Thursday, 29 March 2012

My proposed talk on Nakba Day (15 May 2012) for the British Nationalist Friends of Palestine

How gratifying to be told that a member of the London Forum (whose meeting was disrupted by the Reds at Hope Not Hate on 24 March) that he reads my blogs daily.

How very sweet of him to say that he hopes I clear up the misunderstanding with Jez Turner now that it has become quite clear that I could not have divulged the venue of the meeting to the Reds if I never had that information to begin with because he never told me where it was before telling me to stay away "pending investigations".

When Jez told me to stay away he said that my invitation to speak on Nakba Day for the Friends of Palestine still stood, but I wonder now.

Were he to renew or refresh the invitation, I shall, being the easygoing forgiving sort of woman that I am, accept that as an implied apology for wrongly accusing me of ratting on them to the Reds.

I know they are supposed to be a bit racist, but I don't think the motive can be racial because they must have noticed that I was not Caucasian at the first meeting I attended.  Jez already knew my race before the first meeting and still he sent me a second invitation.

There is therefore no explanation at all for their behaviour and I am still at a loss as to why they have taken such a sudden dislike to me.  They really were being perfectly friendly and charming to me before.

I am after all well aware that nationalism is fetid with paranoia and backstabbing.  I am not the only one who was suspected either.  The fact is that anyone who stands out or is a bit odd will find themselves excluded for spurious reasons.  If that is the way they are going to play things, may I suggest that they have a formal procedure of blackballing unwanted prospective members the way they do in gentlemen's clubs, even if they are not quite gentlemen?

Gentlemen would presumably would have asked me directly if I had been guilty of whatever I was suspected  of and allowed me to answer the charges.

Gentlemen would either withdraw those charges or judge me guilty, but even now I have not heard from Jez Turner on the outcome of those "investigations" he mentioned were taking place.

It is just too bad that British nationalists seem incapable of grasping the rudiments of dealing honourably with people, even people they do no longer want to attend their meetings for unspecified reasons.

I would have thought I would receive an explanation by now, but not a bit of it.  I guess they liked me at the first meeting and something happened between the first and second meeting that made them take a dislike to me.  Perhaps it is something to do with the views I expressed in my blogs rather than my race.   I just wouldn't mind an official explanation for my exclusion, that's all.   .

I was recently blackballed from the Kingston Debating Society so I already know the procedure.

Ballot Balls Box, used to exclude unwanted prospective members

If the invitation to speak on 15 May still stands as Jez assured me it did on Saturday, the following would be the gist of it, but I rather doubt it now.


1) A secular Israel is a fraud and perceived as colony of the West in a sea of hostile Arab nations seething with injured Arab nationalism.

2) Most Israelis would leave Israel if it became a rabbinical theocracy imposing death by stoning eg breaking the Sabbath, leaving enough land to share with Palestinian Arabs, obviating the need for a divisive two-state solution.

3) Religious Israelis who feel they have to go with theocratic Israel will realise that a theocracy run under Koranic principles is the only viable one because it acknowledges Judaism and Christianity as foundations Islam was built on.

4) A Koranic theocracy in Israel would allow Israelis peaceful enjoyment of Israel and allow it to have better relations with its neighbours and the rest of the world. 

An Islamic theocracy would give Christians and Jews a more assured status because the Koran acknowledges that Islam is built on foundations of Judaism and Christianity while Jews would have trouble with Jesus (because he caused them so much trouble), Christians would have trouble with Jews (because they had Jesus killed) and trouble with Muslims (because they deny the Trinity). Muslims on the other hand give Jews and Christians special status ie "People of the Book" and acknowledges their prophets. 

I had in mind Israeli judiciary of any faith administering law infused with Koranic principles after passing an exam in Koranic Knowledge.

I ran the idea past Rabbi Zvi Solomons of Reading who is my Facebook friend, and he was horrified at the idea of Rule by Rabbi even though he is one himself.  That was very odd, I thought, but I think he just doesn't want a theocracy.   The Rabbi was actually on Woman's Hour today.

40:41 is when the Rabbi speaks. As you can see, even if he is an Orthodox Rabbi, he has the most Unorthodox views!  It pains me to say this, but I strongly suspect the Rabbi of having "gone native" and is no longer in touch with the fundamental principles of his own religion.

If the London Forum don't want me I would still be happy to speak at Jewish, Christian and Muslim groups, but preferably to a mixed audience.  

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