Friday, 3 February 2012

What is Nationalism?

I would say that Nationalism would be a National Religion that promotes the long term National Interest.  The National Interest is always a judicious balance of the conflicting interests of Young and Old, Male and Female, the settled and indigenous British as well as the newly arrived British citizen, the rich and the poor, etc.

What is religion?  It comes from the Latin "religare" which means "to bind".  To bind what?  To bind society, to bind the peoples of that nation.  Nothing binds a society better than venerating the institutions of Marriage and Family and nothing destroys common values more than ideologies such as Feminism, Liberalism and Socialism, which desecrate those institutions by promoting female promiscuity which they call Free Love and Sexual Liberation (which will turn us into a nation of sluts and bastards of exceptional stupidity, irrationality, depravity and cowardice).

Religion is therefore the means by the ancients achieved the goal of what we call Social Cohesion, and that is done by establishing Common Values so that we can live together in a fair but lightly-regulated and harmonious society, without the necessity for totalitarian thoughtcrime legislation forbidding us to hate and discriminate on grounds of race, disability, sexual orientation, age and gender.

Liberty can best be defined as

  1. Freedom of Expression
  2. Freedom of Contract
  3. Freedom of Association
  4. Freedom of Belief
  5. the Right to Property

Any law that infringes on any of those liberties listed above should be treated with extreme suspicion, for it would be an attempt by the state to destroy the foundations of our liberties.

Without Free Speech, we can have no possibility of rational discourse, and without rational discourse any civilisation would decline and fall into barbarism, anarchy and depravity.

It is possible to have a religion with God.  Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Fascism and Nazism were all religions without God.

Hegel's concept of Spirit is perhaps a metaphor for a national consciousness of our collective desire for good government.   Hopefully, this desire, translated into action, will take us away from the swamp of Liberalism and the quicksand of Feminism and into the Promised Land of Peace, Reason, Order, Liberty, Progress and good government with fewer laws and lower taxes.  

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