Sunday, 12 February 2012

Existential Angst in Muswell Hill

The 5' 2" Dan Starkey who played the sex-starved unprepossessing Communist training to be a secondary school teacher who lives in Dartford with his mother and never goes out because he can't afford to was, for me, the star of the show.

Small but powerful, it was his character that made the play great and political.  Perhaps "Communist" was a deliberately misleading label, for what he says would have a profound resonance with Muslims and the more perceptive and articulate members of the BNP, though they would lack his powers of expression and his classical education.

Go see it just for what he says about middle class liberals who think they are "nice people".

Go see it just for just what he says about what the US did to Haiti and the cynical reasons it might have had for helping them.

Go see it just for what it says about how 9/11 would have suited Bush down to the Ground Zero.

Go see it just to see what Feminism has done to infantilise men.

Go see it just for what it says about Obama.

Just go see it if you think you are a morally autonomous being.

"Despite this critical acclaim his plays are largely overlooked by the theatre establishment in the UK."

I wonder why.  Uncomfortable truths the liberal establishment would rather not face, perhaps?

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