Friday, 10 February 2012

DRAFT PROPOSAL: A rival nationalist leader in a party that will rival and surpass the BNP

Why is the BNP so crap?

Because Nick Griffin is Top Dog.

But why is the BNP so crap?

Because only Nick Griffin can be Top Dog.

What happens when you become a leadership contender?

You get expelled.

Is there any other nationalist party who can beat the BNP?

What nationalist party have you heard of that you think might beat the BNP?  The National Front?

Well, if you think the BNP are useless, then you should go to the NF.

What about the English Democrats?

Well, the BNP is scary and small, and the EDP is not scary and small.

We could make it scarier, maybe?

How scary do you think Robin Tillbrook the leader is?

Is he the antithesis of charisma?

No answer required.

Do we really want to make nationalism scary?

Well, we need to make it stand for something.  We need to make it scary for the LibLabCon, not the voters who agree with us, obviously. is such a blandified homogenous mush of cold porridge that even the supporters of the LibLabCon would be OK with it because it makes no mention of crime or the death penalty, or feminism or family breakdown that is destroying the future of the British nation.  The manifesto of the EDP says nothing and stands for nothing, except for the contemptibly low aspiration of taking the rejects of the BNP and UKIP.

If you want another leader you need to find him (or her even, with all due respect to Marine Le Pen) outside the BNP.

But that’s OK because we know that there are more veteran experienced nationalists outside the BNP than in the BNP, which means a bigger pool of talent and fairer rules for the leadership election.

The BNP is now too corrupt to reform itself.  All the people who could have reformed it have now left the party or been marginalized and stripped of their positions, but that’s OK because we still know where to find them.

If you are happy with the leadership of Nick Griffin, then you need read no further.

If you want another nationalist party that will rival and then surpass the BNP then read on.

The only way we can do this is if we have a leader of vision and courage who is able to defend the movement against the tired old accusations of the Liberal Left.


There will be two parallel votes.

1. LEADERSHIP CONTENDERS' VOTE. The leadership contenders will vote for whoever they think is the second best person to lead the party, apart from themselves.

2. VOTE by those who are present at the leadership election.

The contenders would address the following issues:

(a)  How they would be a better leader than the incumbent leader of the BNP.

(b)  What they are going to do to detoxify the image of nationalism

(c)  What sort of ECONOMIC policy do they think is best for Britain ?

(d)  What sort of FOREIGN policy do they think is best for Britain ?

(e)  How they propose to support family values.

All of the contenders would take turns in doing a hostile interview - Jeremy Paxman-style - of the other candidates.

This leadership contest would be open to anyone who believes they would make a better nationalist leader than Nick Griffin.

Whoever wins should therefore have the authority and legitimacy to lead the entire nationalist movement and command the support of even those currently in the BNP as well as influence the content of the new party's constitution.

If you like the idea, get in touch so the wheels can be set in motion as regards venue, times and dates once sufficient interest is expressed, and, of course, do pass this on to all the nationalists whose contact details you have.


The movement is looking for volunteers, not conscripts.

It is also looking for someone capable of keeping the fractious factions of nationalism together, imposing discipline, demanding and receiving co-operation and capable of presenting himself (or herself) to the British swing voter with panache and elegance or at any rate humour and humanity.   

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