Thursday, 23 February 2012

The way forward for the English Democrats

The British Empire was an English Empire. The colonised were colonised by the English, not the Scots or the Welsh, who rode on the coat-tails of the English when they acquired their empire.

The idea of Britishness and the incorporation of this national entity called Britain was *entirely* the project and accomplishment of the English, who were once clever and strong enough to do things like this.

Too bad the 21st century Englishman does not even have the historical knowledge or the honesty to admit that to talk up English nationalism is to talk down British nationalism.

The BNP is also an English political party.

It was the English Labour Party who started the slippery slide of devolution into national disintegration. It should be up to the English to sort out this mess, but they are just not up to it now, are they?

They should be ashamed of themselves, but they no longer have any pride and feel no shame.

What is English culture? Stuffing ourselves at Xmas, eating chocolate eggs at East, complaining about foreigners, whingeing about our government, watching footie, TV, sex and shopping.

Oh, and morris dancing for those who fancy this sort of thing.

What is the English psyche? Prevarication, denial, hypocrisy and ingrained cowardice that they no longer have the pride to be ashamed of, endless tolerance of Slut Single Mums and unlimited compassion for the criminal, unproductive, disabled and inadequate . It would be better then if the English go the way of the dodo if that is all they are going to be.

Now that the English have become so contemptibly decadent and emasculated, led by a baby-faced compassionate Conservative who is a warmongering Etonian shit, together with his effeminate and homosexual Cabinet, it is no surprise that the Welsh and Scots want nothing to do with the English.

There are also ancestral hatreds because it cannot be denied that the English did lord it over the Welsh and Scots, and probably did kick them around a bit when they were really Top Dog in the UK.

If the English reformed themselves however, then the Scots and Welsh might want to be British again.  Indeed, the only reason why some of the Muslims become radicalised and start wearing burkas and growing beards is because they wish to dissociate themselves from the depraved and egregious English who are well-known to be worship and be afraid of Slut Single Mums whom they dare not criticise.  They could perhaps reform themselves by uncompromisingly promoting family values supported by marriage, but do these emasculated and effeminate Englishmen dare do this in Slut and Bastard England?

Probably not.

Indeed, Eddy Butler (formerly of the BNP) has told me that I am not being properly English because I uncompromisingly promote family values supported by marriage and regularly criticise Slut Single Mums.

I also know that the manifesto of the English Democrats is drafted in order to avoid criticism and controversy.  This means it is a just the political equivalent of cold porridge.

This is certainly not the kind of effete Englishness any self-respecting foreigner would want to be associated with.   My kind of England would be an England where an Englishman's home is his castle, where eccentric views are tolerated instead of Slut Single Mums and the causes of crime.  My kind of England would an England in which the exercise of free speech is the norm, where people are civil, discreet, sober and proud of being English, not the pitiable Politically Correct sexually incontinent, drink- and drug-addicted obese learning disabled illegitimate, illiterate and innumerate, mentally ill dysfunctional wrecks most of them seem to be these days.

The reason the English are no longer proud of being English any more is because they have nothing to be proud of, except perhaps the cheapness and promiscuity of their females (so cheap and easy that they attract sex predators of all races to prey upon English schoolgirls in English cities with high concentrations of non-white British citizens), the egregious quality of English motherhood and the prevalence of porn, under-aged sex and paedophiles.   Indeed, many English employees and employers now pay the Paedophile Tax that is also called the CRB.

Can Englishmen win their battle against feminist emasculation?  Have they got the guts, brains and balls for it?  Are the English Democrats up to this sort of thing, with their leader who is the antithesis of charisma?

I rather suspect not.   If that is the case then their kind of Englishness is good to neither man nor beast, and certainly not the Englishmen and Englishwomen of England.  


Anonymous said...

I am totally delighted with incredibly blog greatly that warned me. God bless you “Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.” - Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

Claire, I must agree with your conclusions that 'Britishness' is mostly equivalent to Englishness, although it's worth bearing in mind also that Glasgow was known as the second city of British Empire for its shipbuilding and other important industries. It does seem that cultural degeneracy has hit England harder in general than the rest of the UK.