Monday, 6 February 2012

Why being female and non-white makes me ideally suited to lead the white nationalist movement

If I were a white alpha male - the kind I would have married - I would be married with children and have a bit of money.  This means I  would be SHIT SCARED of saying anything in case my wife takes it in her head to divorce me on account of my political views, take half my stuff, deprive me my children, and then allow her new lover(s) to possibly sexually abuse or morally corrupt them while she taunts me as I pay for their maintenance when my children are probably as good as dead to me with the way she will be bringing them up.

I mean, can you imagine any white middle class woman putting up with her husband if he shares the views I have and is not shy of expressing them?

I might even pretend all this ain't happening and doesn't apply to me. I may wish to think that the men that this happens to are losers and saddos who had it coming, like the ones in Fathers4Justice.  I might pretend that everything is hunky dory and that the reforms Kenneth Clarke proposes will be adequate and solve the problem for those less fortunate than me.

I might want to just shut up about everything because I really don't want to see what would happen when a UK Family Court with a man-hating female judge held in camera and full of reporting restrictions decides to teach me a lesson I will never forget and destroy my life because I challenged the right of my ex-wife - now the woman I most hate in the world - to make my life a misery and to fuck up the life of the flesh of my flesh and the blood of my blood ...

I like to think I have adequately shown that I feel their pain and am not afraid of speaking my mind.  I like to think I have shown I can walk the walk as well as talk the talk better than they can themselves.

If they think they can find anyone better than Nick Griffin then they should go right ahead.  If not, they have to consider the unpalatable alternative of me, or carry on pretending that what they are doing is more than just occupational therapy.

Only a female and a foreigner can destroy feminism in the West now, so degenerate are the white race, so effeminate are white men, sad to say.

However, I have a feeling that they they actually prefer to become extinct than to explore this idea, tragically.   

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