Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Government prefers to blame social networks rather than SSMs for riots, threatening free speech

We know who is in power by those we cannot criticise, and we cannot criticise Slut Single Mums.

Instead, the "independent" panel headed by Darra Singh says social networks are to blame.  Guess what sort of effect that would have on our free speech?

What a shame that the BNP will not be backing me on this, but then Nick Griffin never backs a good nationalist cause if it is not about the glorification of himself, does he?.

There could be an online campaign by the BNP to challenge the arrogant and assumed Orwell Prize Left Liberal bias against even considering my entry because of my nationalist associations. Suzanne Moore seems to think that my attempt to question the integrity of the Orwell Prize is as futile as it is to question the right of rain to fall.

Oh, but wait, a young white man was imprisoned yesterday for 56 days for tweeting offensively about a black football player who was taken ill.

What a shame Nick Griffin has also blocked me from following him on Twitter, presumably to show his disapproval of all I say and do and to dissociate himself from me.  I wonder what he is afraid of.

There also seems to be a concerted attempt to marginalise and traduce me as an informant over the weekend.  I was supposed to have divulged the venue of the 24 March London Forum meeting to Hope Not Hate.  This is so even when the organiser Jez Turner knows that he at no time told me the venue before he informed me that I was to stay away from the meeting "pending investigations".

In a way I welcome such frenzied attacks from nationalists.  This would suggest that they think I am getting too powerful and must be crushed before I take over the entire movement, which is actually rather flattering.

Just imagine - all these scary Nazi Fascist Racist extremists apparently afraid of little old me!

Perhaps Nick Griffin is afraid of the fact that even the most racial of nationalists know that my intentions are honourable and that I am prepared to stick my neck out to say the things that need to be said, while they quiver and quake at the sidelines, with the exception of David Jones.  David Jones is a leading member of British People's Party who are hardline ethno-nationalists, as a quick glance at their policies will demonstrate.

He has hinted that he may be prepared to work with me.  We are after all the perfect combination of

  • town and country
  • man and woman
  • north and south
  • the minutiae of local politics and the structured construction of nationalist ideology
  • ethno nationalism and civic nationalism

British nationalism as it stands is an ideological vacuum, and we know that Nature abhors a vacuum.

It appears that only I have the ideas and the determination to redefine nationalism in a racially neutral way that favours all who have the work ethic (and by this I include all Asian shopkeepers who are socially conservative and hate the very idea of gay marriage), especially those who reject the statist policies of our so-called liberal establishment and their myriad thoughtcrime and hate-speech laws. shows Nick Griffin determined not to tweet about whether Liam Stacey deserves a 56 day imprisonment.  Is the reason for this cowardice, ignorance or sloth?  Who knows.

Is the BNP these days fit for the purposes of challenging the policies of the liberal establishment?  Is Nick Griffin fit to lead it?  I would say no to both.

If you back me, there is just a chance we can absorb both the BNP and UKIP by the next election.

If you do not, then clearly you and I are precisely nothing and will remain precisely nothing, until the LibLabCon completely destroys the country with its demented policies and its hypocrisy and cowardice while the divided parties who oppose them knock six bells out of each other.

Your choice.

Your choice to help me form a party that is not afraid to challenge the status quo with all my strength and spirit.

Back me if you want to see change in your lifetime.   The liberal establishment is now rotten to the core and only I know how to play the system and win, even under their rules.

I will show you that it is possible to be both a Nationalist and a Libertarian.  It is my considered view that fewer laws and lower taxes are in the long term national interest.

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