Thursday, 8 March 2012

If you read this and agree with it, you should have the courage to vote for Tess Culnane, but you probably won't because you are a piece of gutless scum and DESERVE to have your country taken over

If you live in Greenwich and Eltham and agree with the sentiments in this leaflet, then you have no choice but to vote for Tess Culnane.

But will you?

When Tess was still in the BNP and on the selection panel, I knew she objected on principle to having either me and Carlos Cortiglia (the Uruguayan who was rumoured to have supported the Argies in the Falklands War) as the BNP London Mayoral Candidate, because there were perfectly good white candidates such as Jeffrey Marshall to represent the party.  Tess told me that the last straw was when she saw Nick Griffin refusing to even glance at Jeffrey's excellent CV.   My dealings with her have always been civil and cordial, and I bear her no animosity whatsoever.  In fact, my dealings with many NF members have been perfectly friendly.  Richard Edmonds once bought me a coffee.   Recently, that nice Peter Rushton of the England First Party  who are having a meeting in Burnley this Saturday bought me a pint at a David Irving talk and told me he had appeared on Russia Today.

I have met members of the British People's Party and probably have more problems with UKIP (who like to pretend I am a some sort of baby-eating racist monster who must never join their party when I am in fact a Libertarian Civic Nationalist just like them) than with many ethno-nationalists.

Tess Culnane, NF London Mayoral Candidate 2012

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