Thursday, 29 March 2012

Jeffrey Marshall not on BNP Top Up list for GLA

Poor Jeffrey Marshall.  He didn't make the BNP GLA Top Up list because he is apparently too controversial, and also because he is associated with me, probably.  He has been known to wonder out loud in a philosophical discussion the point of keeping alive a child as disabled as David Cameron's late son Ivan who could not walk, talk or feed himself.

The detail of how the thread developed can be found at

I think it is probably because he is perceived as too much of a threat to the Chairman.

Jeffrey is not the typical BNP type.  He wears a suit, tie and glasses and has been known to visit London synagogues on  not because he is a Jew, but because he is interested in architecture.  Sadly however, this is not an explanation that would make sense to most ordinary members of the BNP who cannot imagine themselves wanting to visit a synagogue out of cultural curiosity.  They will doubtless think that anyone who has these odd cultural interests must be part of the establishment or is in some way not kosher.

Sadly for Jeffrey, he looked very Jewish with the skull cap he had to put on because he was not wearing a hat, and you cannot enter a synagogue with your head uncovered if you are a man.

Jeffrey Marshall at Nelson Street Synagoue with Leon Silver  as a *visitor* and not a Jew during Open House London in September 2011

I suppose it was possible for Jeffrey to tie four knots in his handkerchief and then put that on his head, but it would only have offended our Jewish hosts.
He can string a few sentences together, has musical and literary interests as well as a rather scholarly manner, and read Philosophy and History at Canterbury.  There is something about him that reminds me of a vicar who supports the LibDems.  For these reasons, it seems, he is considered unfit to represent the party by Nick Griffin.

How low, how low, how low can you get, to keep good people down just because you think they might somehow be seen to be a potential leadership contender if you gave them too many opportunities to show what they are made of?

If I were leader, I would be delighted to have talented people in it, and I would certainly not marginalise them for dishonourable reasons, to the detriment of The Cause.

Nick Griffin does not think of the BNP as a party with political objectives.  He is only concerned to cling to it at all costs, so he can pass it on to his daughter Jennifer when it is time for him to retire. Does this remind you of a certain dynastic succession of father and son leaders in North Korea?  Well, that is what Nick Griffin has turned the party into.   He is the feudal lord and its activists are his vassals and villeins.

What the party desperately needs is a makeover from its CHAV image and to acquire intellectual and moral respectability.   Having the courage to discuss difficult topics without fear or favour would help.  All this costs NOTHING, but it is not to be, because Jeffrey Marshall has not made the Top Up list and I have been expelled and am now blocked on Twitter by Nick Griffin ....

If I were leader of the party I would regard IMAGE and IDEOLOGY as the most important tasks to be sorted out before the next election.

I would also want to finally resolve the debate between Ethno-Nationalism and Civic Nationalism to the satisfaction of both parties, and believe I can do it.

I believe David Jones of the British People's Party is considering this idea with some interest.

David Jones at the Tate Britain with Josef Stalin

I just hope I can convince him that going civic does not mean you do not care about your people.  It just means you have grown out of being rude to and about other races as way of defining your beliefs and are considering using more rewarding TACTICS.  It is not a change of heart, but a change of TACTICS.

If being an Ethno just means you talk publicly and repeatedly about conducting a pogrom the moment you come to power, or of making the ones allowed to stay second class citizens, it hasn't worked, has it?

If all you ever do is all you ever did, then all you'll get is all you ever got - defeat and disappointment.

Those of you who know me already know I am good with words and ideas.  Once you let me represent you, we really will go from strength to strength, but only if you support me and the people who support me.  The ball is now in YOUR court.

If you like anything of what I have said and done then it is your duty to speak about this to another nationalist.  That is ALL I ask you to do.   For the moment.  

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