Saturday, 4 February 2012

Trivial offences can ruin your career in totalitarian PC liberal Britain

I don't like Huhne at all, but I dislike intensely the idea that trivial offences are prosecuted to the max in our totalitarian state. John Terry losing the England captaincy is another case in point.

Speeding offences should only attract a fine.   This is what Britain, which used to be sensible in a  pre-feminist age, used to do to those caught speeding.

How on earth is swearing at another footballer a PUBLIC ORDER OFFENCE?  Only in a country suffering from matriarchal dementia.

An eye for an eye, a limb for a limb, and a life for a life is an argument for PROPORTIONALITY.

Liberal government, you will notice, seems to make a deliberate policy of defying this principle.

A few questions that should be asked:

  1. How long would Chris Huhne have been banned from driving?
  2. By how much had he exceeded the speed limit ? 
  3. Where was he alleged to have been speeding?
  4. Who grassed him up?  (His vindictive ex-wife?  She should be hung out to dry too, in that case, but knowing our matriarchy, she will get off because she is female.)
The fact that the Director of Public Persecution Keir Starmer (who has publicly declared himself to be a Labour supporter) allowed this prosecution makes this whole business stink to heaven.  

Perhaps the men of Britain who are not slut-mothered stupid effeminate degenerate bastards, but who are instead morally courageous, rational and masculine no longer exist in sufficient numbers to fight this tsunami of Advanced Matriarchal Dementia of Liberal SHIT-THINK.

Will have Western Civilisation have pauper's funeral?

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