Thursday, 29 March 2012

A most unorthodox Orthodox Rabbi commends civil partnerships to all!

40:41 is when the Rabbi Zvi Solomons speaks.

I was somewhat confused because people are very upset, particularly religious people about allowing same sex marriages and I think it would be much better if everyone got hitched, as it were, using civil partnerships and allowed the religions to decide for each religious group who is actually getting married because that would avoid some of the controversy over this particular issue.
Jenni Murray:

So are you suggesting that a Register Office joining should be for everybody regardless of whether they are gay or heterosexual be a civil partnership and then if you're religious you go and call it marriage?

Rabbi Solomons:

Yes, originally marriage was under religious auspices and it was only I think in the 19th century that it became a state matter and that's why one looks in the books of Registers of Marriage in churches going back hundreds of years ago, if your doing genealogical research.

Basically, Rabbi Solomons is saying that both same-sex and heterosexual couples should be civilly partnered and their civil partnership converted into marriage subsequently by a religious ceremony.

However, making the civil partnership the default option for everyone would be tantamount to making EVERYONE do the GAY THING.  After all, the civil partnership was once FOR GAY PEOPLE ONLY.

Let us hope that this is not the thin end of the wedge leading to the practice compulsory sodomy by all couples, including heterosexual couples at all times, that will lead inevitably to the extinction of the human race. would indicate that Jews at one time stoned homosexuals to death and was the first Abrahamic faith to be what liberals these days would call homophobic, presumably to avoid becoming like us.

Perhaps stating views like this, for a rabbi - no less, is merely indicative of the fact that even Jews can "go native" and be corrupted by the prevailing ethos of atheist liberal feminist sexual licence, in a land where Slut Single Mums cannot be criticised and have taken the form of an unofficial but fearsome pagan deity.

I therefore think the Rabbi has been a very naughty and heretical rabbi indeed today. Just as well the Jews don't believe in hell.

I do hope that the Chief Rabbi keeps an eye on Rabbi Solomons or his congregation may well find themselves worshiping a Golden Calf before too long, if they're not careful!

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