Monday, 13 February 2012

I am a Nationalist, not a racist or an antisemite

What is a nationalist?

Someone who believes in a policy of acting in the National Interest.

What is a racist?

Someone who believes that race is a sufficient reason for the inclusion or exclusion of someone from a nation.

Is Claire Khaw a racist?

No, because I have been saying for some time now that a nationalist by definition cannot be a racist.

Why is racism incompatible with nationhood?

Because the idea of a nationhood logically transcends the idea of race and tribe.  A nation is by definition a collection of tribes who have decided to form themselves into a nation for reasons of self-preservation and self-advancement.

What is an antisemite?

Someone who hates Jews and Zionists because they are Jews and Zionists.

Is Claire Khaw an antisemite?

No, because I think Jews are the teacher's pet in a class of bullies and dunces who envy the teacher's pet but refuse to work hard while not being particularly clever.   Jews are perhaps just a global metaphor for "the rich and powerful who exploit the poor" even in countries where there are no significant numbers of Jews.  During the Cultural Revolution in Communist China, the "Jews" of China were the landlords, businessmen, middle classes, academics and people formerly in authority.

Is Claire Khaw attempting to redefine nationalism, which most nationalists seem to think is racial segregation?

Yes, because I think that definition is logically incorrect.  The idea of a greater nationhood transcribes the narrow and amoral considerations of race and tribe.   "Ummah" - the Muslim version of Christendom - is the perfect expression - a nation of shared values.   We can change our minds, but not the colour of our skin.   Also, if we sent everyone home to wherever we were supposed to come from, most Americans would end up back in Europe, which would clearly make it too crowded.

Is Claire Khaw a National Socialist?

Yes, she is a CIVIC National Socialist because a nationalist would want social cohesion, and social cohesion can only come with the Social Justice that comes with a Meritocracy.  A one-party state (which is the real essence of National Socialism) that protects the rights of its members by abolishing the office of the party whip as proposed by Peter Bone MP in the House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill would be just the thing to balance Statist policies with Libertarian policies, allowing party members to vote according to their conscience rather than what is deemed by their amoral leaders to be in the short-term party interest, rather than the long-term National Interest.

What has Claire Khaw to say to White Nationalists?

Get real and ask yourselves if you really think you are in a position to say "It is all or nothing" and expect to get your all.   You can keep saying in your manifestos that you want to forcibly repatriate non-white British citizens, but you already know saying that has got you nowhere at all.   An enlightened member of the BNP once told me that, realistically, the only people even a BNP government can forcibly repatriate are illegal immigrants.

Is it time nationalists stopped being the Stupid, Angry, Bitter, Plebeian and Unable to Compete with Foreigners Party?

That question I will leave other nationalists to answer.   

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