Saturday, 31 March 2012

By David Jones, Town Council Candidate for Todmorden


(This article is written in my personal capacity and is not intended to represent the British People's Party policy or opinion)

As soon as I heard about ex-Labour, anti-war hard line socialist, George Galloway contesting the Bradford West by-election I immediately wanted to know who the nationalist candidate(s) was. In fact it was suggested by some that I run for the BPP, but having enough to do in Todmorden, and besides being a Lancastrian anyway, I declined. There's always the post of Police Commissioner in November, I suppose.

Anyway the Democratic Nationalists (DN Party) fielded a Sheffield man as a candidate. I've always had a lot of time for the DN Party, despite common objections about that party having a Jewish secretary. They seem to take a realistic, long-term view towards nationalist unity. They've always been happy to let me speak at their meetings alongside nationalists who I consider to command respect, including Andrew Brons MEP, and made me feel welcome. - digression over.

Of course the DN Party, despite putting up a brave fight, they only scored under 2%, but they made some observant conclusions.

The Respect party are not going to rest on their laurels, they are fixing now to make a clean sweep of Bradford Council starting with four Asian wards based upon their sucess in the constituency within Borough they've won. This has the potential to shatter the mould in Bradford, possibly seeing a "Respect Party vs all the others" Council. A kind of left-wing version of what happened with the BNP in Barking & Dagenham, or Burnley if you will.

Of course with this this has not been taken seriously by nationalists in Bradford. I rang Dr. Lewthwaite the day afterwards and he informed me that nobody offered to help the DN's, not one Infidel, not one cXf, nobody. Not one self-styled nationalist "veteran". If these people seriously were into prevening the great Asian Invasion then this would surely have been a good place to begin. Especially for a man who has done so much to promote unity. Which I don't care what antibody's objections about "reactionaries" are, I will support, and encourage others to do likewise.

If you are thinking that Galloway got in because the elders of the ethnic community told their people to vote him in, you'd be wrong. They supported a young, freshly-groomed Muslim put in a smart suit and groomed to be a rising star of Bradford Labour Party. The Asian youth said to their elders, "we'll vote for who we like mate" and voted Galloway. The only man in the election now wearing a shiny new suit.

The Conservative candidate was the Cameron equivalent of a "Blair babe", who Central Party will be parading around to appeal to feminists, and make up the quota on female MP's.

The UKIP campaign was a typically expensive, well-financed, lavish affair. A-boards, billboards, telephone boxes and suchlike. They got only around a thousand votes. Again another smart alec in a shiny suit with a big wallet. Ditto the Liberal Democrats.

So there we have it, it seems Ahmed your average bus conductor with ten children has no time for shiny suits and big wallets (unless its the big wallet of Socialism).

Neither has the voter on the Council estate. People, black, brown and white, it seems are all tired of the slick politician, they want the old school of politician - the fire and brimstone kind - in inner Bradford they want what is considered "old Labour".

Down in the more south, and in the rural areas the reaction would be just as strong in favour of a "traditional old-style Tory", David Davis springs to mind. In short they want controversial, what you see is what you get, irreverent, non-centrist old fashioned politics, none of this namby-pamby rubbish.

And George Galloway's success proves that. And he has a consistent record of actively opposing the pointless wars our government is waging too - albeit for the wrong reasons. If you don't like a pro-Muslim/Marxist getting elected for being an irreverent, charismatic firebrand opposed getting elected on an anti-war ticket then either:

-Stand as a pro-white, anti-war, charismatic firebrand, and claim that territory for nationalism.

-Instead of calling Galloway a "tosser" on Facebook. Actually help men like Dr. Lewthwaite.

-Stop wasting my time pretending you have two braincells and care about our future.

If it sounds like I'm congratulating the new MP for Bradford West, I kind of am. Judging by the angry drivel of recent internet traffic, I am the first to admit the best man won, the only other I know of being blogger Claire Khaw. Why can nobody see that things are changing and people want men of character and intelligence, not merely battle-scars and dogma. Am I the only one on the radical right to recognize this?

And George, I even forgive you for calling me personally an "illiterate fascist moron" on your radio programme.

David Jones,
Todmorden, East Lancashire.

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