Saturday, 31 March 2012

By David Jones, Town Council Candidate for Todmorden


(This article is written in my personal capacity and is not intended to represent the British People's Party policy or opinion)

As soon as I heard about ex-Labour, anti-war hard line socialist, George Galloway contesting the Bradford West by-election I immediately wanted to know who the nationalist candidate(s) was. In fact it was suggested by some that I run for the BPP, but having enough to do in Todmorden, and besides being a Lancastrian anyway, I declined. There's always the post of Police Commissioner in November, I suppose.

Anyway the Democratic Nationalists (DN Party) fielded a Sheffield man as a candidate. I've always had a lot of time for the DN Party, despite common objections about that party having a Jewish secretary. They seem to take a realistic, long-term view towards nationalist unity. They've always been happy to let me speak at their meetings alongside nationalists who I consider to command respect, including Andrew Brons MEP, and made me feel welcome. - digression over.

Of course the DN Party, despite putting up a brave fight, they only scored under 2%, but they made some observant conclusions.

The Respect party are not going to rest on their laurels, they are fixing now to make a clean sweep of Bradford Council starting with four Asian wards based upon their sucess in the constituency within Borough they've won. This has the potential to shatter the mould in Bradford, possibly seeing a "Respect Party vs all the others" Council. A kind of left-wing version of what happened with the BNP in Barking & Dagenham, or Burnley if you will.

Of course with this this has not been taken seriously by nationalists in Bradford. I rang Dr. Lewthwaite the day afterwards and he informed me that nobody offered to help the DN's, not one Infidel, not one cXf, nobody. Not one self-styled nationalist "veteran". If these people seriously were into prevening the great Asian Invasion then this would surely have been a good place to begin. Especially for a man who has done so much to promote unity. Which I don't care what antibody's objections about "reactionaries" are, I will support, and encourage others to do likewise.

If you are thinking that Galloway got in because the elders of the ethnic community told their people to vote him in, you'd be wrong. They supported a young, freshly-groomed Muslim put in a smart suit and groomed to be a rising star of Bradford Labour Party. The Asian youth said to their elders, "we'll vote for who we like mate" and voted Galloway. The only man in the election now wearing a shiny new suit.

The Conservative candidate was the Cameron equivalent of a "Blair babe", who Central Party will be parading around to appeal to feminists, and make up the quota on female MP's.

The UKIP campaign was a typically expensive, well-financed, lavish affair. A-boards, billboards, telephone boxes and suchlike. They got only around a thousand votes. Again another smart alec in a shiny suit with a big wallet. Ditto the Liberal Democrats.

So there we have it, it seems Ahmed your average bus conductor with ten children has no time for shiny suits and big wallets (unless its the big wallet of Socialism).

Neither has the voter on the Council estate. People, black, brown and white, it seems are all tired of the slick politician, they want the old school of politician - the fire and brimstone kind - in inner Bradford they want what is considered "old Labour".

Down in the more south, and in the rural areas the reaction would be just as strong in favour of a "traditional old-style Tory", David Davis springs to mind. In short they want controversial, what you see is what you get, irreverent, non-centrist old fashioned politics, none of this namby-pamby rubbish.

And George Galloway's success proves that. And he has a consistent record of actively opposing the pointless wars our government is waging too - albeit for the wrong reasons. If you don't like a pro-Muslim/Marxist getting elected for being an irreverent, charismatic firebrand opposed getting elected on an anti-war ticket then either:

-Stand as a pro-white, anti-war, charismatic firebrand, and claim that territory for nationalism.

-Instead of calling Galloway a "tosser" on Facebook. Actually help men like Dr. Lewthwaite.

-Stop wasting my time pretending you have two braincells and care about our future.

If it sounds like I'm congratulating the new MP for Bradford West, I kind of am. Judging by the angry drivel of recent internet traffic, I am the first to admit the best man won, the only other I know of being blogger Claire Khaw. Why can nobody see that things are changing and people want men of character and intelligence, not merely battle-scars and dogma. Am I the only one on the radical right to recognize this?

And George, I even forgive you for calling me personally an "illiterate fascist moron" on your radio programme.

David Jones,
Todmorden, East Lancashire.

How to popularise Islam by bribing the Islamophobe to read the Koran

Non-Muslims ONLY are allowed to enter this essay competition.

NOTE TO GENEROUS MUSLIM SPONSORS OF THIS PRIZE: The Wolfson Prize is offering £250,000.

Entrants would deal with the following questions.

  1. Is the Koran is the best available guide to humanity?
  2. If you think so, please give reasons.
  3. If not, why not?
  4. Is there in your opinion a better guide to humanity?
  5. If you think there is a better guide, name this other better guide and demonstrate its superiority.

I propose that I, an atheist with BNP connections, be the judge for this prize, to give this prize MAXIMUM PUBLICITY.

This is of course BLATANT BRIBERY, but it will work a treat with down-at-heel atheist liberal feminist Islamophobic writers and journalists worried about their jobs, mortgages, school fees, inflation etc.

Do as I recommend NOW, before the EDL and its other mutations come and get you!

NOW is the chance to show that Islam is part of the solution, and not the problem.  

Friday, 30 March 2012

More arrant nonsense by Ed West though his heart's in the right place

I will admit that I resent Ed West for being paid to write his incoherent rubbish, while my clarity and boldness are deliberately ignored by a cowed and cowardly liberal media.

West has told us not to blame Islam for our problems, but takes great care to balance it out with the usual half-truths and would please the typical Telegraph reader, who are just a more sophisticated version of the Islamophobic Mail reader, but with a wider vocabulary.

Let me go through the passages one by one and tell you the ways in which I find his reasoning flawed.

Conservatism’s obsession with Islam is partly a reaction to multiculturalism, which holds that all religions are basically the same. This is untrue, as anyone with even a middling understanding of history can appreciate: the current moral order that emerged from the West, the world of the Enlightenment, the UN and human rights, stems from Christianity. No other religion could have produced it – not Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism, because none have Christianity’s concept of the individual. Christianity is essentially a union of Hellenic and Hebrew civilisations, the greatest marriage that ever took place.

What has clearly  happened is that the West plagiarised from Islam and then forget where it had got most of its goodies from eg the university.

When Ed West gets off his high horse of cultural chauvinism and ventures to read the Koran he may one day acknowledge this fact.

Islam improved upon Judaism and Christianity and then itself slowly lost its marbles the way the West is losing them now.   It seems that all civilisations become likes this after a brief spell of imperialism and affluenza.  The US constitution is being flouted and, though it is much shorter than the Koran, the big fat stupid yanks have not noticed.  If they have noticed they do not care.  If they care they do not know who to vote for to remedy the situation. details the examples of the US government flouting its own constitution in rather the same way that Muslims do not read their own holy book because they are too busy stuffing their faces, getting laid, watching TV, going shopping etc.

Islam, in contrast, lacks not just Western concepts of the individual but also Christianity's historic separation of the state and religion. There is also no doubt that Islam has a very ambiguous attitude to violence in its name.

Clearly, the religion of Peace and War were not as hypocritical as Christianity in pretending that Christians never go to war, divorce their spouses, take slaves or run brothels.   It did not pretend that these things never happened with Muslims, and had instead acknowledged the existence such practices in order to regulate it, unlike the hypocritical Christians, who pretended to be so holier than thou that they were somehow above it all.   While they were busily pretending that Christians never go to war, divorce their spouses take slaves or run brothels, all sorts of terrible abuses took place.  

There is a reason why Christianity and Hypocrisy are so often associated like Horse and Carriage and go hand in hand.

Muslims certainly don't go around destabilising and invading other people's countries to rob them of their oil while pretending it is for their own good and for the sake of human rights

The reason why the Church had to be separated from the State was because Christianity was such a stupid vicious totalitarian religion that the Europeans only became civilised after they started ignoring most of it.

I bet Ed didn't know you could lose your job just for denying the Trinity until as recently as 1813.

I bet he has no idea what the Trinity is either.   Most Christians don't.   The Nicene creed is something their priests get them to repeat, stupidly and uncomprehendingly, at church services.

They do not tell them that if they don't really believe that Christ is also God Himself, they are not Christians and would go to HELL.  This is because the Anglican Church just wants bums on pews.

If you spoke to a non-Western Christian, they would understand the bargain better, because they would proclaim to you: "Christ is Lord, Christ is Lord!"   They would have been told that they if they do not believe this they would go to hell.  Clearly, you cannot say this sort of thing to some liberalised feminist Westerners and still expect them to turn up to church, so they don't talk about this sort of thing these days.

Guess what, Ed?  Islam denies the Trinity.   Bet Ed didn't know that either.

But it affirms the Virgin Birth.   Why, Ed, why?   Cos it is schmoozing the Christians and going half way to meet them.

As for the separation of Church and State that Westerners think is so clever and civilised, this needed to be done in order to stop totalitarian Christian dogma from contaminating Western thought and dragging it back into the Dark Ages again.

It would be fine to infuse the UK legal system with Koranic principles, as far as I am concerned.  This is because the Koran is good enough to be interpreted literally.  

No, no, no, Ed would cry.   But which verse in the Koran do you find so objectionable?  To this I expect a silence, because you can be sure that Ed has not read the Koran, no, not even The Koran for Dummies.

I haven't read it myself, but it might be a good substitute for people who haven't read the Koran and are too scared to 

Since he has not read the Koran he will know nothing about 2:256 either - "There is no compulsion in belief."  (This means that there should be no totalitarian thoughtcrime legislation, by the way.   Does Ed know of any totalitarian thoughtcrime legislation?  I doubt he would recognise it even if it came up to him and spat in his face.)

The huge movements of recent years have made Islam and Christianity an anchor of identity to people in Europe. The EDL are essentially a Christianist group, but the sentiments behind sectarianism and nationalism are the same. One cannot blame sectarianism on religion any more than one can blame nationalism on language – it just is. (It’s not as if the Shankill butchers were forever discussing Calvin and Luther on their nights out.)

I have no idea what he is trying to say here.  Does anyone?  The EDL is a "Christianist" Party?  What the fuck does that mean?  Is he saying the EDL are regular church-goers?  If so, I have news for him.

As Christopher Caldwell once put it: “Islam is a magnificent religion that has also been, at times over the centuries, a glorious and generous culture. But, all cant to the contrary, it is in no sense Europe’s religion and in no sense Europe’s culture.”

Neither was Christianity part of Europe's culture, once upon a time, when Ancient Britons painted themselves blue and worshipped pagan deities.

Who is this Caldwell person that West quotes with such reverence?  I looked him up.

Caldwell's 2009 book Reflections on the Revolution In Europe has been accused of stoking Islamophobia, or what The Guardian refers to as a "culture of fear"

Another confused and incoherent piece, just like the last one I took apart at  What a shame I cannot have this job.  The Telegraph is too scared to hire me, probably, though I guarantee that its readers will be much better informed and clearer thinkers if I became a Telegraph blogger.

Perhaps the Telegraph Editor Tony Gallagher will have a look at my blogs to see if I am the kind of writer his readers would enjoy. has my entries that did not make the Orwell Prize longlist because Suzanne Moore hates me.

Why does she hate me? explains.

Nick Griffin fears to comment on Liam Stacey's disproportionate punishment - BNP not fit for puropse

Liam Stacey - a white male student - was sentenced on 28 March for 56 days because he sent offensive tweets about a black footballer.

Nick "la partie c'est moi" Griffin and the BNP website has said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the subject.

If that is not evidence enough that he, his vassals and villeins are really not fit for the purpose of opposition, then I don't know what is.

Do NOT vote BNP if you are a nationalist.

Vote for any Eurosceptic party in the GLA elections - UKIP, NF - but don't vote BNP, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A NATIONALIST.

Nationalists should tell this man in no uncertain terms what they really really think of him and his leadership and the way he has run the party as if it were his own personal fiefdom by voting UKIP or NF, even as they hold their noses.

My first choice candidate will be Ken because I despise liberal warmongering, and prefer him to a piece of gutless Etonian shit who needs a haircut.

I shall have to hold my nose and vote UKIP even if they are a bunch lily-livered tossers who won't have me in their party because they like to pretend I am racist because I was once a member of the BNP.   (This is actually ultra vires of their constitution.  For those who are not familiar with Latin, this means that the UKIP constitution does not give the the powers to do this, and their prohibition against even former members of political parties they disapprove of means they have exceeded the powers of the rule they relied on which is explained at

Rodney Atkinson (brother of Rowan "Mr Bean" Atkinson), whom I saw last Friday will be the first to agree with me about the corruption of UKIP.

Everything I have proposed is RACIALLY NEUTRAL and LIBERTARIAN because it involves the repealing of an existing Act of Parliament. is where you find more of my thrillingly radical political ideas that will send a shiver down your spine.

I am also a Civic Nationalist (who wishes to devise and follow policies that are only for the National Interest, and never the personal or party interest) who wishes to question, challenge and finally laugh feminism right out of the room.     

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Jeffrey Marshall not on BNP Top Up list for GLA

Poor Jeffrey Marshall.  He didn't make the BNP GLA Top Up list because he is apparently too controversial, and also because he is associated with me, probably.  He has been known to wonder out loud in a philosophical discussion the point of keeping alive a child as disabled as David Cameron's late son Ivan who could not walk, talk or feed himself.

The detail of how the thread developed can be found at

I think it is probably because he is perceived as too much of a threat to the Chairman.

Jeffrey is not the typical BNP type.  He wears a suit, tie and glasses and has been known to visit London synagogues on  not because he is a Jew, but because he is interested in architecture.  Sadly however, this is not an explanation that would make sense to most ordinary members of the BNP who cannot imagine themselves wanting to visit a synagogue out of cultural curiosity.  They will doubtless think that anyone who has these odd cultural interests must be part of the establishment or is in some way not kosher.

Sadly for Jeffrey, he looked very Jewish with the skull cap he had to put on because he was not wearing a hat, and you cannot enter a synagogue with your head uncovered if you are a man.

Jeffrey Marshall at Nelson Street Synagoue with Leon Silver  as a *visitor* and not a Jew during Open House London in September 2011

I suppose it was possible for Jeffrey to tie four knots in his handkerchief and then put that on his head, but it would only have offended our Jewish hosts.
He can string a few sentences together, has musical and literary interests as well as a rather scholarly manner, and read Philosophy and History at Canterbury.  There is something about him that reminds me of a vicar who supports the LibDems.  For these reasons, it seems, he is considered unfit to represent the party by Nick Griffin.

How low, how low, how low can you get, to keep good people down just because you think they might somehow be seen to be a potential leadership contender if you gave them too many opportunities to show what they are made of?

If I were leader, I would be delighted to have talented people in it, and I would certainly not marginalise them for dishonourable reasons, to the detriment of The Cause.

Nick Griffin does not think of the BNP as a party with political objectives.  He is only concerned to cling to it at all costs, so he can pass it on to his daughter Jennifer when it is time for him to retire. Does this remind you of a certain dynastic succession of father and son leaders in North Korea?  Well, that is what Nick Griffin has turned the party into.   He is the feudal lord and its activists are his vassals and villeins.

What the party desperately needs is a makeover from its CHAV image and to acquire intellectual and moral respectability.   Having the courage to discuss difficult topics without fear or favour would help.  All this costs NOTHING, but it is not to be, because Jeffrey Marshall has not made the Top Up list and I have been expelled and am now blocked on Twitter by Nick Griffin ....

If I were leader of the party I would regard IMAGE and IDEOLOGY as the most important tasks to be sorted out before the next election.

I would also want to finally resolve the debate between Ethno-Nationalism and Civic Nationalism to the satisfaction of both parties, and believe I can do it.

I believe David Jones of the British People's Party is considering this idea with some interest.

David Jones at the Tate Britain with Josef Stalin

I just hope I can convince him that going civic does not mean you do not care about your people.  It just means you have grown out of being rude to and about other races as way of defining your beliefs and are considering using more rewarding TACTICS.  It is not a change of heart, but a change of TACTICS.

If being an Ethno just means you talk publicly and repeatedly about conducting a pogrom the moment you come to power, or of making the ones allowed to stay second class citizens, it hasn't worked, has it?

If all you ever do is all you ever did, then all you'll get is all you ever got - defeat and disappointment.

Those of you who know me already know I am good with words and ideas.  Once you let me represent you, we really will go from strength to strength, but only if you support me and the people who support me.  The ball is now in YOUR court.

If you like anything of what I have said and done then it is your duty to speak about this to another nationalist.  That is ALL I ask you to do.   For the moment.  

Why oh why oh why did Nick Griffin block me from following his tweets?

I am sorry, but I just cannot get over the fact that Nick Griffin has blocked me from following his tweets.!/nickgriffinmep

I never annoyed him or tweeted at him or anything, and now I find myself being treated like a pariah by a pariah.  It is really is too much and is the unkindest cut of all!

Understandably perhaps, I whinged pathetically to my BNP buddies asking them why oh why oh why the Chairman is behaving in this hurtful way towards me, just like those many many lady writers from the Guardian who have taken a dislike to me because, by questioning feminism repeatedly and frequently, I have committed lese majeste as far as they are concerned.

Here are the answers so far:

27 March 2012
"He is afraid of you.  Feel the power"  

28 March 2012
"As I said to you last night, Griff is afraid of you.  You can quote me on that as I had many discussions with him about you and he felt intimidated by you and told me that a woman with your intellect would make him feel inferior."  
29 March 2012
"Twitter followers appear on a list and they don't want to be associated with your ideas prior to an election?"

A most unorthodox Orthodox Rabbi commends civil partnerships to all!

40:41 is when the Rabbi Zvi Solomons speaks.

I was somewhat confused because people are very upset, particularly religious people about allowing same sex marriages and I think it would be much better if everyone got hitched, as it were, using civil partnerships and allowed the religions to decide for each religious group who is actually getting married because that would avoid some of the controversy over this particular issue.
Jenni Murray:

So are you suggesting that a Register Office joining should be for everybody regardless of whether they are gay or heterosexual be a civil partnership and then if you're religious you go and call it marriage?

Rabbi Solomons:

Yes, originally marriage was under religious auspices and it was only I think in the 19th century that it became a state matter and that's why one looks in the books of Registers of Marriage in churches going back hundreds of years ago, if your doing genealogical research.

Basically, Rabbi Solomons is saying that both same-sex and heterosexual couples should be civilly partnered and their civil partnership converted into marriage subsequently by a religious ceremony.

However, making the civil partnership the default option for everyone would be tantamount to making EVERYONE do the GAY THING.  After all, the civil partnership was once FOR GAY PEOPLE ONLY.

Let us hope that this is not the thin end of the wedge leading to the practice compulsory sodomy by all couples, including heterosexual couples at all times, that will lead inevitably to the extinction of the human race. would indicate that Jews at one time stoned homosexuals to death and was the first Abrahamic faith to be what liberals these days would call homophobic, presumably to avoid becoming like us.

Perhaps stating views like this, for a rabbi - no less, is merely indicative of the fact that even Jews can "go native" and be corrupted by the prevailing ethos of atheist liberal feminist sexual licence, in a land where Slut Single Mums cannot be criticised and have taken the form of an unofficial but fearsome pagan deity.

I therefore think the Rabbi has been a very naughty and heretical rabbi indeed today. Just as well the Jews don't believe in hell.

I do hope that the Chief Rabbi keeps an eye on Rabbi Solomons or his congregation may well find themselves worshiping a Golden Calf before too long, if they're not careful!

My proposed talk on Nakba Day (15 May 2012) for the British Nationalist Friends of Palestine

How gratifying to be told that a member of the London Forum (whose meeting was disrupted by the Reds at Hope Not Hate on 24 March) that he reads my blogs daily.

How very sweet of him to say that he hopes I clear up the misunderstanding with Jez Turner now that it has become quite clear that I could not have divulged the venue of the meeting to the Reds if I never had that information to begin with because he never told me where it was before telling me to stay away "pending investigations".

When Jez told me to stay away he said that my invitation to speak on Nakba Day for the Friends of Palestine still stood, but I wonder now.

Were he to renew or refresh the invitation, I shall, being the easygoing forgiving sort of woman that I am, accept that as an implied apology for wrongly accusing me of ratting on them to the Reds.

I know they are supposed to be a bit racist, but I don't think the motive can be racial because they must have noticed that I was not Caucasian at the first meeting I attended.  Jez already knew my race before the first meeting and still he sent me a second invitation.

There is therefore no explanation at all for their behaviour and I am still at a loss as to why they have taken such a sudden dislike to me.  They really were being perfectly friendly and charming to me before.

I am after all well aware that nationalism is fetid with paranoia and backstabbing.  I am not the only one who was suspected either.  The fact is that anyone who stands out or is a bit odd will find themselves excluded for spurious reasons.  If that is the way they are going to play things, may I suggest that they have a formal procedure of blackballing unwanted prospective members the way they do in gentlemen's clubs, even if they are not quite gentlemen?

Gentlemen would presumably would have asked me directly if I had been guilty of whatever I was suspected  of and allowed me to answer the charges.

Gentlemen would either withdraw those charges or judge me guilty, but even now I have not heard from Jez Turner on the outcome of those "investigations" he mentioned were taking place.

It is just too bad that British nationalists seem incapable of grasping the rudiments of dealing honourably with people, even people they do no longer want to attend their meetings for unspecified reasons.

I would have thought I would receive an explanation by now, but not a bit of it.  I guess they liked me at the first meeting and something happened between the first and second meeting that made them take a dislike to me.  Perhaps it is something to do with the views I expressed in my blogs rather than my race.   I just wouldn't mind an official explanation for my exclusion, that's all.   .

I was recently blackballed from the Kingston Debating Society so I already know the procedure.

Ballot Balls Box, used to exclude unwanted prospective members

If the invitation to speak on 15 May still stands as Jez assured me it did on Saturday, the following would be the gist of it, but I rather doubt it now.


1) A secular Israel is a fraud and perceived as colony of the West in a sea of hostile Arab nations seething with injured Arab nationalism.

2) Most Israelis would leave Israel if it became a rabbinical theocracy imposing death by stoning eg breaking the Sabbath, leaving enough land to share with Palestinian Arabs, obviating the need for a divisive two-state solution.

3) Religious Israelis who feel they have to go with theocratic Israel will realise that a theocracy run under Koranic principles is the only viable one because it acknowledges Judaism and Christianity as foundations Islam was built on.

4) A Koranic theocracy in Israel would allow Israelis peaceful enjoyment of Israel and allow it to have better relations with its neighbours and the rest of the world. 

An Islamic theocracy would give Christians and Jews a more assured status because the Koran acknowledges that Islam is built on foundations of Judaism and Christianity while Jews would have trouble with Jesus (because he caused them so much trouble), Christians would have trouble with Jews (because they had Jesus killed) and trouble with Muslims (because they deny the Trinity). Muslims on the other hand give Jews and Christians special status ie "People of the Book" and acknowledges their prophets. 

I had in mind Israeli judiciary of any faith administering law infused with Koranic principles after passing an exam in Koranic Knowledge.

I ran the idea past Rabbi Zvi Solomons of Reading who is my Facebook friend, and he was horrified at the idea of Rule by Rabbi even though he is one himself.  That was very odd, I thought, but I think he just doesn't want a theocracy.   The Rabbi was actually on Woman's Hour today.

40:41 is when the Rabbi speaks. As you can see, even if he is an Orthodox Rabbi, he has the most Unorthodox views!  It pains me to say this, but I strongly suspect the Rabbi of having "gone native" and is no longer in touch with the fundamental principles of his own religion.

If the London Forum don't want me I would still be happy to speak at Jewish, Christian and Muslim groups, but preferably to a mixed audience.  

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Government prefers to blame social networks rather than SSMs for riots, threatening free speech

We know who is in power by those we cannot criticise, and we cannot criticise Slut Single Mums.

Instead, the "independent" panel headed by Darra Singh says social networks are to blame.  Guess what sort of effect that would have on our free speech?

What a shame that the BNP will not be backing me on this, but then Nick Griffin never backs a good nationalist cause if it is not about the glorification of himself, does he?.

There could be an online campaign by the BNP to challenge the arrogant and assumed Orwell Prize Left Liberal bias against even considering my entry because of my nationalist associations. Suzanne Moore seems to think that my attempt to question the integrity of the Orwell Prize is as futile as it is to question the right of rain to fall.

Oh, but wait, a young white man was imprisoned yesterday for 56 days for tweeting offensively about a black football player who was taken ill.

What a shame Nick Griffin has also blocked me from following him on Twitter, presumably to show his disapproval of all I say and do and to dissociate himself from me.  I wonder what he is afraid of.

There also seems to be a concerted attempt to marginalise and traduce me as an informant over the weekend.  I was supposed to have divulged the venue of the 24 March London Forum meeting to Hope Not Hate.  This is so even when the organiser Jez Turner knows that he at no time told me the venue before he informed me that I was to stay away from the meeting "pending investigations".

In a way I welcome such frenzied attacks from nationalists.  This would suggest that they think I am getting too powerful and must be crushed before I take over the entire movement, which is actually rather flattering.

Just imagine - all these scary Nazi Fascist Racist extremists apparently afraid of little old me!

Perhaps Nick Griffin is afraid of the fact that even the most racial of nationalists know that my intentions are honourable and that I am prepared to stick my neck out to say the things that need to be said, while they quiver and quake at the sidelines, with the exception of David Jones.  David Jones is a leading member of British People's Party who are hardline ethno-nationalists, as a quick glance at their policies will demonstrate.

He has hinted that he may be prepared to work with me.  We are after all the perfect combination of

  • town and country
  • man and woman
  • north and south
  • the minutiae of local politics and the structured construction of nationalist ideology
  • ethno nationalism and civic nationalism

British nationalism as it stands is an ideological vacuum, and we know that Nature abhors a vacuum.

It appears that only I have the ideas and the determination to redefine nationalism in a racially neutral way that favours all who have the work ethic (and by this I include all Asian shopkeepers who are socially conservative and hate the very idea of gay marriage), especially those who reject the statist policies of our so-called liberal establishment and their myriad thoughtcrime and hate-speech laws. shows Nick Griffin determined not to tweet about whether Liam Stacey deserves a 56 day imprisonment.  Is the reason for this cowardice, ignorance or sloth?  Who knows.

Is the BNP these days fit for the purposes of challenging the policies of the liberal establishment?  Is Nick Griffin fit to lead it?  I would say no to both.

If you back me, there is just a chance we can absorb both the BNP and UKIP by the next election.

If you do not, then clearly you and I are precisely nothing and will remain precisely nothing, until the LibLabCon completely destroys the country with its demented policies and its hypocrisy and cowardice while the divided parties who oppose them knock six bells out of each other.

Your choice.

Your choice to help me form a party that is not afraid to challenge the status quo with all my strength and spirit.

Back me if you want to see change in your lifetime.   The liberal establishment is now rotten to the core and only I know how to play the system and win, even under their rules.

I will show you that it is possible to be both a Nationalist and a Libertarian.  It is my considered view that fewer laws and lower taxes are in the long term national interest.

Suzanne Moore, judge for Orwell Prize for blogging, admits ideological bias!/suzanne_moore/status/184987406661988352

  no campaign. Claire Khaw is BNP agent in Tower Hamlets so no I did not shortlist her blog.

Bloggers longlisted for Orwell Prize for blogging 2012 deemed to be better than Claire Khaw by Liberal Left cabal running it

Compare my ten submissions at

to the bland Liberal Left approved stuff at

Both Hopi Sen and Suzanne Moore - this year's judges for blogging - have Labour Party associations, so they are bound to want to marginalise me for my nationalist associations.  

Indeed, Suzanne Moore even started an online campaign to get people to block me from following them on Twitter.

Surprise, surprise - Claire Khaw not longlisted for the Orwell Prize for blogging

Dear writer, 

Thank you for entering the Orwell Prize 2012. Unfortunately your entry was not successful on this occasion. 

With a record number of entrants for all three categories, the Judges faced a particularly difficult challenge in selecting the longlists. There were many wonderful books, great journalists and brilliant bloggers not selected. 

In celebration of the excellent writing that we received this year, we would like to invite you to a shortlist debate we are hosting on corruption in sport on 24th April at 6.30pm in The Boardroom of Westminster University, Regent Street, London W1B 2UW. More details to follow soon. 

Best wishes, Katriona Lewis | Administrator, The Orwell Prize  0207 229 5722 | | 5/7 Vernon Yard | Portobello Road | London W11 2DX'What I have most wanted to do... is to make political writing into an art' | George Orwell | 

Nick Griffin MEP has blocked me from following him on Twitter

I am rather nonplussed at this since I never tweet at him and have never gone out of my way to annoy him.  I don't even write on his Facebook page.

I guess it is a way of showing his disapproval of me.   This discovery was made yesterday evening.

I guess he is in good company with all the liberals who have taken a dislike to me.

Orwell Prize Longlist Announcement today - no prizes for guessing who won't be on it

Dear all,

Thank you for your entry to the 2012 Orwell Prize. We received a record number of submissions; 264 books, 140 journalists and 226 bloggers submitted work. Our judges have been busy reading since the New Year and they’re finally nearing a decision.

The longlists will be announced next Wednesday 28th March at midday. At this time you shall receive an email notifying you of our decision.

The entrants make the Prize what it is and we do hope that you will continue to enact Orwell’s vision of turning ‘political writing into an art’.

If you should have any questions you can contact me on I have taken over administration from Gavin Freeguard and look forward to getting to know you all.
Good luck and best wishes,

Katriona Lewis | Administrator, The Orwell Prize
0207 229 5722 | | 5/7 Vernon Yard | Portobello Road | London W11 2DX

'What I have most wanted to do... is to make political writing into an art' | George |

Last year it was a rather more public event as can be seen at compared to this secret event that no one is invited to this year as can be seen at

Third video from the top 9:48 at 6:34, David Allen Green says

"Yes, there is a perception that the Orwell Prize has a leftist approach ...."

then lots of canting prating shit about Orwell wanting to "correct injustice" (but only as defined by leftists like him).   Graeme Archer the civilly partnered homosexual who writes for Conservative Home (that nest of so-called Conservatives who wish to conserve the liberal status quo and whose leader supports "gay marriage", no less) won.  Dan Hannan who is not quite gay enough because he has a wife and children did not.

Last year they at least went through the motions of appearing to be impartial by having, I was going to say, two judges who were not Labour Party supporters.

I then checked and it came back to me that one of them was David Allen Green who actually admitted in his speech that the Orwell Prize was Left Liberal.  The other was Gaby Hinsliff, former political editor of The Guardian on Sunday.

Well, I guess they were never going to like my stuff.

Radical Right bloggers are automatically and easily excluded, because if you have not heard of some unknown blogger you are not going to ring and ask indignantly "Why hasn't Claire Khaw made the longlist?"

This  year, however, you can.

Notice that all the winners of the blogging prizes have been Left Liberal.   Last year's winner was Graeme Archer who writes for Conservative Home admittedly, but then he is known to be gay and in a civil  partnership.

If the only way of winning the prize if you are associated with the Conservative Party is to be gay then I will say I am a lesbian.  I have been hinting as much on Twitter and Facebook.  I am sure I said a few suggestive things to Suzanne Moore who is one of the judges this year when we were still Facebook friends, before she unfriended me.

I seem to remember offering to go round to hers to kiss better some marks on her neck that looked like love bites when she was asking her Facebook friends to look at those marks.

Later, I noticed that Nyta Mann (who works for the BBC) who was also her Facebook friend and formerly my friend were bad mouthing me.   Nyta Mann might recollect a few failed attempts on my part to seduce her.   So there.   I am not just making up my sexual orientation to win the Orwell Prize.!/nytamann

I also allowed the lesbian journalist Julie Bindel to kiss me once or twice and responded appropriately ie by kissing her back.!/bindelj

Last year Suzanne Moore blocked me from following her on Twitter and started a campaign to tell others to do the same.

The other judge this year is Hopi Sen, who once worked for the  Labour Party.

No prizes for guessing who is NOT getting on the longlist again this year, even if my stuff is the most cutting-edge and radical form of political blogging, that demonstrates the art of my political writing.

So there you are, folks, there you are.

If you care for free speech and the integrity of the Orwell Prize, you now know who to ring to make your complaints.   The Orwell Prize is not owned by the Liberal Left.  If it is, it should not be.

Do not let them dominate the limits of political discourse, which are now very very narrow indeed.

Yesterday, a young white man was jailed for 56 days for sending offensive tweets about the black footballer Fabrice Muamba.   Has Muamba become God and has a law been passed forbidding blasphemy against our new British God Muamba?   If so, nobody told me or Liam Stacey.

I also want to say how sorry I am that Gavin Freeguard is no longer the administrator, but he has moved on to better things and is now political adviser to Harriet Harman.  Even when he must  have been privately appalled at my views, he was always  perfectly polite and charming to me.

You can read my submissions for this year's Orwell Prize for blogging at

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Does Jez Turner of the London Forum think I can read minds from afar?

He and the committee members of the London Forum apparently believe I have powers of telepathy.  It seems he thinks I have the ability to know the venue of a meeting even if no one has told it to me, for he is blaming me for giving this information to the Reds at Hate Not Hope, who then caused the meeting to be aborted.

I am prepared to swear on my mother's life that he never told me where the venue for the London Forum Meeting on Saturday 24 March was, nor did anyone else.

Is he prepared to swear on his mother's life though?

If that was not the real reason then perhaps he would like to tell me what the real reason is.

What fools and knaves they are, and what despicable cowards and hypocrites.  Is this an example of the treachery of the white man?

Surely Jez Turner and his anonymous committee members can get it together to give me an OFFICIAL reason or make out the charges against me, just for the sake of good order?

Yes, I do actually know that these days appealing to the English sense of fair play will only generate a puzzled frown, even in elderly white-haired white men who are old enough to have heard about such a thing.

It does look like the entire white race of Britain is now suffering from a kind of dementia, and have forgotten their moral rules, traditions and what it was that made the British once admired by the rest of the world.

Alfred the Great was great because he was good, but I bet these nationalists have forgotten all about that because they are too busy whingeing about the Jews.

If you behave well towards the people on your side in your tribe or in your gang, then you are more likely to be united against an external enemy.  

If you exclude anyone with any potential on your own side because you think they might threaten your position, then your group will get smaller and smaller until it becomes extinct.

Perhaps living in Paedo Bastard Britain induces a kind of collective Alzheimer's in the white race.

Well, call me racist if you want, but I want to help the white race who appears to be beyond help, because, even if the situation is quite hopeless, I feel it is only right to try and to keep trying, in the face of treachery and ingratitude in the very race you are trying to help.   If I want to help the white race, then I believe that would make me an ethno-nationalist.

I do not even expect gratitude from these treacherous white men for I do what I do for all the other white people I actually admire and respect, some of whom are no longer alive as well as the good people of other races who also recognise that the morals of the white man are now dangerously corrupted because of the immorality of their women who now wield much too much power.

By helping others, we help ourselves.    

If you can be a Zionist without being a Jew, then you can be a white nationalist without being white.

You can also be quite keen on saving the whales without being a whale yourself.

Monday, 26 March 2012

SKINS for scummy slummy shitty pissy British teens

Degenerate drug-taking drug-dealing sexually promiscuous teens now role models for  the YOOF  of Britain, courtesy of Channel 4.  Why are they doing this?  Cos they is liberals at C4 and all British media are liberal and liberals like doing this sort of SHIT and rubbing our faces in their shit, just cos they can.   And don't you forget it.

How about this for aversion therapy?

Just get ugly old fat bald people with bad skin and bad teeth doing and saying exactly the same sort of SHIT these teen fuckers do.  Then maybe you too will start gagging and wanting to puke at this fine example of British degeneracy and depravity.

Bring on the revolution.  Bring on the fucking Islamic revolution to wash away this SHIT.

I only watched this because I read

Dakota Blue Richards (What kind of stupid shit name is that?  Is she trying to pull the same trick as River Phoenix?  Maybe she should call herself River Thames or Green Avon Lady to give herself more of an English flavour, instead of blindly aping stupid Hollywood shit.  River Wye Oh Wye Oh Wye is also a pretty good name) was in the Evening Standard reclining suggestively with a come fuck me look in her eyes.  Nice fucking mum of hers to sell her little girl into teen porn and then divorce her husband.  What did she say to her husband?  "I've got our lovely daughter working as a teen porn star, so you can fuck off now"?  Maybe they had a disagreement about the sex scenes their daughter had to play?  Maybe dad didn't want daughter to be a teen slut porn star but mum did, and he was given his marching orders for daring to voice his opinion concerning the flesh of his flesh performing squalid sex acts on TV, probably.  was the episode I watched.

Let us examine the character of Franky.  You let your daughter behave like that and she will soon be dead meat as well as raped meat.  I didn't know who that lorry driver who kept picking her up was.  Would you encourage your daughter to go hitch-hiking and accept lifts from lorry drivers?

Not if you loved her, but maybe you want to fuck off out of the house cos she is just getting in the way, cramping your style and costing you money?   Then make her watch SKINS and tell her to accept lifts from lorry drivers.   Joan Rivers once joked about her mother who hated her so much when she was a child that she told her to accept sweets from strangers, so there you go.

If you HATE your teen daughter, well, you know what to do now.   "Would you like the box set for SKINS for your birthday, darling?"

"You know that to be a success in life you just do all the sexy nasty things they all do and you'll be all right, my girl!  Get yourself a drug habit and knocked up, for good measure."

If you have a look at  you will see that the programme makers are cashing in on this orgy of teen sluttery and depravity and hired people to pretend to be these characters.  Whom do you think will wish to follow these characters on Facebook and Twitter?  Adults with jobs, or teens?

Oh, but teens are warned that they cannot watch it unless they are 18 (because of "adult content and strong language, you must be 18 to proceed"), and we know how biddable and law-abiding teens are in Britain, don't we?

Just think, all these schoolchildren teens doing their GCSEs and A levels turned on to SKINS when they are not shooting, knifing, fucking and knocking up each other after doing their homework and studying for their exams.   How long have they been watching it?  Oh, as soon as they started secondary school, probably.

What does SKINS mean?  Foreskins of the penises teen sluts suck?  Rizlas they use for rolling joints?  I am just too old and out of it to know, these days.

"the character of Franky Fitzgerald — an androgynous, super-intelligent wild-child who has a cult following on Twitter"

The use of the word "androgynous" means there is lots of girl-on-girl action, boys and girls!

Nice, nice, nice.   But that's what mums are in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland these days.   Nowadays, Dakota Blue Richards and her mum are considered respectable, nice and normal, and don't you forget it.

O tempora!  O mores!

PS tells you about the kind of people who write for SKINS and states clearly that its target audience, ie TEENS, are pretty much the only people watching it.   Adults who like a lot of sexual content in their TV viewing tend to watch slightly more intelligent, realistic and explicit stuff like THE SOPRANOS, or maybe COUGAR TOWN if you are female.  

Why is Channel 4 so bent on corrupting the morals of our youth?   But I don't think they will engage on this one, somehow.  While they know the definition of what is a "youth" or "teen", I rather doubt any of them have any idea about morality beyond the usual PC shit about not saying things that could be found offensive by women, other races, the disabled, the wrongly aged and LGBTs.

If an Islamic revolution is what it takes to cleanse so many decades and layers of encrusted stinking liberal SHIT, then bring it on.

How I would deal with the relentless intimidation of nationalists by Searchlight and Hate Not Hope

Instead of scapegoating the people who still attend my meetings on the grounds that they stand out or are considered odd by the others, I would do as follows:

  1. Publicise the speakers and venue of the next meeting once I have got a venue.
  2. Apologise to people who want to come to the meeting for failing to find a venue because Hate Not Hope and Searchlight always manage to intimidate publicans into not hiring their function rooms to me.
  3. Denounce CAMRA who show no inclination of defending free speech, but who have instead been hijacked by feminist anti-smokers who want to destroy free speech and to turn every pub into a place in which any woman or foreigner would feel comfortable entering.   Why are they turning pubs (which used to be the retreat for white heterosexual men who want to get away from their women) into places for women, children, foreigners and LGBTs?   "As well as the quality of the real ale other factors such as sympathy with CAMRA's aims, service and welcome, clientele mix, atmosphere and value for money are taken into account."  Have feminists extended their control to the breweries and your pub?  Is it their intention to close all pubs down so no man will any longer enjoy free speech, or escape from women and children?   
  4. Run an online campaign demonstrating that the fundamental principles of liberty, ie free speech and freedom of association, are no longer practised, much less understood in the benighted nation of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland. 

This online campaign would simply consist of 

(a) declaring an intention to hold a meeting whose venue will be known from the beginning to Hate Not Hope and Searchlight, giving a list of named speakers and the subjects on which they will be speaking

(b) giving a lengthening list of public houses who will refuse to allow us to use their function rooms because they have been told by Searchlght and Hate Note Hope that they would be fire-bombed or their managers sacked by their employers if they persist in defending free speech

All that requires is the ability to speak and pick up a phone and say, even if you are elderly and have a gammy leg:

"Hello, Publican with a Function Room.  

We are what the liberal establishment would call Nazis, Fascists and Far Right, though really we are just a bunch of old men with gammy legs who like to complain about the liberal establishment and hear each other speak at regular  intervals.  It is true that we do occasionally express views that Jews, foreigners and other races may find offensive.  We have not had a single new idea in decades because, whenever one of our number dares to do such a heinous thing, he or she will be sure to be denounced as a Searchlight informant and a grass, and barred from attending any further meetings. 

Anyway, we would like the use of your Function Room for one of our meetings.  We feel morally obliged to warn you that the moment Searchlight or Hate Not Hope hear of this meeting, they will send their boys round to give the impression that your pub might be fire-bombed or you might lose your job if you are an employee of the owner of the pub.  Is this something you would be prepared to do?  No?  I thought not.  

Your establishment will now be added to the long long list of pubs that will not hire a function room to us.   In fact, we do not believe that there is a publican in the land brave enough to hire a function room to us and it is the intention of this campaign to prove that there is no free speech in this country at all, because no one, but no one, is any longer prepared to defend it, except Claire Khaw, though she is absolutely no good to the nationalist movement, because she is female and foreign, and it is the intention of elderly male nationalists with gammy legs to exclude her from the nationalist movement until the day they shuffle off into the next world."   

I would have thought even these old dears with gammy legs might just stretch to this.  In fact, this was what I suggested to Jez Turner, but all he could do was shake his head and murmur weakly that nationalism is a "delicate flower" that would instantly shrivel up and die the moment it is exposed to sunlight, fresh ideas and new people.  

Fortunately, not all of them are like that.   David Jones of the British People's Party who is hoping to be elected councillor in Todmorden on 3 May 2012 is certainly not an old dinosaur.   He is what you would call a Young Gun, and he gives me hope.   Any nationalist with energy, ambition and determination with social skills and the ability to work with people should be supported, especially if he is not trotting out the usual "social welfare for whites only" claptrap.  David Jones speaks like an old-fashioned Conservative who believes in family values, lower taxes and fewer laws and has a no-nonsense approach to the overweening welfare state.  He is the first nationalist brave and honest enough to admit that white people are sometimes the author of their own misfortunes, rather than blaming only the Jews, Muslims, other races and the EU.  I would be very very very happy indeed to work with him in the name of nationalist unity and better race relations.

Ethno-Nationalist and Civic Nationalist shaking hands

David Jones of Todmorden - Borough Councillor on 3 May 2012?

David Jones of the British People's Party and Joseph Stalin at the Tate Britain

David Jones at Parliament Square

David Jones endorsing the anti-war message of the late Brian Haw

Have you noticed how peaceable nationalists are compared to successive warmongering governments of our liberal establishment?

Nationalists and Muslims against liberal wars!

David Jones looking upon the Houses of Parliament from Parliament Square

David Jones without shades at Buckingham Palace

David Jones with shades at Buckingham Palace

Outside the pub

At The Victoria at Victoria

A typical tourist's photo

Ethno-Nationalist and Civic Nationalist shaking hands has the rather sceptical reaction of Hate Not Hope to our proposal to improve race relations.   We shall prove them wrong.