Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The odds on my making the longlist for the Orwell Prize for blogging lengthen

Uh oh.  I have discovered today that

@GavinFreeguard!/GavinFreeguard who administers the  @TheOrwellPrize!/TheOrwellPrize have blocked me from following their tweets as well as @suzanne_moore!/suzanne_moore who is this year's judge for blogging.  

At least @hopisen!/hopisen the other judge, is keeping up the appearance of being impartial and has not been so unfriendly as to block me.      

At this rate, I shall expect to be completely marginalised and probably not even invited to the longlist announcement at

Those of you think you might like to attend should click on the link above so that you get an invitation to this event.  I hope to meet you there.  If they do not invite me then you may still wish to go, get together for a drink and make your views known about my absence at the event and longlist. 

Perhaps I should not have antagonised the judges and the Orwell Prize people by daring to question the impartiality of Suzanne Moore because she blocked me from following her tweets.   

But then they were never going to give it to me, were they, even if I had made no complaint about the possibility of the two judges with Labour connections being biased against someone with my views.   

Perhaps I will win the Woolfson Prize, which would be a consolation indeed.

What a shame, because I do feel that the values of the Orwell Prize listed at embody the purpose of my political writing completely, even if I do say so myself.

It is because I so obviously satisfy those requirements that means I will never be allowed a look-in by the stale  representatives of the Liberal Left whose smug liberal values infuse and corrupt the entire British literary and political establishment.

If they award it to some gay Conservative this year or the political equivalent thereof, we will know.

We will know that a fish rots from the head down and that the so-called liberal values of this liberal cabal do not extend to entertaining any ideas and views from anyone who does not share their assumptions and worship the same sacred cows as they.

If I do not get it for myself, I still want it not to be given to some jumped-up liberal copper, a social worker,  carer, pink and fluffy civilly-partnered vegetarian homosexual or the next Johann Hari.  If they give it anyone other than someone with views that are recognisably "right-wing" then we will know the extent and depth of their corruption.

  • Bill Hamilton (chair) Literary agent and literary executor of the Orwell Estate at A. M. Heath, Orwell Trustee
  • Richard Blair Son of George Orwell, Orwell Trustee
  • Meg Russell Reader in British and Comparative Politics and Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit at UCL, Political Quarterly board member
  • Albert Scardino Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Media Standards Trust board member
  • Jean Seaton Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster, Director of the Orwell Prize, Political Quarterly board member and Orwell Trustee
  • D. J. Taylor Author, Chair of the Orwell Trust
  • Tony Wright Former MP for Cannock Chase, Professor of Government and Public Policy at UCL, co-editor of Political Quarterly
Sir David Bell stepped down as chair upon his appointment to the Leveson Inquiry.
The Prize is currently administered by the Media Standards Trust on behalf of the Council.

Media Standards Trust board members

Orwell Trustees

  • D. J. Taylor (chair) Novelist, critic, biographer (author of George Orwell: The Life)
  • Richard Blair Son of George Orwell
  • Alison Finlay Professor of Medieval English and Icelandic Literature at Birkbeck College
  • Bill Hamilton Literary agent at A. M. Heath, literary executor of the Orwell Estate
  • Barbara Hardy Professor of English Literature Emeritus at University of London
  • Blake Morrison Writer and poet
  • Andrew O’Hagan Writer and novelist
  • Jean Seaton Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster, Director of the Orwell Prize
  • Boyd Tonkin

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