Sunday, 5 February 2012

A way of electing a Dictator for Britain and creating a new state religion

Perhaps we should adopt this kind of election procedure, mutatis mutandis.

  1. All who want to be Dictator of Britain would be herded into the Big Brother House.
  2. All Dictator candidates would have to vote for another dictator other than themselves.
  3. Those who object to the candidate with the most votes may elect to have another vote if they are in the majority.   This can happen ad nauseam ie until it is the case that the majority do not wish to attempt to revise the result and accept the candidate with the most votes in the most recent vote as their leader.   
  4. In the meantime a parallel vote takes place by registered voters observing the candidates who are allowed to change their mind at any time.  The results of the polls will be visible to all candidates in the Big Brother House at all times and would reflect voter preferences in real time.   

It hasn't been tried before and it would make a great TV series, don't you think?

A similar system could be used to elect the Lord Chief Rabbi and the Lord Chief Imam of Britain.   

In the case of the Lord Chief Rabbi, only British Rabbis would be entitled to participate.   

In the case of Lord Chief Imam, only British imams would be entitled to participate.

Once we have both a Lord Chief Rabbi and Imam, the Church of England would be disestablished and a contest to construct a new state religion for the British begin in earnest.  

Once the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chief Rabbi and Imam have finished drafting their version of the new state religion , its doctrines and its forms of worship, they would all three be herded into Big Brother House to choose which of their religions is to be the new state religion of Britain, but be forbidden from voting for their own.

The results of a similar live poll would be made available to them.

This could be a real money spinner for the media.

I like to think that it will not be too much longer before my genius is formally acknowledged by the people of Britain.   

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