Saturday, 4 February 2012

The male demand for sex robots and what it says about women

Suddenly, I realise why Onanism was considered a sin ...

I wonder if one of my white nationalist FB friends is going to suggest that the sex robot was invented by a Jew ....

We should note that it is men who want female sex robots. Is there a MALE sex robot?

If so, it would doubtless have "harder", "faster", "deeper" buttons for the female user to press, as well as a "chat" one for after.   Listen, guys, if the woman is chatting away  incessantly to you after you have had your orgasm, it means she has not had hers.   If she has had hers she would be in the same kind of soporific stupor you are in too.

Thought you might like to know that.

The report also never mentioned how you would have to clean them after use.

Do they get, er, "filled up" completely after regular use? Would you have to change them like a Hoover bag?

I suppose these female robots would all be submissive ones. It wouldn't make sense to have a dominatrix robot, would it? I imagine a human female would be just obviously so much better at talking to you in that way that men who like to be dominated would expect a dominatrix to do...

So what does this say about male sexuality?

I think it says that men prefer to have sex with women who are submissive.

It is more fun for them if they have to ask for a blowjob than to have one given to them unasked.

If a very woman makes all the moves, they would feel somewhat redundant and superfluous and their minds wander off as they stare at the ceiling and mentally tick off their to do list.

"It is very difficult knowing what sort of expression I should have on my face when I am being ridden like a horse ... " - these are very girly preoccupations that now preoccupy the emasculated white male ...

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