Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Reasons why London Nationalists and Muslims should vote for Ken Livingstone as their first choice

  1. Our Ken has been consistently against the wars the LibLabCon warmongers (who are fools and knaves) have been enthusiastically and mindlessly promoting.  (My BNP-supporting readers should remember that the BNP policy has always been consistently against the wars in Afraqbya.) 
  2. His political positioning over the years has been brilliant.   
  3. He is charismatic and charming.  I once saw him surrounded by admirers at a Statesman party.
  4. He was rude to a liberal Jewish journalist from the Evening Standard by calling him a "Nazi" and got away with it!  Anti-semitic nationalists might regard this as something in Ken's favour.
  5. Ken is very much his own man and doesn't have to toe the line of the Labour Party now being led by the egregious and charisma-free zone, Ed Miliband.  
  6. Ken is clever, Ken is ruthless and is not afraid of doing unpopular things after calculating the risk, usually accurately.
  7. Ken has nicer hair than Boris.   
  8. Ken is bribing Londoners with lower fares, a bribe that all Londoners should be happy to accept, I would have thought.  It is now too late for Boris to bribe Londoners with cheaper fares because Ken has beaten him to it.   
  9. Boris voted for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and sucked up to the Muslims in the most nauseating way.   
  10. All good London Muslims should abhor the wars waged by the West against the ummah.
  11. All good London nationalists should abhor the wars that get young white men killed for Bush, Blair, Brown, Obama, Cameron, Clegg, Israel and the respective military industrial complexes of the US and UK.
  12. Ken is able to read the writing on the wall quicker and more accurately than any of the London mayoral candidates or indeed any UK politician I can think of.   He is really a bit of futurologist, like me.   If it were up to me, I would make Ken Foreign Secretary for life, instead of that ridiculous William Hague with his droning pompous important voice.   
  13. Ken has read the Islamic writing on the wall and is acting on it.
  14. Ken supported Lutfur Rahman (who is a smart operator like Ken) who had been suspended from the Labour Party without good reason and did a walkabout with him to the horror and consternation of the Labour Party.   This means Lutfur will return the favour by getting his people to support him.
  15. Voters of the Right and Left who hate stupid pointless wars should vote for Ken to distance themselves from the wars that only make Britain poorer and more despised in the world.   
  16. Ken is not an Etonian piece of shit like Boris and Cameron.   
  17. I would work for Ken if he asked me, because I actually admire him.  I could do him a lot of good since Muslims and Nationalists are increasingly taking more of an interest in what I say about British politics, Islam and nationalism and the dementia that is now afflicting the thinking of liberal-feminist politicians who are afraid of SSMs.
How interesting that so many people appear to prefer a less successful toff than a genuinely wily political operator who has a proven track record of getting and staying in power but who is not a toff.  

That was probably why the Tories voted for Cameron as their leader when he was devoid of policies and shunned David Davis who said all the right things a proper Tory should. They were all mesmerised by the poshness and toffiness of an unprincipled Etonian shit, I suppose, the fools.

Most of voters don't care about policy, and certainly not foreign policy - until it bites them in the bum when they lose a war.   All they see is the shine of the slimey politician, and they have never read Shakespeare or even heard of the saying "All that glisters is not gold", because they are mostly dumbed down sluts and bastards now.   

At least Islam has the possibility of remoralising the sluts and bastards of Britain that the toffs are too frightened to tell off.

Help me help Ken become the Mayor of London, and give Boris a haircut!

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