Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Man who looks like he could be a Commie Pinko says right-wingers are dumb

Does this man look as if he might support social conservatism or could he be a Commie Pinko?

Looks like a degenerate long-haired unkempt liberal left piece of shit to me.

No surprises then that he would say Right-wingers are dumb. Maybe the powers that be at Brock University should investigate the methods by which he arrived at his conclusion, if only for the sake of their own reputation.

Despite their important implications for interpersonal behaviors and relations, cognitive abilities have been largely ignored as explanations of prejudice. We proposed and tested mediation models in which lower cognitive ability predicts greater prejudice, an effect mediated through the endorsement of right-wing ideologies (social conservatism, right-wing authoritarianism) and low levels of contact with out-groups. In an analysis of two large-scale, nationally representative United Kingdom data sets (N = 15,874), we found that lower general intelligence (g) in childhood predicts greater racism in adulthood, and this effect was largely mediated via conservative ideology. A secondary analysis of a U.S. data set confirmed a predictive effect of poor abstract-reasoning skills on antihomosexual prejudice, a relation partially mediated by both authoritarianism and low levels of intergroup contact. All analyses controlled for education and socioeconomic status. Our results suggest that cognitive abilities play a critical, albeit underappreciated, role in prejudice. Consequently, we recommend a heightened focus on cognitive ability in research on prejudice and a better integration of cognitive ability into prejudice models

It is like saying poor people are stupid.  Are they stupid because they are poor, or poor because they are stupid?

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