Friday, 23 March 2012

Scuffle outside Enfield Police Station between Eddy Butler and Steve Squire

It is hoped that those who are interested in the scuffle between Eddy Butler and Steve Squire mentioned at will follow me on tumblr or twitter for the latest.

Here is Claudia's description of what happened:

Yesterday (Wednesday 21 March 2012) there was a confrontation between Squire and Eddy Butler. Squire ended up eating the pavement in record time then hastily ran to the police - despite Eddy showing him mercy.

Steve's description of what happened:

Eddy fell on top of me.  I will take meet him any time, any time, as long as he does not bring any cameras.  

Claudia was apparently photographing the scuffle, presumably to put the BNP in a bad light.  Steve said this inhibited him from from punching Eddy's lights out because he thought that might make the BNP look thuggish and ruin Carlos Cortiglia's mayoral campaign.

Steve was coming out of Enfield Police Station after being summoned to address complaints by his ex-girlfriend Claudia that he was harassing her.  

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