Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Does Jez Turner of the London Forum think I can read minds from afar?

He and the committee members of the London Forum apparently believe I have powers of telepathy.  It seems he thinks I have the ability to know the venue of a meeting even if no one has told it to me, for he is blaming me for giving this information to the Reds at Hate Not Hope, who then caused the meeting to be aborted.

I am prepared to swear on my mother's life that he never told me where the venue for the London Forum Meeting on Saturday 24 March was, nor did anyone else.

Is he prepared to swear on his mother's life though?

If that was not the real reason then perhaps he would like to tell me what the real reason is.

What fools and knaves they are, and what despicable cowards and hypocrites.  Is this an example of the treachery of the white man?

Surely Jez Turner and his anonymous committee members can get it together to give me an OFFICIAL reason or make out the charges against me, just for the sake of good order?

Yes, I do actually know that these days appealing to the English sense of fair play will only generate a puzzled frown, even in elderly white-haired white men who are old enough to have heard about such a thing.

It does look like the entire white race of Britain is now suffering from a kind of dementia, and have forgotten their moral rules, traditions and what it was that made the British once admired by the rest of the world.

Alfred the Great was great because he was good, but I bet these nationalists have forgotten all about that because they are too busy whingeing about the Jews.

If you behave well towards the people on your side in your tribe or in your gang, then you are more likely to be united against an external enemy.  

If you exclude anyone with any potential on your own side because you think they might threaten your position, then your group will get smaller and smaller until it becomes extinct.

Perhaps living in Paedo Bastard Britain induces a kind of collective Alzheimer's in the white race.

Well, call me racist if you want, but I want to help the white race who appears to be beyond help, because, even if the situation is quite hopeless, I feel it is only right to try and to keep trying, in the face of treachery and ingratitude in the very race you are trying to help.   If I want to help the white race, then I believe that would make me an ethno-nationalist.

I do not even expect gratitude from these treacherous white men for I do what I do for all the other white people I actually admire and respect, some of whom are no longer alive as well as the good people of other races who also recognise that the morals of the white man are now dangerously corrupted because of the immorality of their women who now wield much too much power.

By helping others, we help ourselves.    

If you can be a Zionist without being a Jew, then you can be a white nationalist without being white.

You can also be quite keen on saving the whales without being a whale yourself.

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