duck, the only religion left to consider is Islam.

Of course atheists will be horrified at the idea, as well as agnostics.

Very reasonably, I ask the people who are hissing and spitting and foaming at the mouth at this very idea to tell me what in the Koran they find objectionable.

Very predictably, they refuse to do so as they continue to hiss and spit and foam at the mouth, because they already know they hate Muslims and Islam and by extension the Koran.

But pride and sloth are deadly sins.

If there is no God, does sin exist?

Of course it does, if sin just means things you like doing that is bad for you, your society, nation and civilisation in the long term.

It is quite clear that atheism is liberalism and liberalism means supporting female promiscuity and by extension promoting the moral degeneracy of the race.

Most people are not philosophers. If they see those around them copulating like dogs in the park after sniffing each other's bottoms, they will think it is OK to do so, and nothing you can say will persuade them otherwise.

That is why promoting a belief in God, even if you do not believe in God yourself is actually NECESSARY.

There will however be no requirement to believe in God as long as we all obey the perfectly sensible commandments of God.

What are they?

They are in the Koran and I find nothing in it that I cannot interpret in a way that I would find reasonable and humane.

But will the people who find my idea of a SECULAR ISLAMIC THEOCRACY objectionable read the Koran so they can tell me which verses they find objectionable?  Will they fuck.

"I hate them and they shouldn't even be here.  Why should I read their fucking book?"

But they are already here, whether they should be or not, and all your governments conspire to let more of them in because they hate you.   They hate the white working classes because they are no longer fit for purpose.  That is why they keep replacing them with foreign workers.

Why are the white working classes so useless?

Because they are mostly sluts and bastards.

Why are they mostly sluts and bastards?

Because we live in a secular society that decrees that no one has a right to be "judgemental" on sexual morality.   That is why the British Slut Single Mum is now beyond criticism.

As I have said, Pride and Sloth are DEADLY sins, but most liberal secularists are too stuffed with pride and sloth to acknowledge this.

They just know that they hate Muslims and Islam and they will certainly not be reading the Holy Book of a  people and religion that they hate and fear.

The only way to defeat Muslims is with the Koran, a Muslim once told me, and the Islamophobes are now too depraved, proud and lazy to do so, even if doing so would save themselves.

The Koran supports:

1. a one-party democracy  23:53-4; 42:13-14

2. a direct democracy

3. family values  (Do I really need to explain how and why family values supported by marriage has an eugenic effect?)

4. divorce  4:130, 65.1

5. a 20% flat rate income tax

6. capital punishment  6:151

7. corporal punishment

8. the legalising of brothels  Why we must support the legalisation of brothel-keeping to save British men from what is in effect FORCED MARRIAGE to British SSMs because men can't say no to no-strings sex.

9. a less aggressive foreign policy

But you wouldn't know because you REFUSE TO READ IT because you already "know" that Secularism is better, even as you also know that Secularism encourages your women to be sluts, slut single mums and turns your children into bastards, degrading the quality of the next generation.

If our children are our future then our future is mostly fucked.

What is the problem with the BNP? They want time to stand still, and want, in effect, to turn back time.

Even now they refuse to acknowledge that what they want (to return Britain to the racial composition that existed before the British Nationality Act 1948) is neither practicable nor popular.

However, there is an alternative that could morally regenerate the indigenous population.

If the indigenous population continue to deny that they are morally degenerate (or that it does not matter that they are morally degenerate and that their women are mostly SSMs) then the nation will continue its slide into decline.

I am however heartened to know that quite a few nationalists have converted to Islam, if only out of a sense of individual moral self-preservation.

How do I know that nationalists (who are mostly white working class) are degenerate? You only have to look at the things they say and do when they fall out with each other.

Instead of saying why and how my views are mad and evil, they prefer to speculate on the size and shape of my genitalia (for I am rumoured to be formerly a man), because that is all their lower class minds are fit for.  

It is quite clear that the BNP no longer supports family values because most of its members are the offspring of SSMs and the female partners of its members are mostly SSMs.

It is probably news to them that family values cannot be supported without promoting marriage, and marriage can only be promoted by criticising SSMs.

Yes, I know that would come across as "judgemental" and we can never be judgemental about sexual matters if we are good obedient liberals. If the BNP want to avoid judgementalism in sexual matters then they their thinking is really no different from the liberals whom they fear and hate, but with added racism and xenophobia.

Of course, Nick Griffin will never say anything like what I have said above, even if he did agree with it, because he is just like the LibLabConmen who want the support and votes of the people he dare not offend, who are mostly sluts and bastards that cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that sluts and bastards are bad for Britain.

One of my Facebook friends said - jokingly or not I do not know - that Nick Griffin is really a Jew installed as a state agent to keep nationalism forever on the margins of politics by his egregious leadership.  Could this be because Nick Griffin himself practices family values while affirming the right of the sexually incontinent to desecrate the institutions of Marriage and Family, because it is in his interests to see that a party of mostly illegitimate and illiterate members with low educational and moral standards would make him look effortlessly superior?  I used to dismiss the suggestion that Nick Griffin is a Jew as the ravings of a lunatic, but I am not so sure now.  He certainly behaves like a Jew if Jews do indeed behave in the way described at by David Duke.

Please do not accuse me of being antisemitic.  I am merely pointing out that in the West, Jews, Christians and even Muslims are now just as afraid of the Slut Single Mum as the liberals atheists are, but, when Muslims stay silent, they are are disobeying the Koranic commandment of enjoining good and forbidding evil.

A slut and bastard working class is a working class that is unfit for purpose.  That is why successive governments - both Labour and Tory - have conspired to replace the white working classes with foreign workers (who are not mostly sluts and bastards).

I would be happy to forego the votes of SSMs and welfare scroungers or anyone who cannot acknowledge the truth of what I say or argue against it in a civilised rational way.

Because I am an optimist, I believe it is possible to put this to the people of Britain in a way that they can understand, acknowledge and act upon, because it is only the common sense that the British used to have. 

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