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More arrant nonsense by Ed West though his heart's in the right place

I will admit that I resent Ed West for being paid to write his incoherent rubbish, while my clarity and boldness are deliberately ignored by a cowed and cowardly liberal media.

West has told us not to blame Islam for our problems, but takes great care to balance it out with the usual half-truths and would please the typical Telegraph reader, who are just a more sophisticated version of the Islamophobic Mail reader, but with a wider vocabulary.

Let me go through the passages one by one and tell you the ways in which I find his reasoning flawed.

Conservatism’s obsession with Islam is partly a reaction to multiculturalism, which holds that all religions are basically the same. This is untrue, as anyone with even a middling understanding of history can appreciate: the current moral order that emerged from the West, the world of the Enlightenment, the UN and human rights, stems from Christianity. No other religion could have produced it – not Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism, because none have Christianity’s concept of the individual. Christianity is essentially a union of Hellenic and Hebrew civilisations, the greatest marriage that ever took place.

What has clearly  happened is that the West plagiarised from Islam and then forget where it had got most of its goodies from eg the university.

When Ed West gets off his high horse of cultural chauvinism and ventures to read the Koran he may one day acknowledge this fact.

Islam improved upon Judaism and Christianity and then itself slowly lost its marbles the way the West is losing them now.   It seems that all civilisations become likes this after a brief spell of imperialism and affluenza.  The US constitution is being flouted and, though it is much shorter than the Koran, the big fat stupid yanks have not noticed.  If they have noticed they do not care.  If they care they do not know who to vote for to remedy the situation. details the examples of the US government flouting its own constitution in rather the same way that Muslims do not read their own holy book because they are too busy stuffing their faces, getting laid, watching TV, going shopping etc.

Islam, in contrast, lacks not just Western concepts of the individual but also Christianity's historic separation of the state and religion. There is also no doubt that Islam has a very ambiguous attitude to violence in its name.

Clearly, the religion of Peace and War were not as hypocritical as Christianity in pretending that Christians never go to war, divorce their spouses, take slaves or run brothels.   It did not pretend that these things never happened with Muslims, and had instead acknowledged the existence such practices in order to regulate it, unlike the hypocritical Christians, who pretended to be so holier than thou that they were somehow above it all.   While they were busily pretending that Christians never go to war, divorce their spouses take slaves or run brothels, all sorts of terrible abuses took place.  

There is a reason why Christianity and Hypocrisy are so often associated like Horse and Carriage and go hand in hand.

Muslims certainly don't go around destabilising and invading other people's countries to rob them of their oil while pretending it is for their own good and for the sake of human rights

The reason why the Church had to be separated from the State was because Christianity was such a stupid vicious totalitarian religion that the Europeans only became civilised after they started ignoring most of it.

I bet Ed didn't know you could lose your job just for denying the Trinity until as recently as 1813.

I bet he has no idea what the Trinity is either.   Most Christians don't.   The Nicene creed is something their priests get them to repeat, stupidly and uncomprehendingly, at church services.

They do not tell them that if they don't really believe that Christ is also God Himself, they are not Christians and would go to HELL.  This is because the Anglican Church just wants bums on pews.

If you spoke to a non-Western Christian, they would understand the bargain better, because they would proclaim to you: "Christ is Lord, Christ is Lord!"   They would have been told that they if they do not believe this they would go to hell.  Clearly, you cannot say this sort of thing to some liberalised feminist Westerners and still expect them to turn up to church, so they don't talk about this sort of thing these days.

Guess what, Ed?  Islam denies the Trinity.   Bet Ed didn't know that either.

But it affirms the Virgin Birth.   Why, Ed, why?   Cos it is schmoozing the Christians and going half way to meet them.

As for the separation of Church and State that Westerners think is so clever and civilised, this needed to be done in order to stop totalitarian Christian dogma from contaminating Western thought and dragging it back into the Dark Ages again.

It would be fine to infuse the UK legal system with Koranic principles, as far as I am concerned.  This is because the Koran is good enough to be interpreted literally.  

No, no, no, Ed would cry.   But which verse in the Koran do you find so objectionable?  To this I expect a silence, because you can be sure that Ed has not read the Koran, no, not even The Koran for Dummies.

I haven't read it myself, but it might be a good substitute for people who haven't read the Koran and are too scared to 

Since he has not read the Koran he will know nothing about 2:256 either - "There is no compulsion in belief."  (This means that there should be no totalitarian thoughtcrime legislation, by the way.   Does Ed know of any totalitarian thoughtcrime legislation?  I doubt he would recognise it even if it came up to him and spat in his face.)

The huge movements of recent years have made Islam and Christianity an anchor of identity to people in Europe. The EDL are essentially a Christianist group, but the sentiments behind sectarianism and nationalism are the same. One cannot blame sectarianism on religion any more than one can blame nationalism on language – it just is. (It’s not as if the Shankill butchers were forever discussing Calvin and Luther on their nights out.)

I have no idea what he is trying to say here.  Does anyone?  The EDL is a "Christianist" Party?  What the fuck does that mean?  Is he saying the EDL are regular church-goers?  If so, I have news for him.

As Christopher Caldwell once put it: “Islam is a magnificent religion that has also been, at times over the centuries, a glorious and generous culture. But, all cant to the contrary, it is in no sense Europe’s religion and in no sense Europe’s culture.”

Neither was Christianity part of Europe's culture, once upon a time, when Ancient Britons painted themselves blue and worshipped pagan deities.

Who is this Caldwell person that West quotes with such reverence?  I looked him up.

Caldwell's 2009 book Reflections on the Revolution In Europe has been accused of stoking Islamophobia, or what The Guardian refers to as a "culture of fear"

Another confused and incoherent piece, just like the last one I took apart at  What a shame I cannot have this job.  The Telegraph is too scared to hire me, probably, though I guarantee that its readers will be much better informed and clearer thinkers if I became a Telegraph blogger.

Perhaps the Telegraph Editor Tony Gallagher will have a look at my blogs to see if I am the kind of writer his readers would enjoy. has my entries that did not make the Orwell Prize longlist because Suzanne Moore hates me.

Why does she hate me? explains.

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