Sunday, 4 March 2012

Catholic Ed Stourton allows reporter rumoured to be gay to describe a Cardinal as "extreme" without challenging him. How gay is that?

At some point in this programme you will hear a reporter, Robert Piggott, rumoured to be gay at, describe Cardinal O'Brien's views as "extreme".  They were discussing the Cardinal's objection to gay "marriage" at

Ed Stourton a Catholic who has written books on Catholicism listed at did not challenge him, however.

Why not?

Was it a temporary lapse?

Or a deliberate policy of cowardice not to enrage his lady bosses at the BASTARD Broadcasting Corporation?

After all, he nearly lost his job before being reprieved

Sounds like the scum slut and  BASTARD Broadcasting Corporation was putting the frighteners on him for being white, heterosexual, married and middle class.

That' why the fucker's so fucking scared by the gay cabal and the feminazi cunts now running the BASTARD Broadcasting Corporation.  Remember, Mark Thompson, who is Director General of the BBC has a Jewess for a wife.   (Please don't anyone fucking tell me saying "Jewess" is a anti-Semitic or I'll send you away with a flea in your ear.)

Howzat for a bit of investigative journalism on my part about the causes and origins of the cowardice of Ed Stourton?  He once even told me at a book signing of one of his books on Catholicism that he never thinks of the Trinity.  I tried to tell him he would go to hell, because that is the main ingredient of being Christian, but he dismissed my trinitarian concerns for his immortal soul as mildly eccentric and cranky, and then scuttled off home before he could buy me dinner to allow me to warm to my theme.

This means he is one of those CULTURAL Christians, which means they just like church spires rather than mosque minarets, and find the trappings and outward forms of Christian worship reassuring, but don't believe in any of that trinitarian crap.

But cultural Christians are without moral compass, bend whichever the breeze blows them, have jobs to lose and families to support.

Poor old Cultural Catholic Ed Stourton, scared of his own fucking shadow and his gay-friendly lady bosses at the BASTARD Broadcasting Corporation.  Perhaps he should read the Koran so he can get have a stiff backbone shoved up his cowardly cultural Catholic arse.    He may have a deep masculine voice but his ideas of moral courage has the taint of effeminacy.   

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