Friday, 30 March 2012

Nick Griffin fears to comment on Liam Stacey's disproportionate punishment - BNP not fit for puropse

Liam Stacey - a white male student - was sentenced on 28 March for 56 days because he sent offensive tweets about a black footballer.

Nick "la partie c'est moi" Griffin and the BNP website has said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the subject.

If that is not evidence enough that he, his vassals and villeins are really not fit for the purpose of opposition, then I don't know what is.

Do NOT vote BNP if you are a nationalist.

Vote for any Eurosceptic party in the GLA elections - UKIP, NF - but don't vote BNP, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A NATIONALIST.

Nationalists should tell this man in no uncertain terms what they really really think of him and his leadership and the way he has run the party as if it were his own personal fiefdom by voting UKIP or NF, even as they hold their noses.

My first choice candidate will be Ken because I despise liberal warmongering, and prefer him to a piece of gutless Etonian shit who needs a haircut.

I shall have to hold my nose and vote UKIP even if they are a bunch lily-livered tossers who won't have me in their party because they like to pretend I am racist because I was once a member of the BNP.   (This is actually ultra vires of their constitution.  For those who are not familiar with Latin, this means that the UKIP constitution does not give the the powers to do this, and their prohibition against even former members of political parties they disapprove of means they have exceeded the powers of the rule they relied on which is explained at

Rodney Atkinson (brother of Rowan "Mr Bean" Atkinson), whom I saw last Friday will be the first to agree with me about the corruption of UKIP.

Everything I have proposed is RACIALLY NEUTRAL and LIBERTARIAN because it involves the repealing of an existing Act of Parliament. is where you find more of my thrillingly radical political ideas that will send a shiver down your spine.

I am also a Civic Nationalist (who wishes to devise and follow policies that are only for the National Interest, and never the personal or party interest) who wishes to question, challenge and finally laugh feminism right out of the room.     

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