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Orwell Prize Longlist Announcement today - no prizes for guessing who won't be on it

Dear all,

Thank you for your entry to the 2012 Orwell Prize. We received a record number of submissions; 264 books, 140 journalists and 226 bloggers submitted work. Our judges have been busy reading since the New Year and they’re finally nearing a decision.

The longlists will be announced next Wednesday 28th March at midday. At this time you shall receive an email notifying you of our decision.

The entrants make the Prize what it is and we do hope that you will continue to enact Orwell’s vision of turning ‘political writing into an art’.

If you should have any questions you can contact me on I have taken over administration from Gavin Freeguard and look forward to getting to know you all.
Good luck and best wishes,

Katriona Lewis | Administrator, The Orwell Prize
0207 229 5722 | | 5/7 Vernon Yard | Portobello Road | London W11 2DX

'What I have most wanted to do... is to make political writing into an art' | George |

Last year it was a rather more public event as can be seen at compared to this secret event that no one is invited to this year as can be seen at

Third video from the top 9:48 at 6:34, David Allen Green says

"Yes, there is a perception that the Orwell Prize has a leftist approach ...."

then lots of canting prating shit about Orwell wanting to "correct injustice" (but only as defined by leftists like him).   Graeme Archer the civilly partnered homosexual who writes for Conservative Home (that nest of so-called Conservatives who wish to conserve the liberal status quo and whose leader supports "gay marriage", no less) won.  Dan Hannan who is not quite gay enough because he has a wife and children did not.

Last year they at least went through the motions of appearing to be impartial by having, I was going to say, two judges who were not Labour Party supporters.

I then checked and it came back to me that one of them was David Allen Green who actually admitted in his speech that the Orwell Prize was Left Liberal.  The other was Gaby Hinsliff, former political editor of The Guardian on Sunday.

Well, I guess they were never going to like my stuff.

Radical Right bloggers are automatically and easily excluded, because if you have not heard of some unknown blogger you are not going to ring and ask indignantly "Why hasn't Claire Khaw made the longlist?"

This  year, however, you can.

Notice that all the winners of the blogging prizes have been Left Liberal.   Last year's winner was Graeme Archer who writes for Conservative Home admittedly, but then he is known to be gay and in a civil  partnership.

If the only way of winning the prize if you are associated with the Conservative Party is to be gay then I will say I am a lesbian.  I have been hinting as much on Twitter and Facebook.  I am sure I said a few suggestive things to Suzanne Moore who is one of the judges this year when we were still Facebook friends, before she unfriended me.

I seem to remember offering to go round to hers to kiss better some marks on her neck that looked like love bites when she was asking her Facebook friends to look at those marks.

Later, I noticed that Nyta Mann (who works for the BBC) who was also her Facebook friend and formerly my friend were bad mouthing me.   Nyta Mann might recollect a few failed attempts on my part to seduce her.   So there.   I am not just making up my sexual orientation to win the Orwell Prize.!/nytamann

I also allowed the lesbian journalist Julie Bindel to kiss me once or twice and responded appropriately ie by kissing her back.!/bindelj

Last year Suzanne Moore blocked me from following her on Twitter and started a campaign to tell others to do the same.

The other judge this year is Hopi Sen, who once worked for the  Labour Party.

No prizes for guessing who is NOT getting on the longlist again this year, even if my stuff is the most cutting-edge and radical form of political blogging, that demonstrates the art of my political writing.

So there you are, folks, there you are.

If you care for free speech and the integrity of the Orwell Prize, you now know who to ring to make your complaints.   The Orwell Prize is not owned by the Liberal Left.  If it is, it should not be.

Do not let them dominate the limits of political discourse, which are now very very narrow indeed.

Yesterday, a young white man was jailed for 56 days for sending offensive tweets about the black footballer Fabrice Muamba.   Has Muamba become God and has a law been passed forbidding blasphemy against our new British God Muamba?   If so, nobody told me or Liam Stacey.

I also want to say how sorry I am that Gavin Freeguard is no longer the administrator, but he has moved on to better things and is now political adviser to Harriet Harman.  Even when he must  have been privately appalled at my views, he was always  perfectly polite and charming to me.

You can read my submissions for this year's Orwell Prize for blogging at

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